It’s been a long time coming! And I am so proud of how this team has grown and changed and developed and that our coach, Mike Norvell has been able to recruit and pull from the transfer portal to craft and create a team that works after so many years of teams not working, only parts of them working.

We had a big, marquee game against LSU last night and we fucking won! (sure, they almost won because our defensive secondary fell apart and left everything wide open and there was that fumble at that pitch play at the goal line, but the fact of the matter is, we blocked an extra point and we won the freakin’, fuckin’ game!)

God, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that…

Of course, we’ll lose games and I get that, but damn it feels to win won, to have fought hard, and win.

College football is back, baby!


Sad Day for FSU Fans

Bobby Bowden, former coach and head of the FSU Seminole football program, passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer.

It wasn’t unexpected. It wasn’t a surprise. But I found myself incredibly saddened.

I never met him, but I admired and respected him as did many fans, sports writers, commentators, analysts, players, opponents, etc… The teams he coached were from all walks of life, were incredible on the field, and produced some amazing men off the field. I read a lot of the tributes from former players and other college football coaches and was moved by the stories of the lives he touched and changed. He lived his life with a purpose bigger than himself.

Football season for FSU begins in a month, on September 5th. I don’t know what the team will look like or play like. We’re on our 3rd coach since Bobby Bowden retired in 2009. Before that, he’d been the coach at FSU since 1976. In 34 years, he had 1 losing season. The first season. Under Coach Bowden, the Seminoles appeared in bowl games for 28 of those season and won 2 national championships, and for 14 straight won at least 10 games in each and finished ranked in the top 5. That’s the kind of powerhouse program Bobby Bowden built and the kind of powerhouse program we haven’t seen in years coming out of Tallahassee. I hope that changes soon.

For today though, my thoughts are with his family and friends and the lives of all those he touched. He was revered and respected on and off the field, and he made us all proud to be fans.

Rest in Peace, Coach.

Elite Eight Here Comes Nole Nation

We weren’t supposed to get this far in the tournament. Most of us, based on the play at the end of the regular season and the way we were beat in the first round of the ACC tournament, we didn’t think we’d be anywhere near the 64 in the big show, but HOLY SHIT! We made it through the first round, the second, into the Sweet Sixteen to beat Gonzaga in dominating fashion and we’re on to the Elite Eight now! I’m so proud of my Seminoles! So damn proud of them. These kids are playing their heart out and seem to be having fun!

They play again on Saturday night around 8:50pm against Michigan. You better believe I’ll be decked out in my Nole gear and pulling for them!


2016-2017 College Football Bowl Games, Day 12


AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Georgia vs TCU (A Win! Thank goodness ’cause for a while, it didn’t look so good for me, but definitely ended well!)

Hyundai Sun Bowl, North Carolina vs Stanford (Not a win. A total bust. And let me just say, a ref that causes the ball to come out of the player’s hand, however inadvertent? Really? Not cool!)

Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl, Air Force vs South Alabama (Win!)

Music City Bowl, Nebraska vs Tennessee (Not so much!)

Capitol One Orange Bowl, Michigan vs Florida State (This was the Granddaddy of them all for ME! We came out hot and strong and looked as though we were going to runaway with it… Then? Well, then we came out of halftime acting like we didn’t want to win it after all. WTH?!? Michigan made the adjustments, FSU just held on. And it came down to the very end. The. Very. End! We tried to lose it, but were able to pull it out and when it’s all said and done, that’s the only thing that matters.)

The playoffs start today… So, let’s go…



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