I have the pleasure of having Tilly Greene visit my blog today. She’s participating in ARe’s 28 Days of Heart campaign benefiting the AHA. I have asked her why she chose to submit a book for this cause and this is what she had to say:

Hello, everyone! My name is Tilly Greene, an erotic romance author, and I wrote “And She Scores” for the ARe 28 Days of Heart project that benefits the American Heart Association

I enjoy writing wicked shorts and giving them to someone who wants to put them out there to benefit a charity makes it an even better experience. The first one I did helped those who suffered from the 2007 fires in San Diego and the next one’s organizer slotted the proceeds to benefit our troops. What both of these and “And She Scores” have in common is that I jumped in for personal reasons. 

Family is big for me and, unfortunately, heart disease has worked its ugly way through both mine and the cutie’s as well. Almost a year ago my brother-in-law, a healthy and active 40-odd year old had a stroke, followed by a heart attack. Very scary, especially when I thought I might lose the man who has been a part of our family for almost 30 years. When he and my sister were dating, he once walked a major road, calling out my kitty’s name while twisting a can opener, because I was upset. Yeah, he is a great guy. Then there’s my cutie’s father, a man who has suffered more heart attacks than we can count. He’s still with us and we keep our fingers crossed for more time, but we know the bomb is ticking in his heart. The worst part of his condition is that we know the problem often passes down to the next generation. I don’t want to lose any of these men, they’re far too important to me, and so I delved into All Romance’s call for stories to benefit the American Heart Association

Okay, so my reason for writing “And She Scores” was personal, why not take it a step further – a part of it takes part in my home town. So, what’s it about? Well, here’s a hint: Football’s pre-season is about to begin and, defensive end and captain, Patrick Conway is returning from what could’ve been a career ending injury. Sarah Winters, focused on making a career as a respected reporter in an all male sport, is about to conduct his first interview. Here’s a snippet for you to check out:

“Are you all set?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” she told Peter as she bundled her notes back into the folder. “Been going over my notes and think I know where to focus for the best viewer response.”

“Good. Apparently Pat’s done with his workout and headed to the main locker room. The team trainer told me we have half an hour and no more. Not much to work with, but I think it’s enough to get something worthwhile.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Disconnecting, she stood and smoothed her skirt down before picking her notes up, and making her way to the locker room. The plan to make it through the next half hour was simple. She wanted to ask intelligent questions, create a great piece for the program, and then leave with her sanity intact.

Despite all the people that must be around the massive complex, it was unusually quiet. There was no one standing around or pushing carts of equipment from one place to another. The emptiness was so strange, it was kind of spooky. It didn’t help that her shoes made an odd squishing sound with each step. There’d been a deep puddle of water she’d had to walk through earlier and obviously some water remained somewhere in the shoes’ depths. Mentally, she added getting a new pair to her list of things she needed to pick up next time she had a chance to shop.

Arriving at the locker room, Sarah took a deep breath, and reminded herself to stay calm. Letting it go, she put a smile on her face, and pulled the door open.

Patrick Conway, a glistening ripped form only partially covered, stood in front of her and she was lost. Without doing anything particular, he managed to steal every ounce of common sense from her mind, and brought her long ignored passionate needs racing to the surface. With heart pounding and pussy throbbing, she needed to do something that would help ground her back to reality. Darting her eyes around the room, she locked on the film crew, and seeing them helped remind why she was there. No matter how she felt, the next couple of hours weren’t personal. The reason she was in the locker room was all about television and football, not pleasure. Straightening her posture, she kept telling herself that she would not let the very sexy Pat seduce her and leave. Not this time.

If only life could be that easy. The man was a cad, but a gorgeous one that made her heart cry out for him and her body scream, “Take Me!”
© And She Scores by Tilly Greene, published by All Romance eBooks, 2010

What could possibly happen between these two, while at a major arena, with a ton of people around them? To find out, you’ll need to visit All Romance or OmniLit, and pick up a copy of “And She Scores”. Remember, each ebook you buy, the proceeds go to the American Heart Association.

Tilly Greene
WARNING! Red hot romances ahead!

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