Tueday night I took my daughter to see Blink-182. Aside from the language which kids in elementary school do not need to hear and the sexual references that well, had even me, an erotic romance writer kind of cringing, the show was very good. I am happy to give my daughter these experiences because I had them when I was a teenager. Between the ages of 14 and 18 I went to upwards of 20 concerts…The Beach Boys to Rick Springfield to Duran Duran to Bon Jovi to Motley Crue to Poison to Def Leppard. There were others inbetween and others that I have gone to after. And yes, I was and still am…a Headbanger. I make no apologies and I have no regrets and my brain is still intact.

I loved going to live shows. I love the memories and that is one of the reasons I take my daughter. She loves the live shows as much as I do. Together, she and I have seen Fall Out Boy, Hey Monday, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Blink-182. She’s seen others as well… And she loves them all. The smile on her face afterward is worth the outrageous cost of concert tickets. It’s one of those ‘priceless’ moments.

One of the things that got me in this Blink show was the drum solo. I remember back in the ’80’s when I went to see one of the Crue concerts, Tommy Lee did the roll cage drum solo. It was awesome. It was incredible to watch and I remember it in vivid detail. Well, the other night, Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink-182 did a flying drum solo. He’s probably one of the top, if not the top rock band drummer around. He’s amazing. So, I went out to YouTube and found both Tommy Lee’s solo and Travis’ solo.

One difference here is that Tommy Lee, in his flamboyant way talks. If you are bothered by a lot of cursing, I understand. Travis, on the other hand, doesn’t talk. He rarely smiles.

I’m posting both here for your enjoyment.

I wish all of you a wonderful day. Please come visit me tomorrow when I’ll be blogging tomorrow over at Eliza Gayle’s DAMM blog.

Also, don’t forget that my Ellora’s Cave release The Demon is an Angel releases tomorrow in ebook! Come check it out!


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