Good morning everyone,

First, I wanted to wish Lissa a Happy 40th Birthday. She asked us to chat a little about our birthday memories, so here goes. I’ve actually been fortunate enough to spend a decade of birthdays in other countries. For instance, I’ve spent my a birthday in China climbing the Great Wall. It was as cold as all get out because their seasons are different from ours and while I’m not a coffee drinker, I would have taken anything that day to warm up. I’ve spent a birthday in Italy, specifically, Venice, Florence, and Rome just enjoying the scenery, taking in Carnival – our version of Mardi Gras – and once again freezing my butt off. I know, it seems as though I have a pattern going on here, which is crazy because I love the heat. That’s why I live in Texas, but right now, I’m freezing my butt off. LOL!

I’ve also spent a birthday in Thailand riding elephants and that was really cool, especially considering that we partied the night before. I even had fun racing a couple of my friends in a Took-Took, which is a death contraption if I’ve ever seen one, but it rocks. Here’s a miniature picture of the one I keep in my office to remind me of good times. My favorite Thai meal is Pad Kana. Not sure if I spelled that right, but it’s a wonderful mixture of broccoli and chicken seasoned perfectly over a bread of rice. The season includes ginger and some other wonderful spices. Add some spring rolls to that and it’s all good.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what I did on my 40th birthday. Yes, I’m older than Lissa, but not by much. Well, I’m a Ricky Martin fan and being a Pisces, I enjoy water and warm weather. So, I decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate the big 40. It totally ROCKED and we had an awesome time. The islands were beautiful and I must at admit that I embraced Living La Vida Loca. Hey, who could resist. It was also nice to be in a warm climate for once because when we left Texas, guess what….it was freezing. LOL! The only time that was better involved climbing the Harbour Bridge in Australia or maybe it was climbing the steps up to Cristo in Brazil. Either way, I enjoyed myself and had a GREAT Time.

So Lissa, whatever you decide to do on your birthday, ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST!


Now that you’ve let me ramble on for what seems like forever, how about a goodie. Just leave a comment telling me one of your favorite birthday memories and you’ll be entered to win a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card.

Of course, this is an overnight contest; therefore, you have until 6:00 PM (CST) on Friday evening to leave a response. The lucky winner will be selected using the True Random Number Generator from RANDOM.ORG.

As for the rules, they’re simple…
1. Must be or become a follower of Lissa’s blog
2. Must answer the question
3. Must leave us your name and email address in case you win
4. Must have a good time

Good Luck Everyone & Happy Birthday Lissa!

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