Yep! Today is my birthday and I am still in the giving mood. New excerpts will start posting around 9am EST and today we’ve got more Ava March, which I just never get enough of, and we have Selena Illyria, and Samantha Kane, just to name a few. I’ve tossed in a couple of my own excerpts as well.

This has been a fun thing and I hope it’s all going well for y’all because it’s the first one I’ve ever done. I’m a little shaky about it, wanting to make sure I do everything right and make sure that all of you are enjoying reading, seeing a few pics, and maybe even learning about some new to you authors.

After the excerpts today, I’ll post the list of eBooks being gifted next week when I start picking winners, so, tell your friends, other authors, editors, anyone to come read, comment, follow, and have a chance at winning! This is my birthday present…giving back to the readers.

This was sent to me yesterday on my Myspace page from Scott Noir and I thought it very appropriate! Don’t y’all?

  Then there’s…

And another friend of mine donated a few pics to this very worthy cause…

Yeah, instead of this hot coffee I’m drinking, I might need to grab a handful of…ice.

So, y’all ready for some more hot, very NAUGHTY excerpts? 
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