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Good morning everyone,

First, I wanted to wish Lissa a Happy 40th Birthday. She asked us to chat a little about our birthday memories, so here goes. I’ve actually been fortunate enough to spend a decade of birthdays in other countries. For instance, I’ve spent my a birthday in China climbing the Great Wall. It was as cold as all get out because their seasons are different from ours and while I’m not a coffee drinker, I would have taken anything that day to warm up. I’ve spent a birthday in Italy, specifically, Venice, Florence, and Rome just enjoying the scenery, taking in Carnival – our version of Mardi Gras – and once again freezing my butt off. I know, it seems as though I have a pattern going on here, which is crazy because I love the heat. That’s why I live in Texas, but right now, I’m freezing my butt off. LOL!

I’ve also spent a birthday in Thailand riding elephants and that was really cool, especially considering that we partied the night before. I even had fun racing a couple of my friends in a Took-Took, which is a death contraption if I’ve ever seen one, but it rocks. Here’s a miniature picture of the one I keep in my office to remind me of good times. My favorite Thai meal is Pad Kana. Not sure if I spelled that right, but it’s a wonderful mixture of broccoli and chicken seasoned perfectly over a bread of rice. The season includes ginger and some other wonderful spices. Add some spring rolls to that and it’s all good.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what I did on my 40th birthday. Yes, I’m older than Lissa, but not by much. Well, I’m a Ricky Martin fan and being a Pisces, I enjoy water and warm weather. So, I decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate the big 40. It totally ROCKED and we had an awesome time. The islands were beautiful and I must at admit that I embraced Living La Vida Loca. Hey, who could resist. It was also nice to be in a warm climate for once because when we left Texas, guess what….it was freezing. LOL! The only time that was better involved climbing the Harbour Bridge in Australia or maybe it was climbing the steps up to Cristo in Brazil. Either way, I enjoyed myself and had a GREAT Time.

So Lissa, whatever you decide to do on your birthday, ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST!


Now that you’ve let me ramble on for what seems like forever, how about a goodie. Just leave a comment telling me one of your favorite birthday memories and you’ll be entered to win a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card.

Of course, this is an overnight contest; therefore, you have until 6:00 PM (CST) on Friday evening to leave a response. The lucky winner will be selected using the True Random Number Generator from RANDOM.ORG.

As for the rules, they’re simple…
1. Must be or become a follower of Lissa’s blog
2. Must answer the question
3. Must leave us your name and email address in case you win
4. Must have a good time

Good Luck Everyone & Happy Birthday Lissa!

Birthday Bash – Selena Illyria

Birthday Cake

I’m very picky when it comes to birthday cake. There has to certain element to qualify, most of all there has to be cake! You can have ice cream, sure, but to me it has to have actual cake in it. Otherwise it’s just ice cream in the shape of a “cake”. I’m not sure when this rule of mine started. I think it was a birthday where I had to run from store to store to find an actual ice cream cake with cake in it. Don’t get me wrong, I love icing and I love ice cream, put them together and you get sugar rush heaven but without that cake it was as if something was missing to me.

My favorite flavor is chocolate cake and vanilla (or cookies and cream) ice cream. I know I could go with other possibilities but that was first flavor of ice cream I ever had, so there’s something comforting about it. So every year, I want one thing for my birthday. It’s not a present, it’s not some extravagant thing, it’s the only thing on my wish list: An ice cream cake. I love presents, don’t get me wrong. I love ripping open the wrapping paper and finding the surprise but for me all I really want is one thing, the cake! That’s what makes my birthday to me.

So here’s the question, for you is it the cake, the presents, the people around or something else that makes your birthday really special?

Happy Birthday, Lissa! May your birthday be extra special and awesome this year.

Last Call Europe: Chocolate Shock, Out Now at Changeling Press!


All romanced out, Love Fairy Alastrina is tired of putting together happy couples. All she wants is a little bit of “me time” to forget her job for one night. She strides into Last Call: London looking for some action.

Chocolate Shock: Heat packed sexin’ — no baggage required or desired.

Rebellious leopard shifter Garrison Fredricks may be the answer to all her needs. Some sexy talk and a bit of action is just what the love fairy ordered. Only problem is he has a teensy-weensy little secret that may piss her off. And a Love Fairy pissed off is not a good thing.

Available from Changeling Press


Last Call Europe: Chocolate Shock

Selena Illyria

All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2009 Selena Illyria

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

She was overwhelmed. Her body was a twisting, writhing foreign thing that made her hot and cold. Garrison. It was the most potent word buzzing around her mind. His scent, a mixture of spice and musk, tugged her down and surrounded her. All her

ideas of how the night should go dissolved. Trina stared into his eyes, mesmerized. Up close they weren’t just brown but liquid gold that shifted from the color of sunlight to bronze and then chocolate. Knowledge weighed in his gaze. This was not just a man. She was sure of that. Who is he?

“I’ve never… I don’t know… I thought…” She cursed herself for stammering and sounding like an idiot.

“Relax, sweet, let me take control. Let me show you what I want to do to you. Once you’re comfortable, you can take control. Deal?” He withdrew, taking his intoxicating scent with him, but the imprint of his body heat remained. She looked away, torn between desire and hesitation.

“Here, drink this. It will help.” He handed her the glass, which she took eagerly. The second the rich chocolate hit her tongue, she moaned. Decadent. The cinnamon gave the drink just the right kick, and the alcohol added a surprisingly soothing afterburn.

“Mmmm.” Her body slowly began to unwind.

“Good?” he asked, his face unreadable.

She nodded.

“May I?” He held out his hand and she gave him the mug. He took it and turned the cup around and placed his lips over the exact spot where her mouth had touched. He drank deeply, his gaze never leaving her face. “Mmm, very good. Let me taste it on your tongue.” Garrison lowered his head and took a kiss. The contact was gentle at first. A slow teasing touch before he added more pressure.

Heat slid through her body from his mouth. Alastrina wanted to feel him pressed against her. She reached up, grabbed the sides of his jacket and pulled him closer. He groaned. She heard, and felt, the vibrations of his purring rumble up from his chest.

Garrison pulled his head back and swore. “No sex in the hallway.”

His breath came out in harsh pants. The scent of whisky, chocolate and cinnamon wafted against her face with each exhale. “No one said –” she started, pausing to lick her lips. They were hot but not bruised, which disappointed her.

“Need you badly. Don’t want anyone else to see.” He looked up and she followed his gaze to the cameras mounted on the walls.

“Oh.” Heat flushed her cheeks. Her eyes drifted closed as she inhaled his scent. With her ear pressed to his chest, she heard the hammering of his heart and felt soothed. She wasn’t the only one feeling out of control.

They headed down the hallway again only to pause. Garrison shook his head, growled in frustration before taking her in his arms again and pressing her into a wall. She gasped as his erection pressed against her stomach. “Feel that, love? That’s all for you, every fucking inch.”

She let out a shaky breath as moisture pooled between her thighs to dampen her panties. He rocked his hips against hers, tearing a soft moan from her lips.

“I can smell how much you want me, and Goddess, I need you too.”

Every movement of his body stoked the heat inside of her that much higher. Her knees became jelly as arousal curled tighter in the pit of her stomach. All that held her up was his body pressed against hers and his hand on her back. Mindless, she moved with him, totally absorbed in only him.

Garrison lowered his head and buried it in the crook of her shoulder. “So fucking sexy. You’re killing me here, love. I’m tempted to just tear off both our clothes and fuck you now.”

Her pussy clenched and she groaned.

“I’m so close it’s ridiculous. It’s like I have no control. Any more movement and I’ll come in my pants, even though we haven’t done anything yet.” He stilled and she fought to stop rocking against him. Alastrina opened her mouth to say something only to be cut off by him moving away and pulling her down the hallway again. Garrison found the right door and jammed the keycard into the electronic lock and pushed the door open. “Quickly, love, before I take you in the hall. Patience be damned.”

Alastrina didn’t have to be told twice. She let go of his hand and rushed into the room.

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Birthday Bash – Vivian Arend

On my 40th birthday I wasn’t expecting great things. No surprise party, no big gifts. See, my husband had accepted a job in the Yukon, and he’d already moved north a couple months earlier to begin, leaving me with the kidlets to pack, sell the house—you know, the fun stuff.

Well, he was having a blast as well. Not only starting a new job, but he had to find a house for us, which he did in a most timely fashion. Everything was finally packed, the new house ready for our arrival…

Hubby flew back to meet us, we loaded ourselves into the truck and headed out. We took nearly a week to do the 2000Km / 1300 mile trip, and landed in Whitehorse on my birthday.

And couldn’t get into the house. There was a passcode lock on the garage that he knew the combination to. It had worked before he left Whitehorse. So there we sat, in the driveway of our new home. March 2nd, snow piled as high as the roof of our truck.

No way into the house.

Turns out there was an oops in the electric bookings—and someone had accidentally shut off the power, meaning of course the electrical passcode lock wouldn’t work. A locksmith, and a few phone calls to the power company later, I got the biggest birthday gift I’ve ever received.

Happy Birthday, Lissa. I hope yours is at least as memorable, if not as exciting. 😀

My February release from Samhain, TURN IT UP, also starts with a birthday story. Tasha has just finished tying one on a little too hard—her last hurrah before planning on getting pregnant. She hadn’t intended to let Maxwell know her plans, but somehow the information snuck out. One too many can do that to you—

I invite you to take a peek- first chapter is up on my website, and in honour of Lissa’s birthday, I’m going to give away a copy of book 1 in the series. I’ll let Lissa decide who gets the present of a copy of your choice of ebook format of TURN T ON.


FEBRUARY 8, 2011

She wants it. He’s got it…and a whole lot more

Turner Twins, Book Two

Maxwell Turner considers his stubborn and resourceful attitude a plus. After all, it usually gets him what he wants—except for Natasha Bellingham. The long-time family friend may be ten years older than he, but so what? He’s plenty old enough to know they belong together. Now all he has to do is convince her.

Over the past few years Natasha’s love life has degenerated into a series of bad clichés. Her biological clock is ticking—loudly. As a proven architect with her own house-design company, she’s financially ready for a baby. Who says she needs a permanent man in her life for that? She just needs a “donation”.

When Max discovers Natasha’s future plans include artificial insemination, he’s outraged. She wants to get pregnant? No problem. He’s more than willing to volunteer—no turkey basters involved .

But there’s one non-negotiable clause: He wants forever. And he intends to do everything in his power—fair and unfair—to make it happen.

Warning: This title contains one younger man ready, aimed and hell bent on giving one woman everything she wants. Includes interludes against the wall, in a Jacuzzi, on a car hood and even—shockingly enough—on a bed or two. Oh, and about that porch swing? Yup…

Available from Samhain Publishing

Read an Excerpt

Vivian Arend

Romance, Hot and Wild

Birthday Bash – Kiss and Tell Girls

Okay, today on the blog I’ve invited my group blog mates from Kiss and Tell Girls to post. This is gonna be a long one because each individual has included a little birthday story and a bit about one of their books…

I am not posting with them, however, we’ve had an author join us from time to time on the blog, Chloe Harris.

So, here we go…

From Noelle (one half of author duo Chloe Harris)

My birthday is on Christmas Eve so my best memories are of how hard my parents worked to make sure my birthday was special and separate from Christmas. They did everything they could to make sure I never felt cheated and I’ve done the same thing with my December baby.

In Deep – Nominated for Romantic Times Best Erotic Romance of 2010

1745. Betrayed, kidnapped, and stranded in the Caribbean, Irish beauty Jaidyn Donelly realizes her only hope for making money—and gaining a passage north—is with her luscious body. Irresistible client Connor O’Driscoll has other plans for Jaidyn, though, offering her passage to the Carolinas—in exchange for a voyage filled with sizzling pleasures and growing affection. But their intoxicating passion forces Connor to hide a dangerous truth—that his arrival in Georgetown puts his life on the line.

While the ship nears its destination, so too does the treachery of their secrets. Riding the waves of fierce desire, Jaidyn and Connor resolve to right the wrongs of their past—and risk all for a future together…

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From Samantha Kane:

Birthday Memory?
My older brother and I have the same birthday, twelve years apart. When I was a kid there were always two cakes etc. I never, ever minded sharing my birthday because he always told me I was the best birthday present he ever got. He’s pretty awesome like that.

Birthday Present?

On my 16th birthday my mom gave me an antique, white gold wedding band that had been in the family for years. I have worn it constantly ever since that day.

Favorite Birthday Cake, meal, or some other dessert?

Hmm, well now I like to have chocolate wafer cake. It’s very simple to make. Take those thin, crispy chocolate wafer cookies you usually find near the ice cream at your grocery store, and make a log of them with real whipped cream as the glue. Then frost the cake with the rest of the whipped cream. Put it in the refrigerator for several hours so the whipped cream soaks into the wafers. Cut on the bias. It’s fabulous. Tip: make the whipped cream slightly sweeter than you normally would.

Best birthday cake ever? I still remember a butterfly birthday cake my mom made me when I was about 7 or 8. It was beautiful.

How you like to spend your birthday?

At home with family. I like quiet birthdays. Since my birthday is 5 days after Christmas and the day before New Year’s Eve, I enjoy a lull between frantic holiday celebrating.

I don’t have a cover yet for my April release, Cherry Pie, from Loose Id, but I’ll give you the blurb:

John Ford packed up his life a year ago and moved from LA to small Mercury, North Carolina after the death of his long-term partner. He’s been living in a kind of suspended animation, fixing up the old house he bought there, reclusive and alone. Until the day Connor Meecham appears.

Conn Meecham has returned home, only to find it isn’t his anymore. Someone else owns his mother’s house now. But Conn needs that house to find the man he left behind more than eight years ago—before the drugs, before prison, before his life derailed. Lonely, desperate, lost, Conn finds in John a kindred soul.

Mercury is a dying town. But John sets out to change that when he learns what it means to Conn. Through home improvements, sex, old friends, sex, misunderstandings, sex, and homemade cherry pie, John and Conn may finally discover that where they are now can be heaven on earth if they want it to be.

So, since we don’t have a cover yet for this one and it won’t be out until after the birthday bash, I’ll be giving one book from my backlist at the end of the party.

From Mari Freeman:

I think birthdays are great for kids. We had a big party for our 10-year-old girl this summer at the lake. It was an all day outing that included her friends and their parents and our friends. It was a good excuse for us all to get together at the lake talk, watch the kids have a ball, and enjoy a nice August day. And maybe a beer or two.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I don’t think so much of my birthdays. LOL. Hey, I’m not old. It’s just that when I was a kid, birthdays were so low key. That may be why I don’t practically want a big party as an adult.

A typical birthday more as a kid was my parenst and my brother at my pick of restaurants. And it was always the same place. I loved this nutty place called the Tiki Hut.  Crazy décor that included huge rattan chairs and drinks that came in a coconut shell may have been an unusual pick for a kid, but my brother and I were nuts about it. They served Pu Pu platters. We giggled at the name, but what’s not to love about flaming food as a 10 year old?

Dad liked it because the waitress wore grass skirts! LOL Mom liked it because the staff didn’t care how much noise or how much of a mess we made. Her not having to clean up after us was all bonus. I think that was why we went for the small, family restaurant parties.

Once we got home from dinner we would do the traditional homemade chocolate cake and a few presents. My brother’s favorite thing to do for presents was to wrap up an old album and pass it along to me. I learned my love of rock music this way.

One year, we got home to find my chocolate cake was moving. Literally. Ants had found their way into our house and onto the table while we were happily dancing around the Tiki Hut. Needless to say, no cake that year!

You can now find me at the nearest Sullivan’s steakhouse for dinner and dessert on my birthday.

Lissa – May all your cakes be ant free for your birthday celebration.

Happy birthday, Baby!

Sin on Skin

Wild women do…

That’s the theme for the friends Stevie Jones found at an erotic-romance convention. But as the women share their experiences with younger guys on their Tempt the Cougar blog, Stevie discovers she’s the least wild of the bunch. Finding a younger man isn’t the problem; after a lifetime of unfulfilled desires, Stevie needs a younger alpha man. In the meantime, getting a tattoo is an easy, safe way to begin ramping up her wild side.

Tattoo artist Errol knows instantly what Stevie needs, and it’s not just a bit of ink. He’s hot, young—and he’s just invited Stevie to his private BDSM club. Before you can say “green light”, Stevie is experiencing things she’d only read in her favorite erotic novels. Sinful toys, spanking benches and voyeurism are just some of the stops on what will become the wildest ride of her life.

Reader Advisory: This hot little number contains a scorching scene in which the heroine becomes a plaything for others—three others, in fact—including one very demanding Domme.
Available from Ellora’s Cave

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And last but certainly not least, Eliza Gayle:

My favorite birthday memories come from my kids younger birthdays. Mostly because my husband and I had so much fun together making their cakes. When birthdays came around the kids would choose their theme. I’m not sure there is an old Disney movie we haven’t done a cake for. lol I’d bake and frost the cake and the husband would use his artist skills to design the scene. We’ve done everything from Snow White and the seven dwarfs complete with cave and railroad tracks to a Mulan battlefield scene and a Little Mermaid under the sea extravaganza. We may be past the Disney years but we’ve definitely created memories that I hope we’ll never forget.

These days the birthday parties are a bit more subdued. One of my daughters just celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago. We went out for a nice meal and ate the birthday cupcakes my daughter wanted to make herself. They were almost too pretty too eat.

Speaking of sweet…

My new valentine’s story is now available for preorder at All Romance. In addition to the hot story I have included my favorite recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes at the end of the story.


Who knew a rose could hurt so good?

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for Harper Allison and her cupcake bakery. She’s not personally interested in the trumped up holiday until she receives an anonymous gift with explicit instructions that include a rendezvous at the most upscale BDSM club in the city.

From the moment Alex lays eyes on Harper at the Glass Kat Club he wants her. And what Alex wants Alex gets. He formulates a plan with his best friend, one guaranteed to fulfill Harper’s unspoken desires and hidden fantasies.

Unfortunately for Alex, one night is all Harper is prepared to give. Her life is complicated enough without having two Doms pushing her to submit, no matter how incredibly sexy they are. Until the familiar voice of a stranger reminds her…Maybe she doesn’t know Alex at all.

Available for pre-order at All Romance eBooks

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Birthday Bash – Madison Chase

Madison’s Birthday Memories

My favorite number as a child was eight. And for some reason I thought turning eight would be positively magical. As if I was going to grow up that day. From the time I learned to count, I don’t really remember when that was exactly, I waited for my eighth birthday. And every year (5, 6, 7) I grew more anxious for that 8th birthday. Seven years old just wasn’t good enough. Ahh, youth. I don’t even remember what happened on my eighth birthday, what the cake looked like, or what I got. *g* All I can remember is that it wasn’t as “positively magical” as I thought being eight years old would be. And shortly thereafter, I couldn’t wait to turn eighteen.

Now what I wouldn’t give to rewind the clock a little and take back some of those years.

Power of Seduction:

Every wolf has his breaking point.

Tor Kemp is an executioner, not a babysitter. But his visions tell him that Cassidy Sinclair is in serious danger…and his visions are never wrong. She’s defenseless against a world she knows nothing about.

Cassidy has dreamed of Tor before. Unfortunately, he always leaves her unsatisfied. But in real life, satisfaction is guaranteed…until he vows to protect her.

Protecting her means keeping his hands to himself. But Tor quickly learns that every wolf has his breaking point.

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