Music Monday – Halestorm: Rock Show

I need a good concert to go to. I need some loud music. I need to scream all the stress out. I need my heart pounding in my chest because I’m singing along to all the words at the top of my lungs.

Because there are times when nothing is better than a Rock Show…

Music Monday – Sixx:A.M.: Are You With Me Now

It’s been a crazy weekend. From the inauguration on Friday to being out in the rain on Saturday to just staying holed up in the house in my pj’s yesterday…

I have so many feelings about the events of the last almost 18+ months… I’ve seen the best of people and I’ve seen the worst. I’ve seen things that scare me for my children, for my family, for my friends, for myself, for my country, for the world. I’ve seen things that give me hope, that touch me deeply, that give me chills in the most amazing ways.

Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, their choices, their opinions. We can all come up with justifications and reasons and excuses for why we do the things we do.

You don’t have to agree with me and I don’t have to agree with you. That was once the beauty of this nation, of this planet we call home. We all have the right to believe as we wish, express ourselves, show up to what moves us and what matters to us as humans, as women, as men, as individuals and collectively. But we’ve got to start talking without hate, start finding ways to bridge the differences, ways to love, ways to hold one another accountable that are productive rather than destructive… We have to, as people, come together…

There have been times in our history where we have been divided, where we have been silent, where we have been vocal, where we have rallied, where we have won, and where we have lost. There have been times in our history where blood ran in our streams and rivers and soaked into the soil beneath the feet of those fighting for what they believed in. There have been times war has divided this country and times war has brought its people closer to one another. There have been times we’ve been incredible and times we have been a disgrace to ourselves and to the world.

We all deserve better. We all deserve to do better. We all deserve to be better. For our kids and their kids and those who will come long after we’re dead and gone. And if we’re not trying to do and be better human beings FOR ALL, then what the fuck are we doing?



Dear Readers… January 17, 2017

I think I’m going to take a page put of Kathleen Kelly’s book in You’ve Got Mail and begin as though we’re in the middle of a conversation… Or, maybe I’ll just talk. Or maybe… Who knows…

I’ve been writing and wondering and second guessing every word, every phrase, every scene. Time is really of the essence and I don’t have it to waste. This is a busy writing year. Or supposed to be.

See, I’m going to end something in a way that will pass off the majority of people who read it. That’s just all there is to it.

It’s like in Stranger Than Fiction. Emma Thompson’s character Karen is at a point in her novel where she doesn’t know how to kill off her main character. She doesn’t believe in writer’s block, but she’s struggling to land on the death of this man.

I was struggling, too. Not on how to kill a character, but on how to end a book.

How do you end something when you never intended it to be what it became? How do you do that without passing people off? The truth is, you can’t. I can’t.

People will hate it. Readers will be disappointed. Upset. And that’s rather daunting for me and perhaps other writers as well. To know that I’ve written a tale that has made someone else FEEL something.

But if those who read it, dislike it… Then I’ve done my job. Then I’ve stayed true to what had evolved across the pages. Do I want that? To have my words disliked, my work reviewed harshly? No. I’d rather people love it. It’s much easier when they love it than when they hate it. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

Staying true to the work, to the words, to the characters… That’s my real duty. And once I freed my brain of the knots holding my creativity hostage, the What if’s, the Maybe I should’s, the Oh no, I can’t do that’s… That’s when I landed on what I am supposed to do, what the characters and events are leading me toward.

After all, it’s their story. Not mine. Not yours, the readers. But the story belongs to the characters.

One of my favorite lines in yet another movie, Wonder Boys, a classmate says of another’s writing, “He respects us enough to forget us. And that takes courage.”

I’ve quoted that line before on the blog and it has relevance here again.

I respect everyone who reads my books. I respect their opinions, whether good or bad. But I can’t write the story anyone else wants. I can’t only write the story that belongs to the characters who’ve come to life through me.



(Movie images courtesy of IMDB)

Mari Carr’s Wild Irish Kindle World is Coming Soon!

I haven’t announced this myself yet, but couldn’t hold my breath any longer and wanted to let you know, dear readers, that I will be participating in Mari Carr’s Wild Irish Kindle World.

The first release launch will be April 6th, so mark that on your calendars!

There are so many jaw dropping, incredibly talented authors participating and joining this Kindle World. I am so humbled that Mari said yes and is letting me be part of it.

Just look at this list of names… These are some pinch me I must be dreaming names to write alongside.

Erin Nicholas
Lexxie Couper
Bianca D’Arc
Desiree Holt
Taryn Quinn
Rhian Cahill
Melanie Shawn
Heather Hiestand
Elle Boon

These names will be in the October release launch. There may even be more added

Amanda McIntyre
Cathryn Fox
Katy Alexander
VA Charles
Suzanne Rock
Amy Gregory
Lauren Hawkeye
River Wilson

The title of my book will be Wild Ever After and as soon as I get the cover, I’ll be showing it off everywhere.

There is a Facebook group for you to join if you’re interested. It will keep you up to day on all things Wild Irish from Mari herself and from all the participating authors in the Wild Irish Kindle World. Click below to be taken to the group so you can join us!

Wild Irish Facebook Group

I think that’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated on things as they come about.

Oh, and if you haven’t read the Wild Irish series by Mari Carr yet, the first book, Come Monday, is free! So, get it and start reading!

If you have the original Wild Irish series, did you know about the new series? Wilder Irish? The first book, January Girl, just came out this month! You should probably download it, too.

Have a great day, y’all!





Music Monday – Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale: Shatter Me

I Love Lindsey Stirling. So. Much. She’s got the most incredible and amazing talent.

The visualization in her videos is simply stunning. They tell a story through music and those types of videos have always been my favorite since the 80’s and the mini-movies that Duran Duran’s music videos seemed to be.

I hope y’all are doing well so far in January… It’s been cold. We have snow and ice and a couple of snow days. I’ve been keeping busy with writing and revising and you’ll soon have a new old book to download.


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