Snippet Saturday – Homage to Another Artist

Happy Saturday! Here we are again with snippets!
We are writers and are artists. We create every day, every word we set down. Even if we’re non-fiction writers. There are a number of different types of artists…musicians, painters, sculptures, singers, writers, actors, etc… Even computer game designers are artists, so are bakers and chefs..
In our specific line of work, the artists are the writers, the cover artists, the web designers, blog designers and a host of others.
In my books, I have a baker, a candy maker, a musician, and a writer. Because of the awesome review of Sugar Rush yesterday, I am going to pull a snippet from it. The hero, Graham is a travel writer. The heroine, Jane is a truffle maker.

from Sugar Rush: Snippet #1

The man was damn persistent, and it secretly made her smile. Blind date or not, he was charming. Full of himself but charming. “Well, since you know so much, tell me then, what do I want?”
“I answered that already. Come here, Jane, and stop trying to get rid of me. On the other hand, if you’d rather, I can come over there and get you. I won’t bite hard, and you’ll be glad you gave in.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the edge of the open door. “Let’s say, for argument’s sake, you’re right. Let’s say I do want you.”

“I am, and you do.”

“Uh-huh. I know Edward told you why I’ve been a pill for the last few months and maybe it doesn’t make sense to you but, romantically, I’ve never been really successful. I have dated, but there’s never been a lot of real interest, on either side. And when Phillip dumped me… I don’t want to go through that kind of thing again. It was awful. I thought I’d found someone special, someone that I could maybe spend my life with, but I was just a stop along the way.”
“I understand. I really do, but hiding away from your feelings and your desires isn’t going to make the first step any easier no matter how long you wait, Jane. There’s always going to be an excuse not to move forward. You’re too damneddamn beautiful and sexy to just sit and let life pass you by.”

“You make me sound like an immature teenager that’s still holding out hope her first crush will realize his mistake in letting me go.”

“No. You’re just caught in a place between not wanting to be hurt again and let’s get it on. I’ve dated women your age, my age, and younger, and no one is immune to hurt. We all just process it differently.”

“Wow. You’re wise for twenty-six. Far more than I am at the ripe old age of thirty-six.”

“I told you I write for other publications. Well, one of the things I write about is relationships, usually from a romantic getaway perspective, but relationships just the same. Kind of like how to revive the spark stuff. I have a degree in creative writing and a minor in psychology.”

Jane was stunned. Really and truly stunned. So not only was Cowboy Surfer hot as hell, he was also a deep thinker, a pseudoexpert in relationships and travel. While she was just a candy maker sans formal college education. At the same time, she loved the company she and Edward had created for themselves. She might not have the degree, but she had solid business sense, creativity, and the ability to make decadent truffles that melted on the tongue. She truly loved her work. How many people could say that?

However, this between them had disaster written all over it.

He was right about one thing. No matter how long she waited to discover herself post-Phillip and let go of the past, it wasn’t going to be an easy step. Phillip hadn’t been the love of her life, but he had been special to her. If she were honest with herself, she’d admit that it had been more of a comfort thing with him. At first, at least. Toward the end, he’d begun to pressure her to lose weight, to change the way she dressed, to move the business out of the loft. It was then she’d begun to doubt herself. And now that she thought about it in those terms…

Snippet  #2

“All right, so, you’ve seen me. You can go now. I believe you know where the door is.”

“I appreciate the invitation to leave, but I was hoping we could have dinner together.”

“Nuh-huh. No, sorry. I’m not dating right now.” And she wasn’t. She’d given two years to a guy who had sweet-talked her, who wasn’t even in the same yummy ballpark as Cowboy Surfer and look where that got her? Nowhere. She was safe like this, living vicariously through Edward’s tireless, sex-filled search for “the one.”

“Fair enough, but just so you know, I don’t believe you.”

“It doesn’t matter what you don’t believe.” She turned off the stove and poured the scalded cream over chopped bittersweet chocolate. The aroma filled the immediate air around her, and she inhaled deeply. The scent of excellent chocolate never got old.

“What are you making?”

He’d stepped close, standing just behind her shoulders. She could feel the heat coming off his body and if she leaned back, she’d be touching his chest. Instead of doing just that — because she so wanted to — she pressed herself closer into the edge of the counter, picked up a wooden spoon, and slowly started to stir the cream into the chocolate. “Truffles. Like the ones you didn’t get this afternoon.”

“I smell chili peppers.”

“Mmm. Yes. We infuse the cream with them. It is a very delicate balance of flavor, the chocolate and the chili. It’s sweet at first bite, but then a blast of heat erupts on your tongue, completely intoxicating your mouth with flavor.”

“You know they say that chili peppers are an aphrodisiac, stimulating the blood and nerve endings.” He leaned closer still, his breath blowing against her hair. “Maybe we should try it out.”

“Not on your life.” Go away go away go away.

“We’ll see.” His breath brushed the edge of her ear, sending a shiver up her spine. What did she have to promise the universe to get him to leave and stop tempting her? “Is this your business then?”

“It’s mine and Edward’s. We started it after he went through a hard breakup with a guy he’d been dating at work. He quit shortly after and decided that the way to mend a broken heart was through chocolate.”

“I know many women that would agree with that. How did you meet? You and Edward, I mean.”

Many women? Of course there were many women in life. Just look at him. She was nothing more to him than a blind date. It didn’t really explain what he was doing in her kitchen though. Blind dates that didn’t go right usually didn’t get a second chance, and guys like him didn’t chase after women like her either. “In a candy making class a little over a year ago.”

“And? I want the whole story.”

Jane sighed and fought against grinding her teeth in frustration. “He was taking the class to learn to make candy for Valentine’s Day for his boyfriend. When they broke up, I made these for him one day to try and cheer him up and, well, here we are.” Having Graham so near made concentrating on anything difficult. It was a wonder she could think straight at all.

My upcoming books, Stick Shift from Loose Id has a heroine that is a music teacher and Sweet Caroline from Samhain Publishing has a heroine that designs and creates gift baskets. I am very into creating characters that tap into their creative, artistic sides. They make for strong, deep passions, deep desires, and open minds. 
Have a great day! And don’t forget to take a sneaky peek at all the snippets from the following fantabulous set of authors:

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ARe 28 Days of Heart – Summer Devon

Today I have the pleasure of author Summer Devon (I just love the name Summer Devon) visiting and sharing with us an excerpt of her 28 Days of Heart book, Protecting Miss Samuels. She’s also sharing with us why she decided to submit a story to this cause:

Why I decided to submit a story:

I have to admit the main reason I jumped at the chance is that I like All Romance Ebook site. It’s easy to navigate and use, and I enjoy the upbeat but not hyper tone of the place.

But heart disease has touched the lives of people I love–my brother in particular–and I’m glad to be a part of any effort that helps them. I know the American Heart Association is more than just looking for a cure—they have some great programs to help people suffering from heart disease, too. My brother’s life was saved because of advances made by organizations like AHA. And even better, his life has changed for the better because of them. Thank you, AHA.

Excerpt from Protecting Miss Samuels

The sheet she’d wrapped around herself slid down an inch, revealing the creamy tops of her breasts. He wished he could forget the memory of her breast exposed that morning, her pale rose nipple. The images of those few minutes had haunted him all day.

What the hell was he doing lying in a bedroom with this female? She was his job. Bad enough he’d failed and she’d ended up injured. He sure as hell wouldn’t be even less professional now.

She wasn’t frightened of him anymore. He wondered if she had a clue how much he wanted her. That would be enough for her to run screaming, clutching the cloth to her bosom.

In the chair, she licked her full, pink lips.

What would happen if she accepted his touch?

He imagined exchanging just a kiss or two. No one would know any of it. No one in her circle need ever know their paths had crossed. He was good enough at his job to guarantee that he’d get her to town without word getting out—so this afternoon didn’t truly exist in her life.

She wasn’t sewing. The blasted girl stared back at him avidly, as if she’d never seen anything so fascinating.

“Stop,” he croaked.

She froze. “Stop what?”

“You are wearing next to nothing. And…” He trailed off as he realized how absurd he sounded. “I beg your pardon. I should leave.”

But his embarrassment turned to astonishment when she rose to her feet, walked to the edge of the bed, and stood over him. “It’s unfair of you to berate me when you are stretched out like that with all of your limbs on display.” Her eyes widened and she put her fingers over her mouth as if she wanted to push the words back in.

He pushed himself up on his elbows. “What?”

She shook her head and looked miserable. He sat up and grabbed her wrist.

“You are offended by my appearance?”

“It disturbs me.”

“The scar,” he muttered and wondered why he’d ever imagined she would want him to kiss her. The glittering dark eyes watching him had been filled with fascination, certainly. Fascinated horror.

“What can you mean?” she asked.

He’d received the hideous mark not so very long ago during a fight to subdue a confidence man he’d been hired to follow. The scar traveled most of the left side of his face.

Miss Samuels’s silly question pushed him too far. He suspected some sort of polite young lady idiocy with her question. Let her act polite when she saw that ruined skin. He shoved back his overlong hair to reveal the side of his face.

Instead of backing away or admitting that, yes, she found the raw skin offensive, she leaned down and traced a finger along the raised scar. He forced himself to stay still and not push her hand away.

No one other than a doctor had touched him since the fight. The woman Ned had hoped to marry had turned pale when she saw him and she immediately announced that she could not join her life to a man who engaged in such hazardous work. The sight of the wound must have driven her off, for she hadn’t waited to discover if he would abandon his profession.

“What caused it?” Miss Samuels asked at last.

“A knife wound and infection. But come, you said you were disturbed. This must be what you mean.”

“It doesn’t bother me.”

Her eyes met his and he saw she wasn’t lying. Oh, no, he saw too much more. He hadn’t imagined that echo of his own desire. The world went inside out when he understood she indeed looked at him with hunger, not revulsion.

She straightened. No longer leaning over him, her hands folded in front of her, she was the picture of decorous, polite femininity, until she murmured, “I want to kiss you. I can’t think of anything else.”

“You are a young lady, Miss Samuels.” He hoped he sounded cold and disapproving. “You shouldn’t speak of such things.”

She looked into his eyes. “I know. I never do. Or not often.” She backed away from the bed.

He rose and followed her. “So you don’t find the sight of me disturbing?”

“Of course I do,” she said faintly.

“But you don’t mean the scar.”

She rubbed a hand over her mouth, as if caressing herself. “No, not the scar. Good heavens, Mr. Wallace. You seem to think the thing is deforming or hideous.”

“Isn’t it?” he muttered. Emily had left him because of it and Ned’s older brother had fallen into a dead faint the first time he’d seen the wound.

“No. What I meant is, well, even though you have such a mark, I still find you very…disturbing.”

It struck him that her definition of disturbing was more interesting than his.

He followed her still as she backed away from him. He’d give the girl a proper fear of him and with that thought in mind, he pinned her against the wall now with his hands flat against it on either side of her head. Her breasts rose and fell quickly. And that sheet. God, so little lay between her skin and his hands. He looked down at her parted lips.

“You are a fool, you know.” He tried to sound casual, but his voice was too ragged.

She raised her eyebrows.

“Alone in a room with a man,” he whispered.

“A gentleman.”

“I am going to kiss you now. That is not the behavior of a gentleman, is it?”

“You’ve warned me,” she pointed out and slowly tilted her chin, as if presenting her mouth as a gift.

He cupped her face between his hands forcing his fingers to be gentle, but there was no light brush of lips for him. He wanted to seize as much from her as he could before she changed her mind.

Thank you, Summer for being here.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.


All Romance eBooks 28 Days of Hearts – Samantha Sommersby

Today I have Samhain author Samantha Sommersby stopping by to share with us some information about her 28 Days of Heart release, Touch of Fire and why she wanted to be part of this wonderful cause benefiting the American Heart Association.

Here’s what she had to say:

As an author and lover of romance, matters of the heart are important to me. I was thrilled to have my novella, Touch of Fire, accepted by All Romance for their 28 Days of Heart series. Valentine’s Day is filled with imagery of hearts and flowers, expectations of boxes of chocolate, or dinners out. I love the idea of doing something to promote awareness, especially in women, about the importance of taking care of our health and our hearts.

Why am I supporting this project?

My grandmother died of heart disease. Both of my parents have high-blood pressure and cholesterol problems. As I inch closer to fifty, I’m starting to realize the importance of prevention, the importance of instilling good habits early on. Until recently I didn’t have to worry about diet or exercise. This past year Curves, Jenny Craig, and I became friends. By Christmas I’d met my goals. With heart disease being the number one killer of women, how could I not support this project? I encourage readers to not only purchase these books (thereby donating to the AHA), but to read the Wildfire newsletter this month, where they will be posting an array of heart-healthy tips, and to support their Go Red for Women’s Team by pledging to wear Red on February 5th. Learn more here.


He’d brave the fires of hell just to hold her…

Firefighter Garrett Flint rescues the beautiful Nicole from a burning building, and then breaks all the rules by taking her into his home and into his heart.

In honor of the series release, I’m running a contest!

Enter the Your Heart’s Desire Contest

1. Post a list of the four titles from the series you’d most like to have someplace on the web. Facebook, myspace, twitter, your own blog, one belonging to a friend, this one…all fair game.

2. Using the contact page on my website samanthasommersby [dot] com, email me the URL where I can find your post and your email address

What’s the Fabulous Prize?

At the end of the month I will fulfill the wishes of seven winners for a total of 28 books. Winners will be contacted prior to fulfillment just in case their top four selection has changed.

Why seven winners, four books each? Because I really want to encourage everyone to support this endeavor. With 28 titles to choose from in so many sub-genres, and for a super reasonable price ($1.99-$3.50) you’re sure to find some others that you can’t live without. Right?

Samantha Sommersby lives in San Diego with her husband and son.  In 2007 she left what she used to call her  “real life” day job as a psychotherapist to pursue writing full-time. She now happily spends her days immersed in the world of the Forbidden, a world where vampires are real, where magic is possible, and where love still conquers all. Samantha is the author of over a dozen novels and novellas including The Temptation, book four in the critically acclaimed Forbidden series releasing March 5 and published by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Contact Section

– Website:
– MySpace:
– Facebook:
– Twitter:
– Yahoo Group:
– Blogspot:
– Newsletter Sign-up: or link from the home page of

I appreciate Samantha stopping by, sharing her story, and letting us know about her contests. This is awesome, y’all!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Birthday Is A Comin’…

Mine, that is! And the big bash I wanted to have here on my blog, is gonna be a little smaller on the actual day, which is Monday, February 22. I have committed my blog some more authors of the 28 Days of Heart series, Snippet Saturday, and a blog tour for the grand opening week of Romance Writer’s Behaving Badly. And so, while I’m still putting together a bigger bash to take place a little later, I want to have a small bash on Sunday, February 21 and Monday, February 22.

What do I mean by smaller?

I’m putting together a few authors with some hot excerpts, maybe some man candy, and some gifts, of course. I want to give birthday gifts to the readers. Ebooks, gift cards, maybe even a pound of coffee or two… Or is it only the authors that drink coffee? Either way, I’m the Birthday girl and I am giving away presents. Who’s in?

I love birthdays. I wear a tiara all day, I do whatever I want, eat cake, eat bad for me food, etc…

These would be a wonderful and perfect match for my tiara…

There’s also the need for spankings and we all know how I feel about spankings…


And the presents I would love to receive…



corsets Pictures, Images and Photos

Can’t forget the coffee…


I’ll be posting the rules and Tweeting, Facebooking, etc… But, suffice it to say, if you want to win one of the presents, you’ll need to comment on all the excerpts AND follow either my blog or the author of the excerpt’s blog. You’ll need to let us know in your comments as well as leave us your email address. You’ll have until March 1st to read through all the excerpts, comment, and follow and by 8am, March 2nd, the winners will be announced and emails sent. Any questions? Comment here…smiles.

That’s all for now…but tell me, what’s your favorite thing to do on YOUR birthday?


All Romance eBooks 28 Days of Heart – Mari Carr

We’re two days passed halfway in the month of February and in the awesome (yes, that’s my favorite word lately) 28 Days of Heart campaign with proceeds going to the American Heart Association.

Today on my blog, I have erotic romance author, Mari Carr here to tell us why she wanted to participate and I believe she’s brought us an excerpt from her book, Mad About Meg! (I am so excited y’all!)

During the month of love, when everyone’s attention is focused on matters of the heart, All Romance eBooks (ARe) is helping to fight the number one killer of women, heart disease, with their 28 Days of Heart campaign.
Beginning February 1, 2010 , ARe, the digital bookseller that owns All Romance ( and OmniLit (, will release one new novella  per day for twenty-eight consecutive days. All proceeds from the sale of these shorts will be donated to the American Heart Association.

I was thrilled when my story was selected to be part of this wonderful cause. I lost both my grandfathers to heart attacks, as well as a very close friend of the family. Heart Disease is something that all too often affects everyone and to be able to contribute to this worthy cause in even this small way is quite humbling.

Mad About Meg, my 28 Days of Heart story, features yet another teacher in my Lowell High School series. Other books have included Retreat, Covert Lessons and Scoring—all available at Ellora’s Cave. They say “write what you know” and for me, that’s public education!

Here’s the blurb:

If it weren’t for bad luck, Meg Williams wouldn’t have any luck at all. As if traveling to a tropical island on Valentine’s weekend in a nasty storm isn’t bad enough, she’s doing it alone after finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Enduring the trip from hell, she arrives on Eden Isle only to discover that her hotel reservation has been lost and there are no vacancies anywhere on the island. Disheartened, Meg heads for the hotel bar.
Rob Madison is used to being in the limelight due his wealth and power. Used to being pursued by women for his fortune. When he meets Meg in the bar and realizes she doesn’t know who he is, he decides to spend the evening as a regular guy. Discovering she doesn’t have a place to stay, he offers to share his penthouse with her.    
As the night progresses and their mutual attraction becomes apparent, Meg wonders if her luck has turned, while Rob wonders if one weekend in each other’s arms will be enough…

Mad About Meg will be released on February 16! To learn more about Mari Carr, please visit or join her Yahoo! group to join in the fun with other readers as well as Mari Carr!


“So,” he looked at her calmly sitting in the hotel bar and wondered at her poise, “what’s your plan?”
“That’s actually what I was trying to work out when you came in. I thought I’d drink a little courage.” She lifted her drink to her lips again.


“Well, I figure the liquor will serve two purposes. One, it will warm me up on the inside before I have to go back out into the freezing cold rain again. And two, hopefully it will get me drunk enough that it won’t bother me to sleep in my lousy rental car by the side of the road.”

“That’s your brilliant plan?”

“I don’t remember calling it brilliant. Simply a plan.” Her humor in the face of such a dreary and potentially dangerous night began grating on his nerves. “I only have to make it through the next few hours and then I’ll call the car rental place about towing me out of the ditch and I’ll catch the next flight out of here. Guess that will teach me for trying to live like the rich and famous for a few days.”

Rob sat silently for several minutes brooding over the fact he was one of the rich and famous she was referring to and feeling incredibly guilty as he pictured the luxurious penthouse suite awaiting him. One of the perks of owning the hotel.

“You can’t sleep in your car.”

“I don’t think that guy out there,” she pointed toward Pierre at the front desk, “would like it if I sacked out on the couch in the foyer. This place doesn’t exactly strike me as the type that would cater to vagrancy.”

“You’ll stay with me.” The words came without thought, but Rob found himself immediately warming up to the idea of spending more time with this refreshingly pleasant woman.

“Oh, now hang on a minute.” She threw her hands up. “I appreciate the drink, but there’s no way—”
He didn’t let her finish her protests. “Hear me out,” he said quickly. “My company owns the penthouse of this hotel. It’s a two-bedroom suite. You can have the other room for tonight. It even has its own bathroom. You can lock the door and pretend like it’s your own hotel room. There is simply no way I’m going to let you sleep on the side of a busy road in the middle of a storm.”

“There isn’t much traffic out there now with all the rain.”

“I’m serious. You’ve had a hell of a day and an unbelievably long string of bad luck. Why not give yourself a break?”

Rob considered the fact that she was seriously debating turning him down. He’d never had to beg a woman to share a room with him. Hell, most nights he was the one having hotel keys thrust at him. After all, he was Rob Madison, owner of this and a string of other luxury hotels all over the world. He had topped Fortune’s list of most eligible billionaires the last three years running.

He watched as she chewed on her lower lip, clearly nervous about his proposition. He supposed from her perspective he was a stranger and she would be consenting to share a hotel suite with him.

“The bedroom door locks?”
 “It locks.” He offered her what he hoped looked like a friendly grin. “If it makes you feel any better, you can ask Pierre to call every hour to make sure I haven’t ravished you.”

Rising slowly, she nodded her agreement. “Well, okay, but just for tonight.”

My thanks to Mari for letting me have her here on the blog. Please go pick up a copy of Mari’s book and any of the other books from All Romance eBooks that have been featured here on my blog and on blogs all across romance and help the AHA.

Have a grand Tuesday!


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