10K Weekends For Writers


So, I had an idea…

No, I’m not talking about a race where you have to lace up your shoes and walk or run 6.2 miles. What I’m talking about is writing.

When I first started in publishing, there were several of us who would commit to writing 10,000 words in a weekend. Sometimes there were longer word counts, rarely ever shorter ones. But some of us would write well into the night or early in the mornings. We’d check in on social media or through Yahoo! IM. It was fun and it was a good way to get some words in and not always feel so isolated.

That’s what this is about. Starting Thursday nights at 7pm and going through Sunday nights at 10pm, 10K is written. Not everyone will get 10K in just a few days. Some will surpass it. But I know with family and friends and work and home, etc… it’s not always easy.

I would do it with a timer. We called it timed writing or sprints. It’s something I want to get back into and this 10K Weekends thing may just be what I need. So, if you’d like to participate with me, connect and write, add your name to the Linky below, and add a comment letting us know your starting word count whenever you start, and come back to this post and let us know how many words you got in the end. I’ll be starting a new post each Thursday with a Linky. There’s a button on the sidebar for you to snag if you want to add it to your own site and link back my site. I’ll also have little finish line badges that will have different word counts on them for you to grab when you hit a certain one. This sorta came to me while I was washing my hair and I realized it might not just be me who would benefit from some blocks of writing time, even if you don’t make it to 10K.

All writers and bloggers are welcome.

So, what do you say? Are you interested? If so, as I said, add your name to the Linky and your starting word counts in the comments. We can also connect over email, Skype, Twitter, or Facebook.


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