4 Days Before Christmas…

It’s just been one of those Decembers.

I was supposed to have a book out already. And it was out. For about 3 minutes. I took it down and have been revising it. Again. I was unhappy with it. It was awful. No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, how to make it better, so rather than leave it up, I unpublished it and have been revising and rewriting it. It’ll be out before Christmas…

This is a part of writing that’s frustrating. Some stories flow with seemingly zero effort. Other stories are a struggle from the word Go. It’s not that the idea wasn’t there. It was that I couldn’t figure out the right execution. I couldn’t figure out how much or how little to add or leave out. And it’s not that it needed additional thinking time because I’ve been thinking about it for almost 2 years.

Was I overthinking it? Probably. I do that with every story, with every book. And honestly, I am so ready to get it out of my head and off my desk. Sometimes, I think I’m not meant to write holiday stories, that I’m not meant to write Christmas stories… That thought makes me sad. I want to write them. I want to have fun with them. I want to write the holiday stories I can’t seem to find anywhere. This one, though… This one isn’t it.

I’ve been struggling with focus. I’ve been struggling with depression, some sadness…

I’ve also been struggling with anticipation of books that are coming up, things I can’t wait to get back to writing, things I can’t wait to start writing, and things I can’t wait to also get off my desk and out of my head. So many books have been jamming up traffic in my brain for years and I want them out, I want to tell those stories for Lissa Matthews, for Ella Claire, and for a secret pen name I have only told a handful of people about. The anticipation of getting to some of these stories and series is kind of killing my ability to focus on what’s immediately in front of me.

So, that’s kind of where I am right now. I’ve spent the last 6 days since my last post publishing, unpublishing, revising, and rewriting the following book…

Hopefully, if you’re one of the few who purchased this title in the 3 minutes it was available before I unpublished it, you returned it… And if you didn’t, hopefully you’ve got the option on your Kindle turned on that will get you the updated version when I re-publish it.

Here’s wishing you a nice weekend before Christmas…


Woohoo! New things coming…

So much new…

New covers.

New old covers.

New new covers.

New titles with new covers.

Old titles with new covers.

Old series with new titles and covers.

New series with new covers.

Just all kinds of new.

And I’m just all kinds of excited about it all.


Up For Pre-Order Now!

Mac: A Simple Need Story



Coming Soon as an ebook:

Amazon Kindle

His interest in her has never been a secret. Neither has her past. He’s the Sheriff and she’s the adult entertainment club owner.

She doesn’t see a future with him. But he sees forever with her.

All he has to do is convince her to let her guard down. All he has to do is get her to agree to one night in his arms, in his bed …

Chemistry will take care of the rest.




Well, he’s finally getting closer… Just a few more days and you can have Mac in your hands. He’s all kinds of hot and sweet and has Jackie completely beside herself with want. Especially after the jail cell scene …

I know y’all have been patiently (some of you rather impatiently, which I totally get) for this one. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me.

Now, go. Pre-Order Mac right this second!


Cover Reveal: Wild Ever After

Release date for this is April 6, 2017.

It’s one of the titles in Mari Carr’s Wild Irish Kindle World! I’m excited to be part of this fantastic group of contemporary romance authors!

So, mark the date in your calendar and clear off some space on your credit card!




Disappearing Act II

If you browse my website, you’ll find that these cover place holders are all over the place. Between all the Ellora’s Cave books, several Loose Id books, and now the Samhain Publishing books, along with new books being written, there are many, many Cover Coming Soon images. More than 18…

I was not planning to have all these books returned to me in such a short amount of time (though to be fair, the Loose Id books are because I opted to not renew the contracts). However, there are more books now NOT available with my name on them than there are available with.

I ask for your patience as I write new books, revise these older titles, and work on coming up with a plan for it all. I had a plan at the beginning of the year. With Samhain closing it’s doors, that plan went out the window as most of my plans do.

The additional books that will be re-released as soon as I can fit them all in and get them re-covered are:

Pink Buttercream Frosting
Sweet Caroline (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats)
Cracklin’ Rosie (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats)
Twisted Up
Malachi’s Word (The Bar Next Door)
Eli’s Promise (The Bar Next Door)
Arctic Shift (Denali Heat)

Abe’s Law (The Bar Next Door) has been started.
Denali Heat #2, #3 have been started as well.
Forever In Blue Jeans (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats) has been written and finished. It was self-published, but I removed it to wait for Sweet Caroline and Cracklin’ Rosie to come available from Samhain (sooner than planned, apparently).

Things are in the works and I’ll keep you updated when titles will be re-published.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



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