Birthday Bash – NJ Walters

My favorite birthday memory is from the late nineteen eighties. My husband surprised me with tickets for The Phantom of the Opera–box seats. We were so close to everything I could feel the heat from the pyrotechnics. It was the most spectacular evening. Colm Wilkinson played the part of the Phantom and every other performance I’ve ever seen pales in comparison. He had such energy live. You could feel his every emotion.

When I was a kid I would actually have two cakes for my birthday. One was usually a traditional vanilla or chocolate cake for my birthday party with my friends. The other was a fruitcake for the family birthday dinner. Yes, in my family we love my mom’s fruitcake. It’s the best.

Companion to Tempting Tori and Lassoing Lara.

Marshall Courage is lucky to be alive after the last mission for the clandestine government agency he worked for went sour. He’s recovered from his life-threatening wounds and is living on the family ranch, but he’s never gotten over his fellow operative and lover, Talia Koslov.

It’s been eight long months since Talia’s seen Marshall and she’s missed him every single moment. Now all she has to do is convince him she didn’t willingly abandon him after he was injured. She wants forever, and is willing to do whatever it takes to convince him their love is real.

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Birthday Bash – Cari Quinn

Now, Miss Cari took a different approach here and decided to talk about naughty stuff, which as all of you know, I am more than happy to discuss…grins

First of all, I’d like to wish my friend Lissa a very happy birthday and thank her for inviting me to be part of her birthday celebration. She’s an amazing writer and a great person to boot. 🙂 Lissa will be giving away an ebook copy of my new Ellora’s Cave Quickie, Reveal Me, to a commenter during her prize giveaway.

Birthdays are so much fun. Sure, sometimes they cause you to reflect and think about things you wish you had accomplished in the past year. The good thing is you keep having them, which gives you a whole new year to start fresh.
My favorite birthday memory goes way back to when I was six. I’m a near-Christmas baby and every year when I was little, I’d take an afternoon nap and wake up to find the house all decorated like magic. I remember feeling so special that year when I woke up to see the tree, maybe because I was starting to understand a bit more about what Christmas meant. To this day, that hopeful, happy day is my favorite birthday.

Do you like to watch?

Which brings me to the other topic of my post: voyeurism. While I wouldn’t call myself a voyeur in the strictest sense, I admit that the idea of watching people explore each other sexually is a turn-on. Though I’m a tad too shy to visit a voyeurism club in real life, I did the next best thing. I created a fictional voyeurism club called Kink and wrote about some of the people who would visit such a club and why. Not all of the characters whose stories I intend to tell like voyeurism. Some haven’t experienced it yet, and some don’t get off on it. I wanted to tell their stories too, and how Kink is a catalyst for changes in their relationships. Or in some cases, the reason they find a relationship in the first place.

Reveal Me is about Alana and Carter, former high school classmates with a charged past. Carter fell for Alana way back when but she couldn’t see past his geeky exterior to the decent guy beneath. Neither one of them was prepared to revisit that past until they bumped into each other at Kink.

Carter’s not into voyeurism at all. He’d rather be with the girl of his fantasies in private, but he has to reconcile his own desires with those of Alana, who loves the spotlight at all times, including when she’s having sex. They’re a fun couple who have their issues to work out and their story is pretty hot too.

Next up in the series is the story of Kelly, Alana’s best friend, and the guy she “meets” at Kink. Except she already knows her hero pretty well, and she never expects to run into him at a voyeurism club. She also never expects to discover she enjoys voyeurism herself. This story is with my editor right now. Fingers crossed she likes it!

Other upcoming books in the series (I hope!) include a cougar menage (older woman, two younger guys) and a story about a woman who uses Kink to help get over a traumatic sexual event in her past.

Now it’s your turn. How do you feel about a voyeurism club? Is it something you’d like to check out or would you prefer to keep your voyeurism explorations between the pages of a book? Or is it not your kind of thing at all? I’m looking forward to your responses!

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Birthday Bash – Eve Cassidy

Happy Birthday Lissa! Thanks for inviting me to the party. 🙂

I love birthdays and I think celebrating for the whole month is an excellent idea. Not to mention fun. One of my favorite things about birthdays (besides the yummy cake of course) are the surprises. I’ve planned many surprise birthday parties for family and friends over the years as well as been surprised myself. I think my favorite party that I planned was for my daughter that involved me going and picking up a carload of her friends at 5:30 in the morning on a school day and all of us waking her up for a before school breakfast party. I will never forget her shock. She talks about that birthday party quite often so I guess it was a big success. 🙂

As for surprises I have received there have been a few memorable ones. My own surprise sweet 16 party was quite a hoot. Still not sure how my mother and best friend managed to throw such a complex party without me knowing a thing but they did. Probably the most outrageous surprise birthday I had was one while I was in the Marine Corps.

A bunch of Marines from my unit kidnapped me and after a lot of driving around and disorientation I ended up right back where I started, the main hallway of our squadron headquarters with one slight difference. I was thoroughly and completely duct taped to a chair with a big goofy sign on my chest. Have you ever tried to get out of duct tape? lol It ain’t easy. After a few hours of struggling one of my fellow Marines took pity on me and snuck me a pair of scissors. It was pretty funny. Oh and there was that boot camp birthday where my mother brought bottles of wine on base and smuggled them in to us. Hmm. I wonder who I take after??

I don’t have any books that feature birthday surprises but I do have a brand new release today from Ellora’s Cave that features a hot m/f/m menage with two Marines and their childhood crush. The novella is Old School and is part of my Port of Call series that is based on the fact there is a bar outside every front gate that caters to the men and women of service. So in a way it is a party!

She’ll do anything to save her bar… Famous last words.

When the latest brawl at Old School lands Erin and her bar in hot water with the Corps, she gets desperate to keep things afloat. Thanks to her family connections, she’s given one last chance to clean things up in three days and impress the two officers assigned to her case. Easy peasy. Until the two men who broke her teenage heart walk in with their list of oh so naughty demands.

Jack and Levi returned to Quantico with one thing on their minds—break through Erin’s resistance. Years ago they tried to make her choose, with disastrous results. Now they want a second chance with a better plan. The fate of her future rests in their hands, and they’re not above using that fact to get everything they want.

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Birthday Bash – Cara McKenna

First and foremost, happy birthday, Lissa!

I don’t have any carved-in-stone traditions for my own birthday, but there’s always a high-caloric treat of some kind involved. It runs the gamut from carrot cake to dinner out at my favorite Indian restaurant, to a wine-fueled evening at my relatives’ place. This last year my husband took me out for scallops, my personal Kryptonite. Since this is a birthday blog party, I wanted to feature a birthday-centric m/m/f novella of mine, Dirty Thirty. Here’s the gist:

Despite his scrappy punk packaging, Evan’s got a submissive streak in him that’s just screaming to be indulged. So on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Evan’s wife Margie arranges for them to ring out his twenties by realizing his darkest fantasy—inviting another man into their bedroom.

Margie’s found the perfect candidate for Evan’s birthday treat. Paul works as a bouncer at their favorite bar, and lucky for Evan and Margie, he’s every bit the sexual Dominant his intimidating body suggests. Evan isn’t a hundred percent sure he’s ready to go to all the places his kinks seem determined to take him, but one thing’s for sure—by the time he wakes on his thirtieth birthday, his fantasy will have become reality.

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Lissa’s 40th Birthday Bash!

My birthday is February 22nd. I am turning, as the title and the cupcake say, 40. In honor of this, I am throwing a birthday bash here on the blog throughout the month of February.

This party is for my readers, for readers of other authors, for friends of readers, for anyone we can bring in. At the end of the party, which will be February 28th, any leftover stragglers will have until March 5th at midnight to be entered to win presents. Not prizes, but PRESENTS! Afterall, this is a birthday celebration and what do you get on your birthday but presents. However, I turn the tables here on my blog and instead of getting, I’m giving them…

Are you wondering what some of the presents are? I kinda thought so, so here’s a little list:

Starbuck’s gift card

Amazon gift card

Some miscellaneous things that I’ve been collecting for a few months just for this party…cupcake things, wine things, coffee things…

Some ebooks will be given (mine as well as from some of the authors that will be participating)… I think even a print book or two might be offered up, including autographed copies…

And last but definitely not least, an Amazon Kindle.

I have invited authors and book bloggers to join in this celebration with me. I am so thrilled and so humbled by the wonderful people that agreed and shared a piece of themselves for this. You see, I asked them to share a birthday memory, or present, or cake with us, something that is a part of them. They will also be highlighting one of their own book or one of their favorite books by another author…

During the month, you’ll be seeing:

Cara McKenna
Eve Cassidy
Cari Quinn
NJ Walters
Madison Chase
Kiss and Tell Girls
Vivian Arend
The Blackraven
Selena Illyria
Dee Carney/Morgan Sierra
Shelley Munro
The Smutketeers
Shayla Kersten
Mari Carr
Selena Blake
Diana from The Forbidden Bookshelf
Ava March
Cecile from All I Want and More…
Leila Brown
Christa Paige
Cat Grant
Fallon Blake
Melissa Schroeder
The Gutter Gals

See, we are just going to have ourselves a FANTABULOUS (and yes it is a word…a word I made up, but a word nonetheless) month!

The way this is going to work is as easy as 1…2…

1. You must follow this blog and state it in the comments, once will do…
2. You must comment on ALL the posts.

Officially, the party ends on February 28th, but I know there will be some stragglers that were busy doing other things, so I’m giving an extra few days for people come on by and comment. On March 6th, I will post a blog here stating who has won what, including the Kindle winner. I will even announce it on Twitter and Facebook. Please, when you comment on the posts through February, leave an email address because you will also be contacted by email. If I have no address, I cannot give you a present! And you do want a present, right?

Okay, so, tell your friends, Tweet it, Facebook it, whatever, but spread the word cause we’ll be here all month, gabbing about birthdays!

Any questions? Leave them here in the comments or email me lissa AT lissamatthews DOT com (

Remember, comment on all the posts, leave your email if you want to have a chance to receive presents, AND follow the blog.

I appreciate each and every one of you and this is my birthday gift to you…


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