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I’m a few days late and several dollars short, but as I’m on my way out the door I’m posting the lucky winner of Eden Bradley’s Dark Garden,  Annabel Joseph’s Comfort Object, and  Sierra Cartwright’s Danger Zone from my part of the BDSM Blog Hop.

And that the winner is…

Christina H.

Thank you to all who’ve participated. Christina, I will be in touch.

I’m so very glad y’all read BDSM. It is a wonderful lifestyle that is simple yet complex. Trust is a hard thing for most of us on a normal basis. But the kind of trust needed for BDSM activities is not your normal, everyday, yes I trust you. BDSM I think requires some form of curious knowledge beyond ourselves, and most definitely about ourselves.

Again, thank you for participating. I hope to see everyone again soon on other hops… 🙂


BDSM Blog Hop

Well, here we are, y’all! Another fun, yet naughty blog hop. BDSM. Near and dear to my heart. I’ve been a student of the BDSM lifestyle for more than 10 years now and it’s as fascinating to me now as it was when I first began the journey.

For my part of the hop, I will be giving away two ebooks (via All Romance eBooks) and one print book (via Book Depository) of authors are have written BDSM books that have touched me in ways I sometimes still can’t even describe. And my giveaway is international.

Eden Bradley’s The Darker Side of Pleasure.

Prepare to enter a provocative, scintillating world where three women are about to take ecstasy to the limit–and beyond. In “The””Bonds of Love” a struggling couple will do anything to save their marriage, even if it means experimenting with a little bondage. But once their research moves beyond the bedroom, how will they know if they’ve gone too far?… In “The Lair” a woman answers an ad for a female submissive, ready to surrender to her body’s deepest yearnings. Finding love is the last thing she anticipates… And in “Love and Discipline” a journalist expects her interview with a sensual extremist to be business as usual. Instead she finds herself submitting to the dominant desires of a handsome stranger–and discovering more about herself than she ever dreamed possible. Sensual and mysterious, this captivating collection is sure to seduce you, page after tantalizing page….



Annabel Joseph’s Comfort Object.

Nell, an out-of-work professional submissive, is desperate to find a job when she meets handsome film star Jeremy Gray at the restaurant where she works. He says he needs a personal assistant, but the work contract he shows her details not organizational duties, but sexual ones. Jobless and homeless, Nell agrees to work for him anyway, on the promise that he will pay for her to finish her college degree when her stint as his “assistant” is complete.

The start of their formal Dom/sub relationship is rocky, but they soon fall into a mutually satisfying, highly sexual routine. They play vanilla boyfriend and girlfriend in public, while Jeremy uses Nell as his kinky comfort object behind the scenes. Then a stalker threatens their secret lifestyle, and their contract may not be strong enough to hold them together.



Sierra Cartwright’s Hawkeye One: Danger Zone.

Who’s watching you…?

The highly specialized Hawkeye team protects the world’s most valuable things, secrets, even people. But now one of their own needs protecting. There’s a cool million dollar bounty on Dom Wolf Stone’s head. Trouble is, Stone’s a loner and doesn’t want the help.

That doesn’t stop his submissive and former lover, Nate Davidson, or another determined agent, Kayla Fagan, from showing up at his Colorado ranch, uninvited. The spark, the anger, the hurt is still there between Wolf and Nate, and their first kiss reignites the flames that time and distance have not diminished. With Nate’s help, Wolf uncovers Kayla’s unexplored submissive tendencies. Under the Dom’s unyielding instruction, Kayla explores her sexuality in ways that make her dizzy.

For Wolf, there’s nothing better than having two very different, very willing, very pleasing subs at his command. But Kayla and Nate both want more. In addition to his love, they want him to give up control long enough to share his life completely. And that’s the one thing Wolf is incapable of giving.

Of course, there’s more going on with the hop than just my giveaway… Below you’ll find the form for the overall hop giveaway and the links to all the blogs participating.

In order to win the three books I’ve listed above, please answer one of the two following questions in the comments section of my blog:

1. Why do you read/enjoy BDSM books?
2. If you could try any act you’ve read about in a book (which I don’t recommend unless you’ve thoroughly researched it in non-fiction ways like talking to those in the lifestyle and reading up on it from a real practitioner’s viewpoint) but if you could try any act you’ve read about in a book, which would it be? Bondage? Spanking? Flogging? Blindfolds? Plugs? Being forbidden to speak or make eye contact? Cages?

Also, if you’d like, because I’d like you to but it’s not a requirement for the hop, to follow me or my blog, over on the sidebar are delightful little coffee cups with the various way and places to do so. There’s also my newsletter, email sign-up, Networked Blogs, and Pinterest (I have several pin boards dealing with my books and other passions, including coffee and food).

So, any questions? The hop runs until the 20th of August.

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Cocked and Loaded Giveaway Winner!

So, we had fun with this hop, yes? I asked you to tell me about your favorite erotic romance book/author and wasn’t really surprised at the answers. Cherise Sinclair and Maya Banks were the name most given… There was a mention or two of Laurann Dohner and Kallypso Masters, even Delilah Devlin and Tara Lain, Shayla Black, but for the most part, it was Cherise and Maya.

Let’s get down to the winner of Twisted Up or Melting Jane and Unbridled, shall we…? And her name is…

Vanessa The Jeep Diva

I will be in contact Vanessa! Thanks to all who played along and I will be participating next in a BDSM Hop, so stay tuned…


Cocked and Loaded Giveaway Hop!

Its time for another blog hop and I know you’re going to love this one. I mean really? Who doesn’t love something Cocked and Loaded. 😉 However, in addition to the sexy part, there’s also a moment I want to take to remember the fallen service members as well as a moment to remember those who still serve.

One of the things I did recently is donate cups of coffee through a company called Green Beans Coffee and their Give a Cup of Joe to a Joe! The comments servicemen have sent back have truly made me smile and feel blessed that and full of pride that they do what they do for us as country and for us as part of the world.

In honor of a such a yummy hop which is brought to us by Queentutt’s World of Escapism and Close Encounters of the Night Kind, I am going to be giving away a copy of either my book Twisted Up or my book Melting Jane (formerly Sugar Rush) along with the first book in Delilah Devlin’s Lone Star Lovers series, Unbridled. Now, these would go along nicely with the grand prizes being offered through our hosts… 2 Kindle Fires!

What do you have to do to win these? Three things…

1.Answer the following question… What is your favorite contemporary erotic romance book?

2.Follow me on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Networked Blogs, Linky, Pinterest, or sign up for my Newsletter. You only have to choose one and you can find all the links over ——-> on the sidebar. Check out the awesome coffee cup social buttons.

Have fun hopping along to all the blogs… And take a moment to ponder the title of this hop… Cocked. And Loaded. Woot! And offer up some words into the universe for the military servicemen throughout the world.


Winner! Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop

Good morning everyone! With the help of caffeine, and, a winner for the Simple Needs books and the $10 gift card has been chosen:

June Manning! Come on Down…

June, you will find an email from me in your inbox this morning. To everyone who has participated and joined in the fun. Y’all had some very awesome summer activities that you love and that most of you have reading at the top of your lists… Well, we authors all definitely appreciate that.

The grand prize winners have also been chosen by our lovely blog hop coordinator, Skye Warren. Those winners were Andie Leah and Rae. So, definite congrats to them!

The next blog hop I’m participating in is…wait for it… the Cocked and Loaded Blog Hop starting next week I believe. That will be a fun one as well!

Again, thanks to everyone. Thanks for all your wonderful answers and I hope all of you have a very happy and safe Summer!


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