Wild Ever After


For early April, it was unseasonably mild out, but the rain had a way of cooling things off. Inside, the pub was warm and raucous. Not that she’d expected any different, especially on a Friday night.

She spotted the small group of friends at a table toward the center of the room. They hadn’t seen her yet and just as she had in the car, thought about backtracking and heading home.

Indecision weighed heavily and she was thrilled when her phone buzzed in her pocket. She stepped back into the shadows by the door and look at the caller ID.

Her heart sped up. Her palms began to sweat.

“Son of a —”

“I wouldn’t finish that statement if I were you.”

“Harry,” she breathed.

“You know the rule.”

She clamped her mouth shut. Yes, she knew the rule. He didn’t like it when she cussed. It was a punishable offense. The taste of soap was not her favorite and if she concentrated hard enough, she could recall the texture against her teeth, the way it made her gag, the foam and lather. It made her shudder.

“You can put the phone back in your pocket now. I just needed a way to keep you from meeting your friends for a few minutes.”

“What are you doing here?”

“It’s your birthday.”

“No, I mean, here. At Pat’s. How did you know?”


Their daughter. “Such a traitor.”

A smile lifted one corner of his mouth. “She would agree with you.”

“We’re separated.” They were, but they weren’t and Belinda knew that statement wouldn’t hold water.

“Semantics. And not legally. Look at me.”


“Turn around and look at me, Bella.”

“Please go.”

“No. Would you like to introduce me to your friends?”


“Shame. I’ll let that slide for now. Look at me. I won’t say it again.”

Belinda knew better than to disobey him. When his voice took on that lazy Southern drawl. When it was no longer polished and cultivated. When the tone belied the serious undercurrent.

She dropped her phone in her pocket and turned to face her husband.

He looked good and her belly fluttered to life in a way it hadn’t in three hundred a sixty four days.

She’d avoided seeing him on television, in interviews since the scandal. She’d avoided seeing him in newspapers and in magazines. She’d avoided social media like the plague.

But seeing him like this? In person? After all these months?

She’d missed him.

Gray hinted at his temples. Worry lines bracketed his eyes. Frown lines touched at the edges of his lips.

He was handsome as ever, more so than when she first saw him more than twenty years ago.

The words ‘in love’ didn’t even come close to covering it. The feelings, the emotions, the thoughts he caused to riot through her body doing nothing more than standing in front of her should be criminal. Harry Walker stole her breath.

“You cut your hair.”

“Yes.” He always preferred it longer, at least to her shoulders. Cutting it was both a refreshing act of rebellion and an easier way to maintain the signs of aging as it began to lose its thickness and body.

“I like it.” He said, lifting a hand as though he planned to touch it, but shoved that hand in his pocket, instead.

“What are you doing here?”

“I told you. It’s your birthday.”

“I had one last year, too.”

“Yes. You did. I sent you here to Baltimore, but you went completely off the grid. I had no idea how to find you. Not even our kids knew.”

Belinda fought the guilt that threatened. He was right, but she refused to feel bad about it. She’d needed that private time after their very public humiliation, after he’d sent her away.

“This isn’t the place, Harry.”

“No, it isn’t. Shall we?” He indicated the door back outside.

“Shall we what?”

“Don’t play that way, Bella. It never suited you. You’re much too smart.”

“It’s not a good idea.”

“I’m not interested in good or bad ideas. I’m interested in speaking with my wife.”


“My name on your lips… Mmm. Still has the same effect on me that it did the very first time you said it. I’ll give you two choices. One… You can leave with me right now and we can have this out sooner rather than later. Two… We can join your friends and have a nice time like we used and put off the issues for a few more hours. Either way, Bella, you’re leaving with me tonight and I will be administering your birthday spankings the way I’ve been doing for twenty four years.”

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Senator Harry Walker vowed to never subject himself, his children, or his wife to the very public scandals that had plagued his family name since before he was born.

But one night…

One wild night of fantasy and the carefully constructed lines between his public and private lives blurred.

Their names littered the papers. He sent his wife to her hometown of Baltimore and out of the spotlight. And his political career lay in shambles.

That was one year ago. On her birthday.

She wouldn’t come home. She wouldn’t even speak to him and Harry Walker has had enough. It’s time to put their lives back together and his beloved… back on her knees.



Fast Facts

Publisher: Lissa Matthews

Kindle Worlds: Mari Carr’s Wild Irish

Title: Wild Ever After

Genre: Contemporary D/s Romance

Series: None

Length: 70 pages

Format: eBook



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