Bakin’ Up A Storm

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Shane Conner learned a few things when he was locked up.

One… He didn’t want to ever go back. Not to boosting cars. Not to a life that had him constantly on edge.

Two… Loyalty is everything, no matter how big or small, inside the bars or out.

Three…How to bake and decorate cakes. What? Like it’s beneath him?

Now that he’s out and running his own high-end place, Construct Cakery, the shots he calls are legal, the work he does with his hands is honest, and he’s focused on one goal; To be the best wedding cake designer in the country. Then he meets Bethany and all of a sudden, that last bit doesn’t seem quite as important as making her his.



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Publisher: Self

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Series: Construct Cakery


Format: eBook




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