Temptation Tuesday – Shadows In Savannah


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Shadows In Savannah comes out this Thursday. October 1st. As part of All Romance eBooks A Wicked Tale series. And I thought I’d give you a sneak peak…

He was hard. He was always hard when he woke, as most human men were from what he’d heard over the years, but his hardness, his stiff erection wasn’t painful. Even when tight and standing straight, his balls full and drawn up close to his body, he wasn’t in pain. It was a sensation akin to… To… He didn’t know. He didn’t have the words to describe it. It stole his breath and gave it back. If he touched himself, he wouldn’t want to stop. He would want to continue for hours, even days. He had done so before. Getting so lost in the sensations he couldn’t name, he had stayed in his bed for two days, stroking himself, existing only for the pleasure of his cock, neglecting his businesses, his responsibilities.

That was months ago. He hadn’t touched himself since. He hadn’t been this achingly hard since, either. And the only thing that had changed was the feeling, the knowledge that he had been watched last night.
He wanted to know who had done so and that thought propelled him out of bed and into the shower. He was a vampire. He didn’t get dirty. He didn’t sweat. He didn’t smell and his hair didn’t get oily. But the ritual helped him as he moved in and around the humans he dealt with on a daily basis. It helped him feel more like one of them if he shared in their simple experiences.

He could say, however, that he enjoyed the warm water as it slid over him. It was like being caressed and he relished the feeling of heat. It was why he slept wrapped up in blankets, why he kept the temperature in his penthouse set low enough he could tolerate being beneath the covers in his bed.

He had at one time been human and he often wondered if his need to cocoon himself when he slept was his way of trying to feel what it was once like for him. There was no way for him to find out. He had no idea who made him. He had no idea of anything before he was made.

Some days it grated on him, the mystery that was his life before. Other days, he never thought about it.
But what he couldn’t shake was how being watched made him feel and how ravenous he was for sex. For male sex. For cock.

He knew the one who’d watched him was not female. Their scent was different, even the undead ones. It was sweeter, almost too sweet at times. Arousal being one of them. Not that he’d ever said no to a female partner, but last night the scent wasn’t sweet. It was musk. Heavy. Full of lust. A predator having found prey.

Dane loved being preyed upon. Loved it and hated it. It was a constant war inside him and he wasn’t ever sure which side won out when he’d give in to whoever was preying on him. It turned out pleasurable for both in the end, but he had a feeling it would be different with last night’s predator.



The Readers Are On The Clock With The First Pick…

2010 nfl draft Pictures, Images and Photos I do not really watch NFL football, however I am a very big overall college football fan and I watch it religiously from the end of August through the beginning of February and the National Championship Game. It is because I watch these players for years that I watch and pay attention to the NFL draft and some very special players, I’ll follow their career through the pros.

Tonight, the draft moves into primetime for the first time. How fun! My son, husband, and myself will all be gathered around watching to see who takes whom and then we’ll discuss it being a good choice, bad choice, or who really cares choice. It’s fun and sports is about the only thing I have in common with my husband.

Some of the players I’ll be watching for:

Tony Pike out of Cincinnati.
Myron Rolle out of Florida State
C.J. Spiller out of Clemson
Sam Bradford out of Oklahoma
Brandon Spikes out of Florida
Tim Tebow out of Florida
Ndamukong Suh out of Nebraska
Blair White out of Michigan State
Maurkice Pouncey out of Florida State
Jimmy Clausen out of Notre Dame
Golden Tate out of Notre Dame
Mardy Gilyard out of Cincinnati

Of course, there are many others as well.

I was going to a giveaway and I still am. I was going to have my readers look up this list of players on Monday and tell me in what round they were drafted, but I’m sure most of you don’t care. So, I think I’ll just randomly pick 7 people out of those that follow my blog publicly for a prize of either a bag of coffee or $5 in ebook bucks from All Romance eBooks. You will have your choice.

This is my own draft. At random I am picking people!

And don’t forget, Sweet Caroline will be available on Tuesday, April 27th! I know I’m looking forward to it! Are you?!


Birthday Bash Winners!!!! Congrats, All!

Okay y’all! It’s time to announce winners! I have used Random.org to choose who won what.
I want to say a special Thank You to all the authors that participated and offered up gifts. To the Black Raven for contributing an ebook of the winner’s choice, as well. 
And I want say Thank You to the reader. Y’all made this very special and very fun and I was completely humbled by the responses. It was more than I’d even imagined. 
I hope you were introduced to some new to you authors and that you’ll give them all a try as all are very awesome and wonderful. 
Now, on to the winners. If you had not provided your email address in your comments, please comment to this post with that email address so the author can contact you and get your present to you!

Reader’s Choice of one of Lissa’s available titles: Amy, katsrus, Sweet Vernal Zephyr
Reader’s Choice of one of Ava March’s available titles: Joder
Sin on Skin by Mari Freeman: meingee
Love in Exile by Samantha Kane: Tamsyn
Pearl Heartstone by Leila Brown: Anna Shah Hogue
The Wine Tasting by Selena Blake, along with her free read Friday Night Delights, Part One: Maria
Rodeo Heat by Desiree Holt: Andrea
Reader’s Choice of any one of Eliza Gayle’s available titles: Sue A.
The Extremist by Juniper Bell: Stacey
Reader’s Choice of Rain God, Love Thy Neighbor, Masque of Desire, Hard Candy or Fox’s Bride by Amy Ruttan: Flchen
Hawkeye One: Danger Zone by Sierra Cartwright: Cathy
Seducing St. Nic by Emma Petersen: Robin

And the Fantastic blackraven of The Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe will be gifting one reader with an eBook of their choice from any of the excerpts of books that have been posted here: Tracey D.

Totebag and chocolate from Selena Illyria: Nancy G.

Winner of any one eBook from any of Lissa’s publishers (Samhain Publishing, Loose Id, Ellora’s Cave, Phaze, Cobblestone Press): Rachie

The following are the winners of the gift cards and eBook bucks:

Starbucks $15 gift card: Courtney
All Romance eBooks $15 in eBook Bucks: Sherry
Teavana $25 gift card: Joanne
Amazon $25 gift card: Beth

Again, thank you all for participating and for making my birthday this year so very special. I’ll be emailing the authors with the winners’ email addresses so they can get in touch with you, but as I said above, if you didn’t provide your email in any of your comments last week, please comment on this post with it or you can email me privately: lissa at lissamatthews dot com


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