Convincing Arthur
Genre: M/M Regency-set historical erotic romance
Length: Novella
Author: Ava March
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Mr. Leopold Thornton missed his chance ten years ago. He isn’t about to let this one pass him by.

Given Leopold’s reputation for vice and debauchery, Mr. Arthur Barrington has a fair idea why the sinfully beautiful man invites him to his country estate. A shooting excursion? Unlikely. Especially considering Arthur is the only guest invited to the estate. He shouldn’t consider the invitation, but a few days of mind-blowing sex could be just the thing to help him get over the heartbreaking end of a ten year relationship. Then he can return to London, to his thriving law practice, and quietly search for an amiable man who understands the meaning of the word discreet and who recognizes the value of commitment.

There was a time when Leopold wasn’t such a rakehell. When every night didn’t end with an empty bottle of whisky. When he believed in the rewards of patience. When he didn’t give himself over to just anyone who’d have him. Old habits die hard, especially when tempted by six feet of solid muscle, but Leopold will only have a few days to convince Arthur he can be that man again — that his love is genuine and he’s worthy of Arthur’s heart.

Publisher’s Note: this book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.


Thornton took one more step, closing the last remaining distance, his gaze locked with Arthur’s. He placed a hand on the dresser beside Arthur, blocking the path to escape, and slowly, ever so slowly, leaned even closer. So close Arthur could make out the midnight blue flecks in his heavily lidded gray eyes. The faint scents of whisky, the enticing spice of cologne, and clean male skin wafted around him. Warm breath fanned Arthur’s parted lips: teasing, tempting. A tremble of anticipation rocked him.

“You refused supper. You refused a nightcap.” The words were low, a mere rumble of sound. Thornton’s mouth barely moved. Then he dipped his head at the last moment before their lips touched.

Disappointment began to crash through Arthur when a hand palmed the placket of his trousers, long fingers wrapping around his hardening prick.

Thornton looked up at him through his black forelock, his eyes blazing with lust. “Is there anything I can tempt you with tonight?”

Arthur opened his mouth, but no words came out.


And Thornton meant it.

But…what to choose? The possibilities… Arthur knew of a few, but he was certain there were more. Many more. Thornton’s experience radiated from him. An intimidating force. The confidence of that hand wrapped around his cock, the easy self-assurance behind every move he made. The man had knowledge of carnal pleasures that went beyond anything Arthur could imagine.

Though what he really wanted was a kiss. To taste those full, red-tinged lips. To feel the soft skin. To sweep his tongue inside the hot depths of Thornton’s sinfully gorgeous mouth.

But surely a man like Thornton would find such a request much too tame.

“Perhaps not?” Thornton murmured. Those long fingers loosened their grip as the man began to ease back.
At the hurt finding its way across Thornton’s beautiful face, he blurted, “Yes. I-I mean, no.” He let out a short, frustrated grunt, struggling to find the words. Hell, it was hard to concentrate with another man’s hand on his prick. Thornton squeezed lightly, then feathered his fingertips along Arthur’s length, robbing him of his wits anew. “I-I…I want…”

Don’t say it; he’ll think you a bore.

Thornton arched a brow. He rubbed his jaw against Arthur’s; their day’s beards a rough yet tender scrape. “Shall I guess?” he whispered, hot breath tickling Arthur’s ear.

Arthur nodded once.

A wink was all the warning he received before Thornton dropped to his knees. He felt the tugs as Thornton made short work of the buttons on the placket of his trousers. In the next blink of an eye, his suspenders were unhooked from his waistband, and his trousers and drawers were at his knees. One swipe of Thornton’s hand tucked his shirttail under his waistcoat. He barely detected the brush of cool air on his erection before a hand wrapped securely around the base and moist heat surrounded the head.

“Ah…damnation.” Arthur gasped, his eyes closing against the most intense pleasure. By God, the man knew what he was about. Bobbing along the length, sucking hard enough to almost pull the orgasm out of him. It had been over a month — hell, almost two — since he’d been the recipient of such a favor. And never had the favor been bestowed with such blatant, unabashed skill.

Thornton pulled back until only the crown was held between his lips and then pressed the tip of his tongue against the highly sensitive slit. A jolt of pure sensation shot down Arthur’s length to his ballocks, his knees threatening to buckle, his eyes flying open.

Arthur grabbed the edge of the dresser and held on tightly as Thornton picked up a luxurious rhythm that brought him closer and closer to the edge. Before he was aware of it, his other hand was threaded in Thornton’s soft, thick hair, palm cupping his skull.

Thornton let out a moan that sounded distinctly like approval. Aggression, raw and stripped bare and completely unexpected, rushed to the surface. Growling low in his throat, Arthur thrust his hips in counterpoint, fucking Thornton’s mouth. Thornton’s hand, gripping tightly at the base, fell away as he took the entire length of Arthur’s cock. As he let Arthur use him for his own pleasure.

A distinctive sound drew his attention down beyond the decadent sight of Thornton’s hollowed cheeks and full lips wrapped around his length. The other man had his own trousers unbuttoned, cock in hand. The flushed head poked through the top of his clenched fist with each rapid stroke.

The climax barreled upon Arthur. His senses narrowed, focused only on the heat and suction and wonderful, blissful slippery wetness surrounding his prick. And then his world exploded.

Arthur gritted his teeth to keep the roar inside as he came down Thornton’s throat. Thornton didn’t pull back or snap at him for getting a mouthful of seed. The man swallowed it all, sucking hard as the last tremor shook him, until it became suddenly too much, the sensations overwhelming his senses.

“Enough,” Arthur gasped, tugging on Thornton’s hair, desperate to get him to stop.

There was a wet popping noise. Then Thornton shot to his feet, his lips slanting harshly across Arthur’s mouth. The hunger and pure need in that kiss… Arthur thrust his tongue boldly inside, sweeping the hot recesses of Thornton’s sinfully gorgeous mouth. Beneath the salty flavor of his own release and the spicy hint of whisky was the unique taste of Thornton. Lust flared, igniting his senses once again. With a tug on Thornton’s hair, Arthur jerked the man closer, unable to get enough.

He was vaguely aware of Thornton’s arm moving between them: quick, determined, and furious. Thornton’s labored breaths puffed against his cheek, scorching his skin. Tension gripped Thornton’s sleek body. Then he groaned into his mouth. Heat splashed onto Arthur’s prick.

The kiss softened, slowed, lulling Arthur’s senses with the heady mix of smooth lips and the scrape of stubble. His flingers unclenched, slipping out of Thornton’s hair, his hands shifting to gently cup the man’s jaw. He felt the rigidity ease from Thornton’s body, heard the soft murmur of contentment as the man sank into kiss.

And for Arthur didn’t know how long, he simply kissed Thornton, soaking up the feel of the man’s body against his, the taste of him, and the sounds of his sighs.

With a nip, Thornton pulled back enough to break the contact of their lips. Could he be any more beautiful?

Full lips, stained rose red from their kisses, tousled black hair, and flushed cheeks. His features were so patently aristocratic, so fine and sharp while at the same time approaching femininity.

Long, thick lashes swept down. Then the corner of his mouth quirked. A little jolt shot up Arthur’s spine as Thornton dragged a lazy finger through the remnants of his climax coating Arthur’s cock.

“I do believe I shall have to take care of that.” Thornton dropped to his haunches, took hold of Arthur’s bare hips, and lapped up the seed, licking him clean.

© Ava March 2009

I have read all Ava’s books and so far, the two Bound books and this one, Convincing Arthur are so far my favorites. Her new release, tomorrow, From Afar… I can’t wait!

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