Happy February! Can you believe it’s already the second month of 2010? I can’t. It’s already flying by.

I want to welcome Cat Johnson to my blog today. She’s one of the awesome authors participating in the ARe 28 Days of Heart campaign. I asked her why she wanted to do this, why she submitted a book to this cause and this is what she had to say:


With the crisis in Haiti dominating the news, primetime television and even the award ceremonies in Hollywood, charity is on all of our minds a lot these days. Not all of us have a private jet to fly down full of much needed supplies. Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to donate, but we all do what we can. Over the years I’ve done many assorted and interesting things for the not-for-profit community. I’ve even dressed in 18th Century garb in support of our local historic restoration and done everything from leading tours, to playing harp, to performing traditional dances of the period.

Time is something I can and do give willingly and what I get in return is a feeling that even I, a middle class nobody, can make some small difference. That is what motivated me to donate my story, Private Lies, to All Romance eBooks’ 28 Days of Heart charity campaign to benefit the American Heart Association. Just as those singers donated their voices to the relief efforts in Haiti, I can donate my writing. Millions of people may not know what I’ve done, but I do, a small segment of the romance community does, and the AHA will in the form of the money raised. For me, that’s enough.

What can you do? Show your support by checking out the 28 Days of Heart line-up. And while you’re here, enjoy the following excerpt from Private Lies, available in eBook Febrary 19th exclusively from ARe/OmniLit.


PRIVATE LIES by Cat Johnson
Sex. Lies. It’s all in a day’s work.

Jax Monroe is ready to swear off both sex and men forever. Then she meets the new hot bartender Shane Reynolds and the only thing she can think about is sex and him.

Why not have a little fun? After all, she deserves it, and Shane proves he can provide what she needs. Only Jax doesn’t realize something. Shane the sexy barman is far more than just the stud he appears to be.

Excerpt (PG 13)

The depth of Giovanni’s cries spoke his passion. 

That didn’t surprise Jacqueline Monroe Scarpelli one bit. Her husband Gio was a passionate man. Sultry, foreign, vibrant, and the most brilliant painter she’d ever seen. His artist’s temperament made him ardent and sensitive, but also sometimes moody and reclusive. Though he’d never stay that way long and would make it up to her in the most incredible and inventive, toe-curling ways. 

Jax closed her eyes to fully absorb each and every vocal nuance, recognizing as the volume rose, the resonance that signaled Gio’s impending orgasm.

She should be familiar with the growing crescendo. In their ten-month marriage, and during their short three-month courtship before eloping, she had experienced the symphony of his lovemaking more times than she could count. His progression from the words of love whispered in heavily accented English, which grew into shouts in Italian that she couldn’t understand but still knew instinctively their meaning.

Mouth dry, Jax’s stomach tensed and her heart rate sped in reaction to Gio’s lovemaking.

This time, however, was different than all the others. Very different. Tonight, Jax stood outside of Gio’s art studio, and the feminine cries of pleasure answering Gio’s inside were not hers. 

Hand frozen on the doorknob, Jax listened to her husband skillfully screwing another woman while he thought Jax was still at a Junior League meeting. It was obvious to Jax that she was the one being screwed here, and not in a good way. But the main thought dominating her spinning brain, more than anger, hurt, or jealousy, was this—her mother had been right and she would likely never, ever let Jax forget it. 

Jax pulled her hand back from the knob. Hearing her husband’s affair was bad enough; there was no way she wanted to see it too. Considering what to do next, Jax ran all ten manicured fingers through her straight, perfectly cut and highlighted blond hair and tried to think. Tiptoeing her designer, kitten-heeled, alligator slides away from the door,

Jax pulled her cell phone out of this season’s hottest new bag and reluctantly dialed the number of the one man who could help her.

When he answered, she whispered, “Daddy? I need your help.”

I appreciate Cat for sharing and for contributing.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more from the authors giving their work for the benefit of others.


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