Movies For Inspiration

Sometimes I turn movies on in my office when I’m writing or editing or doing some of the busy work of the business. The movies I choose are often romantic comedies, or romantic drama. I need that bit of flight of fancy in the background. Sometimes the movies are about things I like and that make me happy…writing, books, cooking, coffee, crafts, history. Sometimes they are kick ass movies that I need for the jolt of extra energy in a way I can’t explain.

I like listening to dialogue, looking at scenery, facial expressions, body movement, hearing the soundtrack, see how the characters interact with one another their surroundings.

Today is one such day where I am revising and I need the distraction and that’s good. Music helps provide the same feeling when I’m writing.

My choices for today are:

You’ve Got Mail

No Reservations

The Wedding Date

Something’s Gotta Give

Stranger Than Fiction

Because I Said So

Music and Lyrics

Wonder Boys

Pride and Prejudice

and if there’s time, Notting Hill

When you just need a movie to watch, what do you choose?



Favorite Tumblr Posts From Recent Days

I’m doing this kind of post today, a picture one because, well, it’s fairly easy and not taxing my brain. Most of my cells today are focused on Forever In Blue Jeans as I am in the final turn. I’ve come around the last bend and can see the checkered flag at the finish line. I will be pouring a lot of my time this week into getting this book done. I did think though that I should leave y’all with some images of things that have been inspiring me lately…

Oh and for those of you that missed the announcement on Twitter and Facebook, I did, infact, get one of these…

I love it. I really do. Did I need it? No. But I did want one. I got a coupon in the mail from Best Buy and bought it with that. Getting some $$ of it was, well, easier to swallow. I do enjoy it a lot. The coffee is not as strong as I am used to making, so the caffeine jolt isn’t very big for me in one cup. A cup of French press coffee has a serious punch to the system that drip coffee, no matter how it drips, can come close to. I do find myself a victim of the convenience and drink more than I should now in one day. I’m chalking that up to new and need to get my money’s worth out of it. At the same time, when I was using my French press regularly, it was one 12oz cup a day. Now with the Keurig it’s more like 2 7oz cups a day. Either way, no matter how I’m trying to justify it, I do love it and am grateful to all those that participated in my blog about it a couple of weeks ago. One thing I’ve discovered, is that it would be fun to have  K-cup swap. Each person is going to like different flavors and varieties. I will use the Keurig more for flavored coffees than regular. I have bought the Cinnamon Roll, the Kahlua, and the Espresso Blend (used this one to make an iced caramel macchiato. Not as potent as from an espresso machine, but it did work well.) But, again, I can see a swap working out well for a group of people. Might have to see how one can make this into a blog thing…grin.

Hope all of you have a great week.


My Porn List

According to the World English Dictionary as cited on, Porn, also called: Porno, publications or broadcasts that demonstrate an unhealthy or voyeuristic interest in a particular subject.

Well, okay. Unhealthy, I don’t know about that, but I’m sure there are cases to prove it. Voyeuristic, oh hell yes.

When the word porn is brought up, the majority of people will immediately think SEX. C’mon, didn’t your brain go there? Be honest, y’all…

But when I think porn, it’s not JUST sex that my brain automatically goes to…

There’s all kinds of porn, if you apply the dictionary definition. There’s…

Coffee porn… It’s been brought to my attention that I have an unhealthy addiction to all things coffee.

Food porn… Same with food, food blogs, kitchens, appliances, etc…

Shoe porn…I think I’m developing this one. It’s slow going, but, I think it’s in the works.

Book porn…well, this one goes without saying. HELLO!

Cupcake porn…this one goes without saying too.

Car porn…not me.

Sports porn…this could be me with certain sports (NASCAR, College Football, Golf). My son though, oh yes, completely and totally.

Clothes porn…again, I think I’m developing this one.

Trader Joe’s porn…goes without saying.

Real Estate porn…eh, not so much, but DH lately, yep.

Social media porn…some days, oh yes.

Blog porn…some days, oh yes, especially food blogs, organization blogs, etc…

Music porn…without a doubt this has been true of me since I was 12.

Office supply porn…you just have no idea.

Color porn…definitely.

Make-up porn…when I think about this, all I can think of is Dakota Cassidy and Bitch Slap Yellow!

And of course, any kind of sexual thing can be turned into porn…toys, floggers and whips, leather, nudity, etc… Y’all know that I love all these, too.

See, it’s not just about sex when the word porn is mentioned. At least not for me. If you look at my Tumblr, you’ll see that I have all kinds of things on there from male/male sex to coffee to cupcakes to BDSM to lingerie to awesome sayings to beautiful landscapes and architecture… It’s all porn to me, based on the definition from

So, what’s on your porn list… What do you have a voyeuristic interest in? What could you spend HOURS or DAYS looking at?



I want to write…

… a story with a heroine based on this picture…

I am just completely inspired and fascinated by the swirls of color.

Of course, I’m completely inspired and fascinated by this image too…

I have a thing for the jeans and barefoot look… sexy and casual and comforting even.

Anyway, just thought I’d share… Off to write now.


Catch-Up Day

Are you there, readers? It’s me, Lissa. I know some of you are still there because you email me, check in with me, check in on me. Some of you (though I’m not naming names, Lynda) have even threatened to join my Ellora’s Cave editor in kicking my ass if I didn’t get a move on. Y’all should know me well enough by now to know how much I love toughness, roughness, and thinly veiled threats used as motivational tools.

I love y’all. I do. You guys mean the world to me and your unwavering support is truly amazing. There are things about this business that I could have never dreamed possible for myself and the readers that have found my books and really love them are amongst those things…

I am reading a book at the moment, actually, I am reading half a dozen books at the moment, but one of them is titled Bullies, Bastards, and Bitches. It is a non-fiction craft book about the creating of bad guys and gals in fiction. This book has spoken to me and so far I’m only just beyond the preface. It’s the preface though that caught and held me.

The author pinpointed exactly how I have been feeling since early December. “…anemic and wrung dry. …began reading to replenish the words, concepts, and images I needed to write… …a sort of triage for the writer’s soul… The ragged edges of my brain started mending and were replaced by… characters, plots, scenes… And I fell back in love with this part of my life.” (Jessica Page Morrell, Bullies Bastards and Bitches, page 1)

She goes on to talk about vulnerability and how the different things that happen in our lives create this vulnerability, this hurt, this pain, this rock bottom feeling that takes time to heal, that takes time to learn from, that takes time to grow from and to find ourselves again from… And let me tell you, vulnerability sucks, especially when you have no control over how or when or why or what. Words you wish you could forget, deeds you wish could be undone… But, it’s like Spring, as cliche as that sounds. Coming out from the darkness and the cold into the light and warm sunshine, a blooming takes effect. You’ve learned something, you’ve grown, you’ve seen and overcome. You can move on and move forward, embrace the next phase of things… That’s me in a nutshell at this point.

My reader, Lynda, commented in an email the other day that not counting Ink Spots, it’s been way too long since I’ve had a new release. Now, I’m not sure why she’s not counting Ink Spots, but… It’s going to be a few months before there’s a release. You see, one has to have a book finished to turn in and I don’t have that. It was remarked upon that Forever In Blue Jeans was nearly complete according to the sidebar over there, and in some ways it is and in some ways it isn’t. I have roughly 35000 words on it. But not a lick of it makes any sense. It’s been started, restarted, and restarted again. It’s had plot changes galore. So, it’s being re-worked. Again. This time with it’s author, ME, having a clearer less stressed head on her shoulders.

I have also found the hero, Cort…

Or rather, the inspiration for him, something I didn’t have a clear idea on before.

The time away from writing allowed me to not only read more, but also to embrace once again other things I’d missed. Laughing. Playing games with my kids. Cooking. Crocheting. Organizing. Being creative in ways that had nothing to do with writing, but that helped to feed my soul so that one day I could return to writing.

I have undertaken the task of re-organizing and decluttering my house. I’ve enlisted the help of my daughter to paint and add color. I’ve created a new blog with the intention to document and find some accountability to do these projects, to keep my focus in different areas at different times so that I don’t burn out and let the negative get to me so much that I hit rock bottom again with my writing.

The biggest thing so far that I’ve done is created space in my house for me. We’ve transformed the ‘family room’ into a home office/craft space for me. In all the years that I’ve worked from home, which is 11 years, I’ve never had ‘space’ of my own. I’ve always had to make due and while this is still me making due, I’ve put my own personal touches on it, added in things I love, and it’s right here at the kitchen, too, so… I can cook and bake as well. I don’t look on these as chores 99% of the time, so it works. I’ll be documenting this transformation on my new blog as well. I’ll also be talking about it on Eileen Andrews blog this year.

The family room turned office/craft area/business center/home school paperwork place has started the decluttering and organization process as well. I love this kind of stuff. I mean, I truly love it. It gives me energy in a way that a walk around the block never has, though that has it’s place as well. I read books on decluttering and magazine articles, and it’s inspiring, mood lifting, stress relieving. These are all things that I need.

Are y’all bored yet? Grins…

I just wanted to touch base, to let you all know I’m still here, even more here than I’ve been in the last almost two months. And to those of you who have asked, and hoped that I would started writing again, thank you. I have.

Oh and for those of you that weren’t with me last year in February, I had a birthday party on my blog where I invited authors to come on and share excerpts and giveaways. I am doing something similar this year, only the ‘presents’ that I’m giving away have grown a little larger. I will be giving you details in the next couple of days as I wrap up the guest list of authors and bloggers that will be participating. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned!