Music Monday – Harry Styles: Sign of the Times

I’m going to confess something here. I was shocked and amazed and completely speechless after watching Harry Styles’ performance on Saturday Night Live a week or so ago. His song Sign of the Times has been stuck in my head ever since. As I was working on this post and went to grab the clip from SNL for today, I found the following performance from a few days ago and decided to use it instead.

I honestly don’t know what it it is, but I’m in love with this song. I truly am. And his personality on stage singing makes the song that much more addictive to me.

I wasn’t a One Direction fan. I knew some songs, but not many. I liked the ones I knew, but I wouldn’t say I was a fan by any stretch. I can, however, definitely see myself being a Harry Styles fan if the rest of his solo album is as soulful as this particular song.

Music Monday – Lady Gaga: Million Reasons

I’ve been listening to a lot of different music lately. And when I say different, I mean, I’m all over the place. I haven’t gotten crazy, but I’ve been stepping into alternate comfort zones with what I’m listening to and what I’m searching for…

Lady Gaga is one of those alternates and differents for me and I’m really enjoying a lot of her music, the older stuff and her new stuff. Her range, her presence, her personality, her fearlessness, her incredible depth and talent…

There are multiple performances of this song and it was hard to pick just one to share, but I did it… I went with the official video.


Let’s Talk Bear Shifters…

Because there seems to be some confusion.

In the beginning of Bear Haven, I said this: The ride in general isn’t over, but the ride in the Southern Shifters Kindle World, for me, is. At least for these characters. At least for the foreseeable future.

So, lets clarify some things. YES, Gus and Bex are over, but ONLY in the Southern Shifters Kindle World. I had to do what I did. I had to end Bear Haven as I ended it BECAUSE in order to tell the bigger story… to weave other characters in from other series, to connect some other dots into it all, I had to move Gus and Bex, Michael and Maxine, and other supporting characters OUT of the Southern Shifters Kindle World. (Remember… the Southern Shifters Kindle World does not belong to me and as such, there are limitations to what I can and cannot do.)

The Black and White series is, for the time being, done. I said that too (look above). I may go back and write another one. But only after I finish all the other tie ins.

Gus and Bex will be starting over. Elsewhere.

Michael and Maxine will be getting their own book.

Marcel and Mari will be getting their own book.

And ALL of these will be linked, loosely, but linked nonetheless with my Denali Heat bears which I just got the rights back to.

Keep in mind, as well, as I said in the back of Bear Haven, that none of these stories will be coming until either late 2017 or early 2018. I am sorry you have to wait, but other things happened (Samhain Publishing closing), that forced plans to be altered.

But, to reiterate… There are reasons I did what I did. I have mentioned it before Bear Haven came out AND after Bear Haven came out.

Please if you still have questions, ask me. I’m happy to answer them.


Music Monday – ZZ Ward: Last Love Song

I’m going through a weird sad song phase right now, so… It’s possible that for the next few weeks you’ll see sad song videos… And it’s likely going to be reflected in some new writing…

Just warnin’ ya…

Now this girl’s voice… Oh my… It’s different, soulful. And the lyrics are heart breaking… The music builds on itself. And I’m so in love with it.


Wild Ever After Release!

Buy Now!

It’s pretty, ain’t it!?! *squee*

Wild Ever After is hot, short, a bit emotional. It’s a forty-something married couple who’ve been apart for a while and a decision had to be made whether to go forward or…not.

Senator Harry Walker vowed to never subject himself, his children, or his wife to the very public scandals that had plagued his family name since before he was born.

But one night…

One wild night of fantasy and the carefully constructed lines between his public and private lives blurred.

Their names littered the papers. He sent his wife to her hometown of Baltimore and out of the spotlight. And his political career lay in shambles.

That was one year ago. On her birthday.

She wouldn’t come home. She wouldn’t even speak to him and Harry Walker has had enough. It’s time to put their lives back together and his beloved… back on her knees.

It’s my contribution to Mari Carr’s Wild Irish Kindle World. This is the first launch day for it, but man, y’all, she’s got more people lined up for a launch in October this year and is planning a whopper of a launch for March next year!

Releasing today with me are the following incredible, amazing, OMG I can’t believe I’m part of this with them, authors:

Erin Nicholas: Wild Enough

Elle Boon: Wild and Dirty

Rhian Cahill: Wild Rush

Lexxie Couper: Outback Wild

Desiree Holt: One Wild Ride

Heather Hiestand: Wild Image

Melanie Shawn: Falling For Wild

Bianca D’Arc: Wild Irish Rose

Won’t you please check them ALL out and if your finger gets a little itchy… It just means you need to 1-Click!



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