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Wordy Wednesday – Mental Matter

Yesterday was release day. YAY!!!!!!! (Yes, all the exclamation points are necessary) Grinding Gears is doing all right. Not spectacular. Not fantastic. But, it’s doing all right. And I’m happy that it is. I’m okay that it is. Would I like it to be... read more

Music Monday – Marry You

As I’ve been working on The Tattooed Barista, continually looking at the cover with the wedding dress because it’s such a fantastic cover (Thank you Brandy), this Bruno Mars song keeps going through my head… Of course, I can’t guarantee that... read more


In The Kitchen


Savory Saturday

Follow Lissa Matthews’s board Deliciousness – Savory on Pinterest.   Last week I did Smoothie Saturday. You’ll see that heading from time to time. But there will also be Savory Saturday and Sweets Saturday. All of these I’ll be posting... read more

Smoothie Saturday

Do you use Pinterest? If not, why? If so, are you a pin-a-holic like I am? There has to be a support group for us, right? Or maybe we don’t want help. Maybe we don’t NEED help for this addiction. Anyway, I have over 40 boards on Pinterest ranging anywhere... read more

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