2013 Authors After Dark Bookie Award Nominee for Erotic Short Story of the Year!


Matt and Grace have been in an open, live-in relationship for four years. Both were raised in unconventional homes, Matt’s parents having an open marriage, and Grace’s parents being swingers. They didn’t know they’d want their own relationship to be any different when they began seeing one another. Especially, Matt. However, he’s been feeling restless and discontent of late, and what he thought he wanted, was no longer satisfying or bringing him pleasure.

He’s realized it’s time for a change.

On a whim, he flies Grace out to Denver during his business trip so they could spend Valentine’s Day together. He doesn’t have a rock solid plan beyond making use of every available surface in his hotel suite, but he does have a proposal for Grace, and it’s one he hopes she’s willing to consider.

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Series: Thankful, Book 3.5
Publisher: Self
Genre: Contemporary M/M BDSM Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Format: eBook
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Thanksgiving. It’s never been a particularly important day to Thor, but this year he has something and someone to be thankful for: his growing relationship with his lover and submissive, Bobby.

Bobby asked Thor to come home for the holiday weekend with him and without a bit of hesitation, Thor agreed. After the chilly, but not unexpected welcome from Bobby’s conservative parents, Thor isn’t sure this is such a good idea anymore.

Tension and discomfort keeps everyone on edge and Thor knows something has to give and he escapes outside to clear his head.

The confrontation that ensues leads to a wicked walk in the woods where Bobby and Thor find they do indeed have a great deal to be thankful for. Maybe even more than they realize when Thor and Bobby’s father agree that apple pie is better than pumpkin.