Music Monday – George Michael

Yesterday… 2016 took another one.

George Michael was an incredible entertainer. A pioneer. And he’s gone from us too soon. He was part of my growing up, part of my formidable years.

Rest In Peace, George. You are already missed.


2016-2017 College Football Bowl Games, Days 4-7

Well, my record hasn’t been all that great this bowl season. If I continue this way, well…laughs

Day 4 (December 21) – San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, BYU vs Wyoming (This was a Win! The next 3 were not!))

Day 5 (December 22) – Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Idaho vs Colorado State

Day 6 (December 23) – Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, Old Dominion vs Eastern Michigan

Lockhead Martin Armed Forces Bowl, Louisiana Tech vs Navy

Dollar General Bowl, Troy vs Ohio (This was another win!! Yay!)

Day 7 (December 24) – Hawai’i Bowl, Hawai’i vs Middle Tennessee (And… this was not.)

Maybe this losing thing will end soon…



2016-2017 College Football Bowl Games, Day 2 & 3

Well, dear readers, Day 2 (Monday, December 19) didn’t go so good. Not at all.

The game was a blowout. Just awful.

Miami Beach Bowl: Tulsa vs Central Michigan

The score was Tulsa 55 and Central Michigan not even close at 10.

So, we moved on to Day 3 (Tuesday, December 20). It went better.

Boca Raton Bowl: Memphis vs Western Kentucky.

This game was closer and my pick of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers paid off.

Western Kentucky 51, Memphis 31

My son is one game behind me in the win column. But on the bright side for him, he’s won in NFL fantasy football among his group of friends 2 years in a row, despite being told by them that he’d drafted a crappy team and after being ranked low in his group by Yahoo. Clearly, they don’t know football quite like my son. Congratulations to him!


2016-2017 College Football Bowl Games, Day 1

Okay, so as the title says, it’s Day 1 of College Football Bowl Games. Over the next few weeks, there are a lot of college football games. I love bowl season. It’s fun. It’s pointless. But it’s fun watching teams play each other that don’t usually have the chance during the regular season.

In our house, we all print out the list of bowl game match-ups and we all pick which teams we think are gonna win. Kinda like the March Madness Brackets, but bowl games picks aren’t as all consuming across the country as that. It’s more for fun for most of us.

On the days there are games, I’ll put up my picks (highlighted in RED) and come back to tell you how I did. It’s not important in the grand scheme of things, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want! 🙂

On tap for today are:

AFR Celebration Bowl – NC Central vs Grambling State

Gildan New Mexico Bowl – UTSA vs New Mexico

Las Vegas Bowl – Houston vs San Diego State

AutoNation Cure Bowl – Arkansas State vs UCF

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl – Toledo vs Appalachian State

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl – Southern Miss vs UL Lafayette

Games start in about 20 minutes and go through midnight, so, I’ll see you on the other side.

Have a great day, y’all!


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