Okay, today’s post is a little different and I love different. It is from my awesome friend, Leila Brown. In her post, she tells you a little about our history and I’m gonna hope a lot of you have read my books, cause she’s gonna give you a quiz of sorts for some presents… I’ll work out the details on the winner from this one… This is gonna be fun, so put on your thinking caps…

It’s Lissa’s birthday and I thought that there was no better way to celebrate than to count down the ten best qualities of a hunk. You choose which one quality hooks you:

1.) Sacrifice

2.) Determination

3.) Loyalty

4.) Courage

4.) Dedication

5.) Valor

6.) Selflessness

7.) Conviction

8.) Gallantry

9.) Perserverance

10.) Bravery


“Officer Hunky” aka Michael from Arrested Holiday

Aidn Greer from  Pink Buttercream Frosting

“Wild Man” aka Carson from Artic Shift

“The Dominant” aka Jack from Educating Rose

Decker from Cracklin’ Rosie

“The Candy Man” aka Grahman from Sugar Rush

“Tattoo” or Vinter from Simple Need

Buck from Sweet Caroline

Delan from The Demon is an Angel

“Swingman” aka Jethro from The Swing

There are so many good heroes out there. I’ve named ten heroes from Lissa’s books. You match them up in the comments section with the traits above. One of the commenters will win a copy of my latest release Solstice Heat and a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

That’s the contest now on to the fun.

I met Lissa when she wrote her one and only book for Cobblestone Press, Educating Rose. She is so smart and funny and we just clicked. We are critique partners and so much more. We are friends. I’m old enough to know that friends are hard to come by. So on this special day lets all celebrate Lissa and her awesome writing talent.

Lissa is an awesome friend…..Happy Birthday Girl!

Available from Loose Id

After an injury left Jason in a wheelchair he gave up the pack Alpha position, thinking he was no longer fit to lead. But the injury didn’t change his desire for a mate, companionship, a woman’s touch.

Giovanni is furious when she finds secret emails on her computer between her baby sister and Jason. Gio takes her sister’s place and shows up at Jason’s cabin. They’ve both been duped but before they can sort it out Gio ignites Jason’s temper and he snaps and sparks fly.

One little bite and their futures are forever changed. She survived his bite, but will they survive the solstice inferno their lust creates?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: violence.

Visit Leila at www.leilabrown.com

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