Music Monday – So What by P!nk

There are so many things I love about P!nk… She’s bold and daring and in your face. She tells it how she sees it and isn’t a bit apologetic about it. She’s inspiring. Her words, heartfelt.

Now… If we could all be as brave…


Music Monday – Uncharted

I chose this song and well, it’s a bit on the ironic side because I’m doing something new starting this month which is planning…charting… measuring… But this is one of my very favorite songs and the message in it, is exactly what I feel…


Music Monday – What Happens Tomorrow

With everything going on, the one thing that always holds true is that we don’t know. Life changes on a dime now. In the space of a heartbeat both good and bad can happen. We just simply don’t know, but we have to keep pressing on and pushing toward tomorrow…


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