2015-01-12 22.12.59

At least, I’m hoping they’ll become secret weapons in my kitchen.

Vanilla Bean Paste is something we all should have and I finally bought myself a small jar and love it. The smell alone is worth opening it up. I do love the flecks of vanilla beans when it’s mixed into frosting or cookies. I can’t wait to make homemade vanilla bean ice cream later this year.

The Bakery Emulsions…those were my splurge on myself. I had been reading about Princess Cake & Cookie Bakery Emulsion for about 6 months now and all the bakers who’d been raving about it, well, convinced me that I needed to try some. You use these in place of extracts in recipes. Princess Cake & Cookie has a bit of an almond/vanilla flavor that takes some getting used to. The Butter Vanilla is really just heavenly to smell, as is the Buttery Sweet Dough one. I see some cinnamon rolls in my future so I can use that one.

A small bit goes a long way, but it measures out the same from what I read. It should all be used in things that will be baked, but a very small amount can be used in things like frostings.

It had been a long time since I’d bought anything like this for baking. I feel the need to get in the kitchen now…

Have you tried anything new lately or read about anything you want to try as an ingredient or enhancement in your baking or cooking?


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