February was an awesome month. A little insane but awesome. I had the greatest guest authors and bloggers who in turn had some of the greatest readers and visitors. I can’t thank you all enough. You made my birthday far better than I imagined.

Of course, when you look at the title of this post, you must wonder then why it says what it does… Well, the day after my birthday, my husband woke with the stomach flu. Because of his diabetes, it takes longer for him to recover and by the time he had, my son came down with it. My daughter and I managed until Monday evening to fend it off, but not no avail.

I think we are on the mend and there are two things I learned about this stomach flu… The upside: You can lose 10lbs in 36 hours. The downside: You feel like crap for 36 hours, sometimes longer.

I had told y’all I would be posting pictures yesterday (Tuesday) of presents. Yeah, that didn’t happen. It’s not happening now either. Tomorrow, yes. Today I have tried hard to just function with a little…meaning, not do too much. I didn’t want to end the party being sick, but that’s what happened. I didn’t mean to leave all of you hanging in limbo.

Presents and their winners will be announced on the blog Monday, March 7th. I had intended to do it Sunday, the 6th, but I’m going to wait until Monday. If you missed a post, failed to comment on a post, failed to follow the blog, or leave an email address, etc… the next few days are the time to do so if you want to be entered the drawings for presents…

Of course, the big present is an Amazon Kindle… and there quite a few smaller but not less important presents.

Again, thank you all for participating, for celebrating with me as I turned 40, for making my birthday special and memorable. I read each and every comment made throughout the month and I was so giddy over many of them…

Next year, I may just ask the readers to be in the spotlight…


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