Winner from Lissa’s Birthday Giveaway #1

I know I was supposed to post this yesterday. But, I am posting it now, so…

The winner of the tote bag and 3 books of their choice is:

Pam B.

Pam, I will be in contact soon to arrange the delivery of the presents.

Thanks to all who commented! You still have until 6pm tonight (Saturday, February 25th) for a chance to win a Keep Cup! Post is here…


Catching Up

It’s Friday! Yay! Of course, the weekends for me are just more of the same as my days of the week so…

I have emailed all the authors that were giving ebook presents with the list of names of their winners that were picked through If you are on this list, you should be hearing from the author beside your name within a few days.

They are:

Carol B. – Reveal Me from Cari Quinn
Terri Lee – Entangled Trio from Cat Grant
Patti – Old School from Eve Cassidy
Maria D. – any one available title from Selena Blake
Elaing8 – Bullhandler from Morgan Sierra/Dee Carney
Janeen – Wrapped Around Your Finger from Fallon Blake
Susan C. – His Client from Ava March
Leni – any one available title from Madison Chase
Amanda – any one available title from Mari Freeman
Jolene – any one available erotica title from Cara McKenna
Slav – any one available title from Samantha Kane
Miranda – autographed print copy of From Thirty Days to Forever from Shayla Kersten
Eve – any one available title from Vivian Arend
Donna – any one available title from Eliza Gayle
Nancy G – any one of my available titles
Estella – any one of my available titles
Cindy L. – any one of my available titles

I have been working this week on Forever in Blue Jeans. It’s going slow. If any of you recall, about 3 months ago, the word count was very close to complete, however now if you look to the sidebar you’ll see it’s not anymore. I have deconstructed it. About 3-4 times. I didn’t like it. As I’d said before, I was trying to write a safe book, but that just wasn’t working for me. I ended up hating it. It was work and it wasn’t fun and it wasn’t a story that was working for me as the writer. I have talked endlessly to my dear friend Fallon Blake about it and I know she was ready to throttle me. I took a long break from it and when I came back, I had a new plot. I took the old plots apart, kept a few things, but tossed so much more and it’s being completely re-written now. I don’t think 35,000 is going to be the final word count. It’ll be longer, I’m fairly certain, but how much longer, I’m not sure. Just know that I’m working on it. Blue is going to get her story written if it kills me…

You’ll see I’m also slowly, very slowly working on a number of books over there on the sidebar. Earlier today another couple plots invaded my thoughts and are begging to be put down into words. It would appear that my muse has returned and brought reinforcements. YAY!

Drive Shaft is the second book to follow Stick Shift and it is about Alli, one of Lily’s friends.

Get Lost is a contemporary m/f about a woman that just loses it when pushed too far and retreats into the mountains.

Too Bad is Jackie and Mac’s story from Ink Spots.

Polar Shift is the second book in the Denali Heat Series, and this one is Patrick’s story.

Bound for Pleasure is a BDSM m/f that is the second book in a series y’all haven’t heard of yet from me. It follows one couple from a set-up reunion meeting through different stages and explorations in a relationship. More on that one later. It is a different kind of story for me and one that my mainstream readers may not care for due to the heavier BDSM content.

And as I said, there are others playing around in my head that I will get to as soon as I can, including a loose plan to write a longer story for Thor and Bobby from my free read, Masked.

I hope all of you are doing well and be sure to check in for Snippet Saturday tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


Birthday Bash Winners!

And the winners are…

Using and a master list of all that commented on all the blog posts associated with my Birthday Bash. A lot of work people. A. Lot. Of. Work. But well worth it.

I am still compiling winners names for the ebooks that authors have said they will happily gift and you will be receiving an email if you are chosen…

At the moment though…

*drum roll please* (Imagine the scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation of them all out on the lawn at night and Clark about to plug in the extension cords and says ‘drum roll’)

The winner of Leila Brown’s hero contest with a copy of Solstice Heat and a $10 Amazon gift card is: Cathy M.

The winner of $15 in All Romance eBooks eBook bucks from Diana and Tanya of The Forbidden Bookshelf is: Joder

The winner of the cupcake kitchen towel and magnetic notepad is: Terri Lee

The winner of the cupcake measuring spoon set is: Ivelisse

The winner of the Victoria’s Secret Kissable Whipped Body Creme is: Jen B.

The winner of the flip flop wine coasters is: Foretta

The winner of the $25 Starbuck’s gift card is: Susan R.

The winner of the $40 gift card is: Fedora

The winner of the $25 Eden Fantasy’s gift card is: Elaing8

And finally, the winner of a $25 gift card and the Amazon Kindle is: Danielle Gorman

Congrats to all! I will be emailing you today to get mailing addresses and presents will go out on Friday, March 11th.

I am so excited to give y’all presents! Thank you so much for allowing me to…



I hope y’all had a great day. Seriously, I do. That’s not the false perky talking, either. For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you know what I’m talking about with the perky comment.

I said pictures, so pictures I’ve got…

A few presents aren’t in the pictures like ebooks and a cupcake notepad, gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Eden Fantasy’s, All Romance eBooks, etc… But, there are those things as well.

But, there’s a set of cupcake measuring spoons, a cupcake towel set (y’all had to know I’d include cupcakes somehow…), a can of Whipped Creme from Victoria’s Secret, wine glass flip-flop coasters… And of course, a Kindle! 😀

No need for any comments on this post, y’all… We’re back to normal now.

Have a great weekend and look for Snippet Saturday tomorrow.


Birthday Bash – This is NOT how I planned to end it…

February was an awesome month. A little insane but awesome. I had the greatest guest authors and bloggers who in turn had some of the greatest readers and visitors. I can’t thank you all enough. You made my birthday far better than I imagined.

Of course, when you look at the title of this post, you must wonder then why it says what it does… Well, the day after my birthday, my husband woke with the stomach flu. Because of his diabetes, it takes longer for him to recover and by the time he had, my son came down with it. My daughter and I managed until Monday evening to fend it off, but not no avail.

I think we are on the mend and there are two things I learned about this stomach flu… The upside: You can lose 10lbs in 36 hours. The downside: You feel like crap for 36 hours, sometimes longer.

I had told y’all I would be posting pictures yesterday (Tuesday) of presents. Yeah, that didn’t happen. It’s not happening now either. Tomorrow, yes. Today I have tried hard to just function with a little…meaning, not do too much. I didn’t want to end the party being sick, but that’s what happened. I didn’t mean to leave all of you hanging in limbo.

Presents and their winners will be announced on the blog Monday, March 7th. I had intended to do it Sunday, the 6th, but I’m going to wait until Monday. If you missed a post, failed to comment on a post, failed to follow the blog, or leave an email address, etc… the next few days are the time to do so if you want to be entered the drawings for presents…

Of course, the big present is an Amazon Kindle… and there quite a few smaller but not less important presents.

Again, thank you all for participating, for celebrating with me as I turned 40, for making my birthday special and memorable. I read each and every comment made throughout the month and I was so giddy over many of them…

Next year, I may just ask the readers to be in the spotlight…


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