First and foremost, happy birthday, Lissa!

I don’t have any carved-in-stone traditions for my own birthday, but there’s always a high-caloric treat of some kind involved. It runs the gamut from carrot cake to dinner out at my favorite Indian restaurant, to a wine-fueled evening at my relatives’ place. This last year my husband took me out for scallops, my personal Kryptonite. Since this is a birthday blog party, I wanted to feature a birthday-centric m/m/f novella of mine, Dirty Thirty. Here’s the gist:

Despite his scrappy punk packaging, Evan’s got a submissive streak in him that’s just screaming to be indulged. So on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Evan’s wife Margie arranges for them to ring out his twenties by realizing his darkest fantasy—inviting another man into their bedroom.

Margie’s found the perfect candidate for Evan’s birthday treat. Paul works as a bouncer at their favorite bar, and lucky for Evan and Margie, he’s every bit the sexual Dominant his intimidating body suggests. Evan isn’t a hundred percent sure he’s ready to go to all the places his kinks seem determined to take him, but one thing’s for sure—by the time he wakes on his thirtieth birthday, his fantasy will have become reality.

Available from Ellora’s Cave

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