Happy Wednesday to all of you! It’s raining out and supposed to rain all day…80% chance. The temps are supposed to drop, too. You know, I realize I live in NORTH Carolina, but…it’s still the South. 
We are in the homestretch with the 28 Days of Heart campaign and today I have author K.F. Zuzulo here to give us her reasons for wanting to be part of it. 
And I just love the cover of her book: Angels and Genies.

When I think how wonderful All Romance eBooks campaign is—to raise money and awareness of heart disease in women through 28 Days of Heart—I cringe.  I cringe because I wasn’t going to contribute.  I had enough writing to do, deadlines to meet, genies to unleash, scenes to unfold, and character clothing to toss aside.

But the omens that brush past us every day were about to come in for a direct hit. In July, I’d received the first email from ARe about the campaign.  But as with so many visitors to the inbox…DELETE.  I hadn’t even noted the organization that was to benefit.

In October, my husband and I took our kids to Ireland for a large family wedding.  The emotions, stories, and adventures were unforgettable.  Part of that emotion was remembering my Aunt Tina, who would have been at the wedding, but had died the previous Christmas Eve of a heart attack.  We raised a glass as well to my maternal grandmother, who had died of a heart attack at 73 years old.  And in a final reminder of the fragile strength of a woman’s heart, I learned that same week that my best friend had suffered a heart attack at 45 years old.

I think you probably know what’s coming next, though, at the time, I didn’t.  When I got back to work the second week in October, I opened another e-mail from ARe.  This time, I read what charity would benefit from the efforts of the participating authors.  It was the American Heart Association.

I worked like a genie flying a carpet in a hurricane and turned in my novella two weeks later, on the last day for submissions.  Enough magic remained that my story was selected to be a part of the 28 days and will be released on February 24th.

Granny Kelly would be proud. She used to smooth on some lipstick on her way out the door so Granddad wouldn’t see and be jealous. I know she would love this tale. Check it out. Match Ramsey rises to the occasion of ARe’s 28 Days of Heart campaign … and rises in proximity of a certain alluring teacher-turned-realtor named Angeline Delaire.  Angels & Genies is my fourth genie romance, but the first to introduce Match and his surfer-dude, angel sidekick Miguel.  Together, they seek to block the entrance of evil jinni Iblis to the earthly realm.  Angeline holds the key to the sought portal.  The only hint I’ll give is—as any realtor will tell you—it’s all about location, location, location. The novella releases on February 24th.

To find Kelly’s book, Angels and Genies, click Here. And click Here to find the rest of the books in the 28 Days of Heart series. 
Thank you Kelly for being part of this blog tour and this cause. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 


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