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About Lissa

Coffee drinker extraordinaire, author Lissa Matthews lives and writes in North Carolina. When not at the keyboard with blue collar bad boys, race car drivers, cowboys, shifters, or pretty much any other hero that tickles her fancy, she can be found reading in the backyard on her swing, in the kitchen trying a new recipe she found on Pinterest, watching sports and movies with her family, or perfecting her nap ninja skills.

Appearances for June 2019

Though Lissa won’t be making any appearances at book conferences this month, she will be showing up in the following places:

The Coffee Station… Do you really need an explanation?

Online… Lissa will show up unannounced and at random intervals on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook messenger. She avoids Facebook proper as much as she possibly can (though it’s not 100% possible). To paraphrase Gollum, she hates it. She will also be found on KDP (Amazon’s site for uploading books), D2D (Draft to Digital) to set up books for release in the coming months under her alter ego name, maybe for herself, too… 

The Kitchen Table… Here she will be writing daily and being yelled at by the multiple felines who let her exist in their home. They would like to be fed every 30-45min, please. She will also take care of other various other writing business related things.

Her Home Office… This room is not to her liking and she needs a new desk. The walls are dark and need new paint. The floor needs to be replaced, too. She really doesn’t spend a lot of time here. Yet.

The Kitchen… Lissa makes multiple, daily appearances in this room where she will make breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and many messes. You don’t really want to miss these moments.

CUP, CHC Northeast, Imaging Centers… The Spouse. That’s all anyone needs to know. Men!

Cat Feedings... Planned ones. 7:30am and 7:30pm, Sunday-Saturday. Also, giving diabetic cat his insulin shot. This is not something Lissa enjoys.

The Living Room… Lissa will be showing up in this room for afternoon naps, to work on crochet projects, to watch movies and sporting events on television, to read.

The Downstairs Restroom… Again, do you really need an explanation?

The Upstairs Bedroom… Lissa will be making nightly appearances in this room for sleep. Do Not Disturb her. It won’t be pretty.

The Family Van… Lissa will be out and about throughout the month going to the grocery store (Publix, Aldi, Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s), the bookstore (Barnes and Noble, Park Road Books), craft stores (Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby), the Library (to return books and check out more), the coffee shop (Starbucks, Caribou Coffee). She’ll also be at the mall several times a week for walking (exercise) and to grab the Poke stops for all the Poke balls and experience points so she can hatch eggs, level up, Squirtle can find candy, and she can do battle in gyms. Yes, she’s 48 years old and she plays (casually) Pokemon Go! What of it?

The Living Room Couch, Special Scheduled Appearance… Saturday evening, June 15th, 7:00pm… Lissa is an avid Florida State Seminole fan and she will be here, comfortable with drink and snack in hand to watch the first game of the 2019 College Baseball World Series. Go Noles!

For further information on appearances, please stay tuned to this page.



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