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2015Tattooed Barista_200x300The Tattooed Barista

Series: Lone Star Sweets, Book 3

Genre: M/F

Derek Grayson couldn’t lie his way out of a paper bag, but somehow he’s managed to convince his less than approving mother of his engagement to the teal haired, dangerously curved, tattoo covered, coffee cart owning girl named Peggy.

Peg, not ‘Peggy’, is far from amused by Derek’s fib, but the way he kissed her left her wondering what might have been if she hadn’t been paid to play along.

The stakes are higher than the original bargaining price, a new business is getting off the ground, and it’s going to take a whole lot more than caffeine to get through this wedded mess.


The Tattooed Barista

LissaY_CoverComingblueThe Billionaire’s Billionaire

Genre: M/F



The Billionaire's Billionaire


The Wolf and The Rockstar

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