Last Minute Muse

As a friend said to me, ‘she’s a mercurial bitch’… And she is. It is. He is. Whatever. Either way, it’s a pain in the ass when I show up and the muse doesn’t.

More often than not, lately at least, I’m foraging in the dark, waiting for the bright light of A-HA! Waiting for the path to show itself. I plug along, yes, but the writing is never in the right order or its never the right tone. All the pieces and parts are scattered until the muse stumbles through the door and blows sprinkles everywhere that I finally figure it out.

It’s at the end. The week before a book is due for publication or submission. The week of late into the night writing the puzzle pieces into the finished product.

It’s frustrating. Terribly frustrating. It’s how I’ve worked in recent months. I’m easily distracted, hard pressed to make sense of things, but the one thing I’m on is blocked. No, that demon hasn’t been to visit in a very long time. Something I’m completely thankful for.

Maybe my sprinkle scattering muse is trying to teach me a lesson. Maybe it’s a let go and don’t force it lesson. Maybe it’s a keep a weather eye on the horizon lesson. Or maybe, shes/he/it just relishes the pressure of being last minute.

I’m not complaining, you see. I’m grateful for the sprinkles each and every time. Just an earlier arrival date would be nice once in a while…

But until then, I’ll keep dumping the box of puzzle pieces out of my head and onto the page…

The sprinkles will come.


Temptation Tuesday – Exposed (Masked #4)

I thought you all might like to take a gander at the very rough draft of the first chapter of the next Masked installment, Exposed.

There is no release date for it yet, but it is coming…

Exposed, Chapter One

Thor glanced at the door for what had to be the hundredth time since he’d arrived at seven. His shift at Abyss hadn’t started until nine, but he’d been hopeful. With each minute that passed, his hope crashed.

He bit back a curse and turned back to the young woman strapped to the spanking bench in front of him. Her thong covered behind quivered with each strike of the whip and wiggled with each pause. Pale stripes criss-crossed her ass and the back of her thighs.

Once upon a time a woman would have turned him on as much as a man, but since becoming involved with Bobby, Thor had realized that no one, woman or man, tripped him up or turned him on quite like his lover.

Were they even lovers? They rarely engaged in BDSM play anymore and sex was following suit. Thor wasn’t sure what the hell was up and it was driving him up the fucking wall. Bobby hardly made use of his room at Thor’s house or Thor’s bed even. Dates, dinner, coffee, phone calls were too far between.

He shook his head and forced himself to get back into the game at hand. He needed the release whipping, topping gave him, and there was a whole list of willing bodies who’d signed theirs names in order to give it to him.

Rolling his wrist, the whip slithered against the floor like a snake. With a flick, the tail wrapped around the half-naked girl’s calf. If he wanted, he could snap the scrap of lace off her hips. He could make her come with one smarting tease to her clit. But he didn’t. He merely unwound the leather from her leg, flipped his wrist in an underhand move and caught the underside quivering right buttock. He followed with the left, let the whip wrap her hip and the tip of the tail lick between her legs like a tongue. She moaned and strained against the cuffs binding her.

Her dominant stood to the side watching. He was hard inside his leather pants and when Thor looked his way, the man nodded and mouthed the word bra. Whipping clothing off someone took skill and a light enough touch not to cut skin, but firm enough to tear fabric. It was a delicate balance and something Thor had worked hard at learning. Much like he’d worked hard at learning everything he knew about dominance, submission, sex, and spankings.

He stepped up to the woman, ran his hand over the band of the pale pink lace bra across her back. It clasped in the front and provided no obstruction for the whip. “It’ll sting,” he said into her ear. The music in the club bumped and throbbed all around them. He had to speak loud enough to be heard over it, but tried to keep the words between them. “It won’t break the skin, but I’m afraid the bra won’t be wearable afterward.”

There was lightness in his tone and her dilated eyes sparkled. “I know. He wants my tits naked for people to see.” Her voice fairly vibrated with arousal and she couldn’t keep her torso still against the leather of the sawhorse. Thor inclined his head in acknowledgement and moved back.

Snapping the bra would be easier if she were standing against the cross, but he could do it this way too.

No one around them had any idea what he was about to do other than the girl’s dominant. It would be a good show for those watching and it would take all of Thor’s concentration to do it right and keep his promise not to make her bleed. It would take his mind off Bobby and off his need for the man that seemed to be pushing him away at every turn.

At least for a moment.

Thor twisted his wrist to the right, then the left creating a figure eight with the tail of the whip, first on the ground, then inches up. He backed away as he raised the whip, the hissing sound filling the air around him. He kept an eye on the leather and on the girl, the way both undulated and moved. The current in the air crackled and red stripes lined her back up to the bra, over it, between her shoulders and down again. Her moans could be heard over the music and the voices of the club goers. Thor didn’t know if she got off on the exhibition or on the whipping. Granted, what he did to her in the club was likely nothing compared to what her dominant did to her in private. Then again, he couldn’t be sure. Something had her on the edge though and Thor was happy to help push her closer toward it.

Back and forth the whip crossed her skin and in a pointed move, with a hard, controlled snap of his wrist, the whip sliced through the delicate lace.

He heard a gasp as he let the leather drift down her body. She was rocking, humping something only she could see and feel. She was having an orgasm.

Her dominant clapped Thor on the shoulder in a gesture of thanks but Thor did nothing more than give a short nod. He stepped out of the play area to catch his breath and get another, better look at the door he knew Bobby wasn’t going to walk through.

Thor hung his head and closed his eyes. A confrontation was coming and he wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Thor?” Gareth called to him, loud enough for Thor to hear him. Thor’s only acknowledgement was the lift of one eyebrow. He didn’t know what label Gareth subscribed to, if any at all. Kinkster. Spanker. Sadist. Dominant. Who knew nowadays. Most serious people in the lifestyle hated labels but there were many who were happy to quickly give a list of their position affiliations, which were at times as long as Thor was tall. He didn’t care really. As long as no one was seriously hurt who didn’t want to be, it was none of his business.

Gareth held up the legal pad which held the name of the next girl up. She was being cuffed in place against the cross in the corner. She was clad in a school girl outfit: thigh high white stockings, red plaid skirt, button down shirt, black and white Mary Jane shoes. Her hair was pulled into tight pigtails and tied with ribbons that matched her skirt.

She was a pretty girl, probably not much older than twenty-five if that… She was smiling at Thor while Gareth secured her.

“What’s your pleasure?” he asked her, stepping into her personal space so he could hear her.

“Both of you.”

“We can do that. Whip or flogger?”

“Flogger. On my skin.” She looked down then back up with suggestion looming in her eyes.

Thor smiled. He hadn’t unbuttoned a woman’s shirt in a long time and in truth he didn’t miss it. He slid one smooth button through the small hole until he could open the cotton fabric exposing her white lace bra and soft belly. Her breasts lifted and lowered as her anticipation racheted up. While he didn’t miss women, he did miss undressing Bobby, exposing his lover’s skin to his view.

Gareth picked up the thick tailed flogger. Suede and heavy, it would thud against the young woman’s body. Thor, on the other hand, picked up the thin tailed leather one. It would snap and sting. She’d experience different sensations and the marks left behind would tell different tales.

He’d worked with Gareth only twice before, but neither person complained after, and they were always being asked to do more double-teaming. Maybe they should consider it.

“You start her off,” Thor said.

“You sure you want to do this? You seem kind of distracted, man.”

Thor grunted in response. Gareth didn’t even know the half of it. At the same time, the man was right. Thor was and he needed to get his head in the game or the girl could get hurt. He had to forget about his submissive and whatever the issues were and get on with the business at hand. But that was just the thing. He didn’t know what the issues were. They worked well for months after Thanksgiving with Bobby’s parents, but slowly things started to unravel. Thor couldn’t put his finger on it, couldn’t pinpoint any one thing that would have made Bobby pull away, but he did and he still was and if Thor didn’t figure it out soon, he could lose Bobby. The thought of that made his gut ache and his chest hurt so much he thought he’d…

Right now wasn’t the time and Abyss wasn’t the place to lose his head.

Out of the corner of his eye, Thor saw Gareth loosening up his arm, his wrist, gripping and re-gripping the flogger. Thor did the same with his. Even though he’d just used a whip and his shoulders were pretty loose and fluid, the flogger’s weight was distributed differently from the tip of the tails to the end of the grip.

Thor turned away, grabbed a swallow of water, looked around at the gathered crowd but didn’t even really see them until he spotted a friendly face. Aidn. The man inclined his head and something about that gesture, about Aidn being there eased some of the tension that had been flowing through Thor.

He turned back to Gareth who was taking his own gulp of water. They locked gazes and both knew it was time. Thor shook himself, rolled his neck, winked at the girl bound to his cross, and gestured for Gareth to begin.

The heavy suede flew through the air and connected with the tender flesh of the girl’s breasts which rose above the white cups of her bra. She sucked in a breath and for a small moment hers smile faltered, but she quickly regained her composure. Thor wasn’t fond of Gareth’s first strike, but waited to see how he followed up.

Gareth stepped closer to her, stroked her face with one hand while with the other, he swished the floggers up her thighs, teased the front of her skirt with it until her panties were exposed for a brief moment. She gasped, a sound Thor could hear over the noise of the club, her eyes rolled, and she bit at the corner of her bottom lip as Gareth continued to trail the flogger up her body. By the time it reached her bra, she was fairly panting and arching for more.

Thor couldn’t help but smile. Gareth connected with the girl in that span of time and she was nothing more than putty in his hands. Thor had only had that, gave that kind of personal attention to two people in all the years he’d been playing at Abyss. He smiled at the memory of those encounters.

Gareth moved away from the girl slowly, taking the flogger with him, but not before he left her aching. He flogged her steadily from her thighs to her chest and back again several times and each strike, she leaned forward for more. Or leaned forward as much as her bound arms would let her.

A nod from Gareth told Thor it was his turn. The girl looked at him too and he tried for an easy smile. Truth was, he was turned on. It wasn’t something that happened all the time and it wasn’t a physical thing. His did wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t soft either. The feeling of arousal was in his gut, his soul and it traveled the length of his body and it’s nerve endings from his feet inside his boots to the ends of his hair.

It wasn’t about the woman either. It was about the act, the flogging, the sweat pouring down his back under the thin, flowing shirt he wore. It was about the air that flowed between his legs and under the kilt.

She smiled at him as well and there was a little trepidation in her gaze. He couldn’t blame her. The sensual flogging she’d received from Gareth was not what she’d get from Thor.

He let her feel the tips of the leather against her cheek until her blue eyes took on that hooded, needy look again and then tugged at the right cup of her bra. He dangled the ends of the flogger inside enough to tickle her nipple. The reaction he got out of her with that move was exactly what he’d wanted. She was his, or rather, she belonged to the power of the leather he held. And that’s what he loved when he played here at Abyss. The love affair people had for five or ten minutes with the implements he held in his hand.

“It’s going to hurt,” he reminded her.

“Please,” was all she said in return.

“Your wish is my command and pleasure.” Thor placed a kiss on her forehead and moved around the cross, out of her line of sight. The tails dangled over her shoulders, down her arms, and crossed her belly from behind. When next she saw him, it was through the leather that arced through the air and caught her chest. Thin pink lines appeared, even over the red flush already there. Another slice through the air and the leather flipped the hem of her skirt up to her waist and wrapped itself around her hip.

Ten more passes of the flogger across her thighs and belly, then Gareth joined in. One up, one down, and then they switched. It was a careful dance that seemed effortless in its execution. Thor knew where Gareth was going to step and Gareth knew where Thor was going to be. Front steps, back steps, side steps… All to ensure the young woman, the schoolgirl, was given as complete and thorough a flogging as possible.

Her cheeks were red, her eyes were bright, and her lips were swollen. She was beautiful this way, aroused by the body whipping she was taking. Her eagerness for the lashes made him smile, reminded him why he loved this gig so much…

Gareth and he switched places again to finish her off. She’d thrust out her chest, her nipples pressed against her bra, and she strained against her bonds. Some did that, some also sank into the bondage. Different submissives handled each different sensation and implement in their own unique ways, but they all took to whatever tempted them, eased them into the headspace they craved.

Thor let his flogger fall away and gave way to Gareth. He brought her down slowly, easing her back to some semblance of knowing where she was. She was striped from collarbone to thigh with a mix of thin and thick lines. She wouldn’t have any bruises, but the marks would still be visible through the weekend.

Applause went up around them and for the first time since they started, Thor remembered the club. It was out of his mind for the duration of play. All that mattered was the sub. Now though, everything else came back to him.

After putting the flogger away and checking on the girl after Gareth had her off the cross, Thor met up with Aidn several feet away. He was leaning against a table when Thor clapped him on the back. “Surprised to see you here.”

“Hey, man.” Aidn gripped Thor on the shoulder. “Your technique is as amazing as ever. You haven’t lost any of it.”

“Thanks. Where’s Bailey?”

“Working late tonight. She’s got to finish a cake for a wedding tomorrow.”

“So you’re out trolling?”

“I called you, went by your place, and figured if there was anywhere you’d be on a Friday night, it would be here. I’m surprised Robert isn’t.”

Thor resisted the urge to rub at his chest. He and Aidn had a few, very brief conversations about the relationship Thor had with Robert. He couldn’t even think of the man as Robert anymore. He was Bobby to Thor. Robert in the business world, Bobby when they were together. “He’s doing the same as Bailey.”

“Is he?”

Thor kept a sharp eye on Aidn. There was an odd look of concern on his face which made Thor uneasy. “More often than not lately.”

“Do you know what he’s working on?”

“Some big case.” Thor shrugged, uncomfortable with the conversation, with how little he knew about his lover and his lover’s life apart from him. “I don’t know. I haven’t been able to get much more than that out of him.” He kept his gaze forward, but saw out of the corner of his eye Aidn nod, one short up and down movement of his head, and Thor’s unease increased. “What do you know?”

 “I know nothing.” Aidn’s face betrayed him. His lips tightened, he closed his eyes briefly.

“Bullshit. Don’t do that.”

“I don’t. I saw him for lunch last week and he didn’t say anything to be about a case, but that’s not unusual in our line of work.”

“You had lunch with him?” The ache in Thor’s chest widened and spread. Bobby hadn’t had enough time for anything, not even to meet Thor for coffee, but he could have lunch with Aidn?

“Yeah. We meet up about once a week. I’ve even told him he should invite you along sometime. I can’t believe he didn’t mention it to you.”

“Well, believe it.”

“Hey, look… Is everything all right?”

“I don’t know,” Thor answered around the hurt clogging his throat. “I just don’t know.”


Music Monday – Manic Monday

I know, I know. I’m so very, very, very late today. I apologize. It’s been a few days since my last blog. Sounds like a confession, doesn’t it? Maybe it is.

Today’s music selection is a throwback. It wasn’t necessarily a Manic Monday for me, but it was one those days when I woke up, rolled over, and realized immediately that it was going to be one of those days. Have you ever had one?

Anyway, when I was thinking about this post earlier, this song is the one that came to mind…

If you had one of those Monday’s today, like me, I hope yours got better, as mine did.


What Are You Reading + A Giveaway!

What are you reading? That is the question that I’m asking… I’m still looking for that first book of 2014 and apparently, I need suggestions because making the decision on my own seems to be a bit more than my brain can handle at the moment.


I have a $10 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to one commentor who answers TWO of the following questions :

1. What are you currently reading?

2. What was the last book you read that you loved so hard?

3. What was the last book you read that, for whatever reason, wished you hadn’t?
That’s it. Just answer 2 questions. I’ll email the winner tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Help a girl out, will ya?



I’ve been posting blogs, huh? Are y’all surprised? lol…

I’ve been spending a bit of time unplugged lately. Since the holidays, at least. Very little television, and at times very little interaction online, etc… It’s not much, or not as much as I’d like to do, but it’s something. It’s a chance to recharge my brain. It might not seem like it, but it helps me write, focus, work…better. And didn’t I say I wanted that this year? Some days sure, it seems I’m online all the time, but there are other days it seems I’m invisible altogether.

I spend time crocheting, organizing/decluttering, cooking, playing board games with my family, connecting with them, writing long hand in a notebook.

It helps to step away. My brain is always thinking, always working, but unplugging let’s me think in a different way, a more deliberate way.

For instance, yesterday I had to walk away from my WIP because it took a turn I hadn’t planned on. I paced for a bit, thinking I’d return to it immediately, but I didn’t. Things came to me though, much later… And I’ll be ready to work on it here in a bit.

Yes, there’s more to my work than writing, but right now, writing is it when there’s a problem in the WIP. Other writers work different, this is me. Not right or wrong, just me.

Unplugging. Walking away. Doing something completely different, works. Letting my brain relax and recharge eases the stress and keeps me loving what I do. It won’t make me rich or put me on the New York Times best seller list, but it might keep me healthier, less stressed, happier, and enjoying right now a little more, for a little longer.


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