My favorite birthday cake actually isn’t one of my own. When I was little I attended a party of another girl whose cake was a doll. The torso, head, arms and hair were plastic, but the skirt of her dress was cake. And it was frosted in different colors. I loved it. It was so unique. So pretty. So creative and far more dimensional than any other cake I’d ever seen. In a world of flat sheet cakes topped with gooey roses, the doll cake was something really special. And it was pretty tasty too!

Speaking of birthdays…

Two months ago Darcy Evans had a little too much to drink and during a night of hot sex, admitted one of her most secret fantasies… to have two men at once. Today is her 29th birthday and her boyfriend Aiden Sinclair is ready to help her celebrate. In fact, he has a surprise in store that will make her fantasy a reality.

Warning: Includes two hunky males, a blindfold, decadent birthday cake, and a night of fantasy come to life.


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