My favorite birthday was when I turned 21. I was on an airplane heading home from Riodoso, New Mexico. After a week of playing in the snow, skiing and snowmobiling, I had to go home. The flight crew found out it was my 21st birthday. Soon, I was being handed drinks in celebration. I had never really had much to imbibe on prior to this moment, so, I got tipsy real quick. The flight attendant made an announcement on the PA system and everyone on the airplane sang to me. I got to take home a bunch of those little alcohol bottles full of different types of liquor. By the time we landed, I was in a total party mood. My dad laughed when I came out of the tunnel. He said I looked toasted. I was, indeed.

For all our birthdays, we go to Spaghetti Factory. I always order the Manager’s Favorite of Mizithra and Marinara. My sister-in-law makes cool cakes, so she puts together cool themed cakes for each of us. I am hoping this year she does Star Wars themed cupcakes.

Since my birthday is this month, and my second paranormal romance release is celebrating a one year anniversary, I thought I would include that one for the blurb. The book is Bound By Rebellion, Blood-Vine 2. Here is the blurb: Katiya and Lucas are blood-bound mates. Nearly a decade ago, their idyllic relationship quickly devolved into one of animosity. Furious with Luke’s meddling in her privacy, Katiya left him. Except they have a pesky issue that continues to bind them together–they must carry on sharing their blood or face the deadly consequences, literally.

Ten years have passed since Kat moved out. Now, their estrangement is firmly in place and she is desperate to get on with her life. So desperate that she will even rebel against the long-held convictions of her people. Secretly, she has formed an infatuation for a co-worker. Tonight, she plans to take it to the next level.

Luke is unhappy with their tenuous situation. He is prepared to do anything to win her back. He wants her in his arms where he can show her the depths of his need. If seduction is the key to their reconciliation, he is more than ready to take her to new levels of pleasure. He needs her home with him to keep her safe and secure.

Once Kat takes a drastic step to alter her life, she comes face to face with a sinister threat. Lucas must find her in time, and when he does, he promises, on his life, that nothing will keep them apart ever again.

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