First, let me introduce myself….
My name is Cecile Smutty Hussy and I have the honor today of passing some awards to
Ms. Lissa Matthews ~ that I bestowed to her at my place
~ All I Want and More ~

She said that if I wanted her to have them… I had to come over and give them to her….
Well… here I am!
I felt very special that she asked me to do this!
Jean Claude, one of my personal tribal men… decided he would come help me hand them out…

So, please sit back and enjoy the show!!!
Oh fyi… This is Jean Claude!

Okay… now if I can have your attention again… ladies…. and men… FOCUS!!!
**evil wicked grin**

The first award I wanted Ms. Lissa to have is the Sexy Blog Award!
A special award for sexy people….

Okay, now if Lissa does not ooze sexy out… then I do not know who does. The woman can make my mouth drop and my panties wet just with her words… And Buck!!!! And Cam!!! And…. hee heeee… She carries that forward in her blog as well. I mean just look around
(No, not at Jean Claude…) at her covers!! Wowzer

The next award I bestowed to her is…….. The Beauty of Books ~ Great Neighbor Award!
Her main characters, the women in particular, are the beauty in her books.
They are real and for that I am grateful to her for making them that way!!!
And for the second part of this award… She is a great neighbor blogger. I love coming over here (or her other blog, Kiss and Tell) to see what’s going on!!!

Okay, this next one is…. And in doing this post I realized that… this is her 101 Post!!!
OMG!! HOW Freaking Cool Is That!!!!!!

So that in itself makes me feel very special giving this award to her!!!!! And not to mention this award makes me think of her book
Pink Buttercream Frosting!!!!
Okay, this is spooking!!!
Okay, well… for this award there is a rule….. This is what we have to do:
~List 10 things that make you happy~
~Try and do at least one of them today~
~Link back to the person that tagged you~

Okay… here are 10 things… about Lissa…
1. She makes me giggle…. Yea, we talk…. (check – everyday)
2. Buck…. Okay, I am in love with the cover… and I try to do him everyday… (check – everyday)
3. Interacting with her on the blogs. (check – everyday)
4. Her stories are my comfy re-readers. (check – Yea, I peek at them everyday ~ with covers like that) I love her writing voice.
5. She allows me to be myself ~ which is pretty dorky sometimes…

Now I asked Lissa for 5 things…. and this is what she gave me…
6. Write
7. Talk sports with my son
8. Cook something
9. Have a cup of coffee
10. Talk to a friend

Now to bring in the last few awards I am giving Ms. Lissa,
I decided that my man Buck needed to be here… Cuz that is how Ms. Lissa and I met….
Now this award I am giving to Ms. Lissa because duh….
It is the Beautiful Blogger Award…
And I simply think she has a very beautiful blog…
(and she is a beautiful person)
and I love her picture for the Kiss and Tell blog!

The rules are that I have to share 7 things about myself with you.
The other rule is pass it one to other blogs that I have just discovered… but since I am hosting this here… We are going to skip this… That is how I roll, lmbo!

Okay… 7 things I have discovered about Lissa or myself….
You decide! Ha!
1. Loves Car Races period…. #18 baby! (That’s Cam)
2. Opened the door a little wider in the BDSM world of books
3. Loves Kona coffee (I think)
4. I need Buck to come do some “home” repairs at my house
5. Learned what Trader Joe’s was (not a coffee shop)
6. Amazing author
7. Wonderful friend

A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive
keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content.

Okay, seriously…. do you even need to think about this one…
Of course her content freaking rocks… Why else would I be here…
Okay, Buck is one reason…. but he doesn’t keep me around this long ~ well….
hee heeee hee!!

Okay, this award, I know you will page up to see what her header is….
but I love her header… It is simple, yet alluring…. Stunning… but a slight bit provackative
So…. I hand this one to you Ms. Lissa!
You simply pass this award to someone whose header you love….
And like I said before, I love the picture she uses as her Name Sign!!!

These bloggers leave awesome comments – they make you laugh, think, and offer encouragement and support. In other words, they’re freaking awesome.
Okay, I have already covered those things about her…. but I am glad that this award is for those things!!! CUZ SHE ROCKS APPLES….

And this is an award that was not at my place…
But I made this one a long time ago….
And I wanted to pass it down to Ms. Lissa!
I actually made this one… that is why it looks kinda funky… Yeah, I know
It is the thought that counts!!!

Well… I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to Ms. Lissa!!
She is an awesome person, friend, mother, wife, daughter and author…
And believe me, she wears more hats than that!!!
*Don’t we all*
With all the hussy love in the world…
Peace out!!
Cecile Smutty Hussy!
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