The Billionaire of Gumdrop Valley is Available. Again.

I was cleaning up my month-at-a-glance dry erase calendar for January and working on Checkered Curves which will be turned in on January 1st to Amazon for release on the 5th (a week later than originally planned) and realizing that I’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year.

I had a few books re-covered and released them wide. (A Hunky Holiday, Slide Down on Me, Break Me)

I revised and re-released books one and two in two different series, also with new covers (Malachi’s Word, Eli’s Promise for The Bar Next Door) and (Curves to Distraction, Racing the Curves for Stick Shift Motorsports).

I wrote and released three new titles (Hands Down, The Billionaire of Gumdrop Valley, Abe’s Law (book three, The Bar Next Door)). Checkered Curves will be finished in December but released in January, so it’s technically part of each month/year.

That’s more than I’ve done in many years and even though I don’t have a marketing plan for any of it, I’m barely on social media, I don’t pay for ads, and I’m not making money, I am pretty fucking proud of the work I’ve done, the growth I’ve experienced, and the things I’ve learned.

I’ve also started working on six new releases under the Lissa Matthews name for 2024 and started playing with ideas for 3-4 new releases under my sweet romance name, Ella Claire. I’m also working on some things under my secret pen name, too.

I’m thinking about what titles I want to re-release in 2024, as well, and plan to ask those on my newsletter about them soon. I have quite a few that are just sitting around and they’re not doing anyone any good stuck in a file on my computer.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. I’m happy with my progress and I’m excited about all that’s coming soon.



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