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LissaY_CoverComingblueSouthern Comfort

Series:Tennessee River Valley

Genre: M/F, Contemporary


Southern Comfort

LissaY_CoverComingblueHaven’s Ink

Series:Black & White 4

Genre: M/F, Paranormal


Haven's Ink

billionaireheiressfinal-200x300The Billionaire’s Heiress

Genre: M/F, Contemporary

She didn’t pick up men in bars. Usually. And technically, she hadn’t picked up Royce Williams, either. But semantics aside, they’d ended up naked together for an all night sex fest.

She thought it was over. She thought she’d never see him up close and personal again. She’d been wrong.

Seated across from her in a coffee shop as she waited for a prospective client, the newly minted billionaire du jour, Royce Williams, sipped from a steaming cup, letting her in on his secret… He doesn’t know how to be a billionaire.

The responsibility is a lot more involved than one would think, and she should know. She came from a family of them.

Only Royce’s proposition of her working for him and him alone, intrigued her; teach him how to navigate the world of money, help him set up a business he could be proud of, and share his bed.

She usually didn’t mix business with pleasure, but could she say no to him, when she’d already said yes once?


The Billionaire's Heiress

LissaY_CoverComingblue Rocked By A Fox

Genre: M/F, Paranormal Romance

Winston’s the hottest thing in music when he holds those drumsticks in his hands. He commands you to pay attention with his beats. He compels your women to give up their naughty lingerie to his Mohawk, his tattoos, and his delicious smile every night he’s on stage.

He loves it. He craves it.

Then, she happened and he no longer cared about anything except keeping her.

That she was not completely human might have been cause for concern in lesser men, but not Winston. At least not once he got over the initial shock of being married to a shapeshifting half fox, half wolf.

Could they stay together once her father learned of their marriage? Could their relationship withstand his band and touring and the women who threw themselves at him night after night?

Could Winston make her love him the way he was afraid he was bound to love her?

Come find out…


The Wolf and The Rockstar