Arctic Shift


The kitchen dominated the one end of the room. Stainless appliances and bronze accents made it appear inviting even if a bit daunting. She enjoyed cooking, but that wasn’t the kind of kitchen for the hobbyist cook. It was for the diehard professional or diehard I-love-to-cook-and-ain’t-afraid-to-show-it cook.

“It’s my other passion, as you know.”

“What’s the first?”

“The outdoors. Love skiing, sledding, mushing. I think I’m going to have a new one that will be much more time consuming and involved. Probably just as strenuous too.”

She couldn’t stop staring at him when he talked. His mouth was quite sexy. “Really? What?”

“If you have to ask that question and judging by the look on your face, you seriously are asking, I’m gonna have to let you think about it.”

She didn’t understand. “I’m confused. I was being sincere in my…” And she stopped speaking, the realization dawning on her. He was talking about her being his new passion. God, he must think her an idiot. “Nevermind. Where’s your shower?”

Damn man smirked at her and ruffled her hair as though she were a child. In retaliation, she stuck her tongue out at him and after a few seconds realized it was not the smartest thing to do. His smile dropped, and his already dark eyes darkened more. She read sex and lust immediately in the snarl of his lips.

It turned her on, this animalistic side of him.

“Don’t stick it out if you’re not prepared to use it.”

“Right. After a shower maybe.”

“Tease,” he muttered. “This way.”

He led her up an open, wooden staircase behind the fireplace. The second floor had four rooms, two on one side and two on the other. From what she could see through the open doors, one might be a bathroom, while the other three appeared to be bedrooms.. The middle was open to the great room below and picture windows flanked every open area of wall. There were no actual pictures around but there was no need. The outside world was art enough.

“I’m glad you like it.”

She turned her head toward Carson. He was just as beautiful as the rough and rugged wilderness landscape he lived in. “I love it. I’m in awe of it.”

“Good. It commands respect, demands it and is deserving of it. C’mon, this way.”

He led her through a bedroom, his probably judging by the lived-in feel, and into a bathroom. There were windows looking out over the back of the property. She could stand under the spray of the shower and stare at the mountains beyond. “I bet you never get tired of the view.”

“I don’t. If I did, I could put something up to cover it, but…it’s ever changing. I’ll put your bags on the bed and go down and make something to eat. Holler if you need anything.”

He seemed reluctant to go and his manner was a bit stiffer than before. A quick glance down his body showed his cock was hard, and she heard him huff before he turned and walked out. The view of his ass in jeans wasn’t too bad either.

His earlier comment about her being a tease floated through her head. She wasn’t trying to be a tease and honestly didn’t know the first thing about being one. That was Melanie’s area. She was the brains and the beauty, while Ruby was the fanciful plain Jane. Sticking her tongue out at Carson had been done in a teasing manner, but not one meant to tease him sexually.

Though, after what he did for her last night, using his mouth on her… She’d fallen asleep and slept better than she could remember sleeping in a long, long time. Her body relaxed, her mind eased and she’d slept like a baby, even if she hadn’t slept long enough.

She could still feel his mouth too. He kissed her sex the way he kissed her mouth, completely as if it were the only thing, the most important thing in the world. And he used everything…tongue, teeth, lips, breath. Not having a reference point for how awesome it felt to have a man make you come orally, she thought it was probably the best thing in the world, right up there with… Well, she didn’t know what to compare it to that would be just as good. Much as she loved her self-induced orgasms and her fun little sex toys, nothing made her feel quite like his mouth had.

Being on top was… She’d never done that either. No man had pulled her up over his face and then pulled her down while at the same time telling her to ride the tip of his tongue. No one had ever let her have that kind of power and that’s what it was, a form of power. He held her, but he let her control how it happened by lifting up, or grinding down to get to the edges of his teeth.

Talk about amazing. Sh—

“You ever gonna turn on the shower?”

She jumped, squeaked even. Had he just been standing outside the door? She never heard him move after he left, but if he’d gone to get her bags as he said, she didn’t hear him come back either. In response, she quickly figured out his shower knob and turned it on.

And then she heard his laugh.

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She believes in myths…can she believe in destiny?

Denali Heat, Book 1

Unlike her adventurous sister, Ruby is perfectly content to let her mind be the wanderlust while her body stays safely in Chicago. Melanie wouldn’t be out of touch this long without a damned good reason, though. Which means it’s time for a giant step outside her comfort zone.

While Denali National Park is like another planet, the myths and legends that saturate this wild land are right up her alley. The wilderness guide waiting for her—naked in her bed—looks about as safe as a polar bear.

Carson’s people are kin to the great beast, right down to the white hair. Before Ruby ever set foot in Alaska, his inner bear knew that Melanie’s little sister was his mate. He’s doing his level best not to let his primal needs scare her, but everything about her sends his urge to possess her into overdrive.

To his surprise, revealing he’s a shifter only stimulates her innate curiosity. Warming her with the perfect fire of their lovemaking, easy. Convincing her that real love isn’t a myth—and making her want to stay in his home, his bed, his heart—now, that’s a problem…

Warning: cozy flannel PJs, a naked shifter, incredible food and some fireside sex hot enough to melt the polar ice caps…



Fast Facts

Series: Denali Heat, Book 1

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Genre: Paranormal /Erotic Romance

Length: 89 pages

Format: eBook

ISBN: 978-1-6092-815-95



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