Let’s Talk Bear Shifters…

Because there seems to be some confusion. In the beginning of Bear Haven, I said this: The ride in general isn’t over, but the ride in the Southern Shifters Kindle World, for me, is. At least for these characters. At least for the foreseeable future. So, lets clarify...

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Music Monday – ZZ Ward: Last Love Song

I'm going through a weird sad song phase right now, so... It's possible that for the next few weeks you'll see sad song videos... And it's likely going to be reflected in some new writing... Just warnin' ya... Now this girl's voice... Oh my... It's different, soulful....

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Music Monday – Miranda Lambert: Vice

I am in love with this song... I love her in general. But I am in love with this song, have listened to it dozens of times in several days, and it has sparked an idea... I'll let you know if it develops into something... But for now, have a listen and have a good...

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Dear Readers… February 28, 2017

I... am a writer. Of novellas. This is something I've been struggling with lately. And damn y'all, I wish I didn't struggle so much with so many things, especially when it comes to this writing business. At the same time, with each struggle, whether internal or...

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What I’m Reading…

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