Everything’s gone to pot…

As Captain Jack Sparrow would say. And he’d be right. Deadlines unmet. Power adapters for laptops going out and having to be ordered. Alternators making funny noises and needing to be replaced. Leaks under sinks from cracks in disposal. Clogs under sinks from idiot builders not doing things right. And personal revelations, realizations, and plans for change in life and love and marriage. I need a vacation!

Yes, I know all of this is just life and it all just falls apart at the same time. Pieces get better. Whole parts get better. Inevitably though, there’s always something else that needs to be fixed. That’s where I am. That’s where I keep finding myself.

I guess I go through this stuff in phases. I’ll get myself where I need or want to be for a time and then something will happen or change and I’ll find myself struggling through it all, trying to find the way out, and learn in the process.

A BDSM friend of mine told me to go take 5 pictures of things that make me happy. I didn’t want to. Honestly, I just didn’t have the time. Multi-tasking is my middle name. But, I did it. These were my 5 things:

1. sitting outside
2. purple flowers that i bought yesterday
3. my work
4. my coffee station in my kitchen
5. my kitchen

I was severely irritated by this thing I was asked to do. But, it turned out to be a good thing. I took a moment to smile, to laugh, to breathe.

So, when things go to pot in your house or your life, what 5 things make you happy?


Writing Wednesday…

Craziness! That’s what this writing thing is! Craziness! I am in deadline Hell. Some self-imposed, some editor imposed, but definitely all my own doing. So, I am spending more time in the writing cave to meet the most urgent one by Sunday night.

My current projects include: Cracklin’ Rosie for Samhain, Arrested Holiday for Loose Id, X Marks the Spot for Ellora’s Cave, Trouble in the Making for Samhain, Moody Blue for Samhain, Cherry Chapstick for Ellora’s Cave, and Turn Two for Loose Id. There are various other projects under consideration, and brewing in the back of my mind. I usually work on a couple books at a time. It breaks things up for me and keeps everything fresh, so, don’t worry, I’m not writing all these at the same time…LOL. However, they are all started…

I appreciate that you all stick with me. As soon as I have the chance to play and explore my new website a little more, we will be moving over to that blog. I do hope you’ll all follow me there. I have yet to install the Friend thing with Google, but I will. I love my new site and want to use it more…use it at all really because I haven’t. I hope you all will enjoy it over there once I start getting things more and more situated and customized. If you haven’t been to my new website, please head over and visit… It’s stunning and spectacular. It was created for me by Emma Petersen from Designs by Emma. She did a brilliant job. I love looking at it.

In the meantime, I need to get back to work. Decker and Rosie are anxious to move on from the play in the park…*naughty grin*


Just thought you’d all like to see…

This book will be released in August from Samhain Publishing. It’s my first shifter so…

I am spending a lot and I do mean A LOT of time in the writing cave this week so, when you see me out and about, it’ll be for brief periods of time while I play catch up and hopefully do a little getting ahead.

Hope you all have a great week…


Whipped Cream…with cherries on top!

Happy Saturday!

Stick Shift received an awesome review from Whipped Cream. They don’t do stars or little girlie icons…nope they use whipped cream and top it with cherries. Buck and Caroline would love that! But, I’m sure Cam and Lily do, too, even though they didn’t engage in food play. He at least brought her cookies…that he made. Nice touch!

Anyway, Stick Shift is probably one of my very favorite books that I’ve written. It’s a book near and dear to me. Mainly because of my love of Nascar. It’s not a book about Nascar, but…it’s my own little world based on it. The relationship between Cam and Lily…I just love it.

Whipped Cream gave Stick Shift 4.5 Cherries out of 5! AWESOME!

This means that it’s up for book of the week! There are also a lot of other great books from great authors up for book of the week. Vote for your favorite!

And yes, I know I own y’all a special giveaway from last weekend. So far, I know it’ll be 3 copies of Stick Shift and 3 of something else that I’m still working on. It’s been a busy week.

My new website is finished and live. It has a built in blog and we will be moving over there as soon as I learn a little about plug-ins and widgets, etc… I don’t want to lose any of you as followers, so just stay tuned for the announcement!

My daughter aced her two end of course exams for Algebra and Biology this week and I couldn’t have been happier. She’s returning to home school though in the Fall for various reasons and all are her reasons, but I do support her in the decision.

So, I need to get moving! I am meeting a new friend today. He wants to pick my writing brain. I hope there’s something left for him after the writing I intend to do…

Go vote! And then go have a great day!


New Ellora’s Cave Release – The Swing!


Two years after his brother’s death in Afghanistan, Jethro is doing well. His handmade porch swing business is booming, his hip injury has healed and he’s still in love with Caitlyn. He knows he should resist her, but can’t, and pulls her into his darkly sensual world of sex and spankings.

Caitlyn has grieved, created a life for herself and has finally come to terms with her need for Jethro, her dead husband’s brother. With no small measure of hesitation, she takes a fateful step—daring him to turn her and their chance at happiness away.

I really enjoyed writing this book. It’s very short. Very very short. It’s not meant to be a long tale. It’s not meant to be drawn out and full of drama. It’s meant to be exactly what it is…a naughty sexy little Quickie! I wrote it as it came to me and didn’t try to change anything at all about what the characters wanted me to tell. 

Jethro even likes Breaking Benjamin and you all know that’s my fave band right about now! 

I hope those of you that get it, enjoy it! This is my third Ellora’s Cave release and I am ecstatic about it! My experiences with EC have been nothing short excellent when it comes to the editorial process. My editors have been honest and open and supportive and yes critical even when necessary. I appreciate both editors that I have had at EC and wouldn’t want anyone else, though I know there are other equally awesome ones there. 


“Do you like to spank?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes. Very few of my lovers walked away without a bright red bottom.”

“Am I just another lover?” She knew she wasn’t. She knew this was different. She knew even asking it would earn her more than a bright red bottom and she wanted it. She wanted to know everything he liked, needed, hungered for. No matter what it might be, she wanted it.

He let out a low whistle. “Damn, Caitlyn. That was cold.” He wedged a hand between her legs and smacked each inner thigh. “Spread ‘em. Bend over and grab your ankles.”

With a small smile and not a little bit of nervousness, she did it without question. For what could have been a minute or ten he just let her hang there, her long hair brushing against the porch. His booted feet dragged on the wood as he stood up behind her.

“You shouldn’t say things like that, not when you know they’re bullshit comments.”

“I just wanted to see what you’d say.”

“It’s not what I say that’s gonna make a difference. You know the truth of my feelings for you. It’s what I’m gonna do that you should worry about.”

And he spanked her. Hit her right ass cheek hard enough to sting. Her left cheek was next and he hit it just as hard. He alternated between the two and the thought that her left one was more sensitive to the pain than the right one didn’t escape her.

The backs of her thighs didn’t escape the punishment either. He made sure they were given equal treatment. More than once she had to bite back tears and more than once she hoped it wouldn’t take long for the burning and tingling to disappear. She wanted to explore this, liked it, wanted to know what else was hidden inside him.

Between each of the spankings, before he would move to another area of her backside, he’d rub the bite away with his workman’s hands. It felt so good, she couldn’t get enough, almost asked if he’d just keep rubbing, massaging the now-tender skin, but then he pressed up against her, his cock leaking stickiness on her lower back, and she forgot everything else.

The denim of his jeans was a wicked, raw sensation against her skin. “You okay, Caitlyn?” he whispered, warm and sweet.


“Good. Let go of your ankles and let me lead you.” He gripped her waist and pulled her back toward the swing. He sat and slid his legs between hers then lowered her onto his lap again.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!