One of the things about these endurance races is that they keep me in a seat… The desk, the dining room table, the couch, the chair on the porch… And the more I’m in a seat, the more writing I am likely to do. I don’t want to miss any part of the race, and I want to get words in because I want to finish at least one of these books. There are 4 that need to be finished and finished before May. There are personal and professional reasons for that.

So, some facts about the Sebring race…

-12 Hours… morning to night.

-The track itself is a former WWII training base/airfield. It is a combination concrete and asphalt surface. The facility covers 348 acres. It is located 79 miles south of Orlando.

-Speeds in some parts are around 200mph.

-The first race was run on the track in 1950 with the first 12hr race run in 1952.

I’ll be working on 1, maybe 2 of the books that I need to finish today during the race. The green flag has dropped and they’re 30min in.

I’m going to get some food, some coffee and get to work.

The starting word count of the book(s) I plan to work on today are…

CC – 60,151

ATG – 33,077

Let’s see what I can get done…



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