Nope, sorry, nothin’…

I’ve been talking to a friend this morning and she’s been awesome. She’s been doing everything she can this week to talk me down off ledges, talk me around books, talk me into feeling something, talk me up about home offices and desks and which lamps to choose. We’ve discussed colors, walls, how to build a desk out of two sawhorses and a slab of wood. We’ve talked cream-filled cupcakes and milky way brownies. We’ve talked wasting money on services never used, bad reviews, book sales, opinions. We’ve talked about all kinds of things and I honestly can’t thank her enough for pushing… She deserves a medal, or at the very least, that Pottery Barn lamp she’s been coveting.

So, in honor of my friend Selena Blake and how she’s been selfless and let me cry, let me fuss, let me rant, and led me back around to just flat out feeling something…

Now, about that millionaire we were talking about, Se…grins.

The message is in the words, the lyrics, not the videos themselves. It’s about feeling down and picking yourself back up again, or throwing your hands up and walking away, or just simply thumbing your nose at all the bullshit. I really, really needed this.

Well, this and the ass kicking my Ellora’s Cave editor has threatened to give me if I don’t get to writing another book for her… Thank you, too, Mary.



So, I debated on whether I should post this blog here on this blog or if I should post it over on the blogspot blog. See, a lot my followers are still over there, but… Maybe I’ll do a double post for a while. I’ll think about it.

I have been hard at work on setting my writing for the next few months. I have 3 more definite books coming out this year and have one more that I am writing now for a Christmas theme call at Ellora’s Cave. I’ll submit it soon and then we’ll see…

While I have been a good girl writing, I have also been somewhat of a bad girl in that I’ve been distracted easily by yummy images the last few days and I’ve decided on some delicious inspiration.

I think though that I am going to change the saying ‘plot bunnies’ to ‘plot hotties’ because every time I see one, I most of the time get some new ideas. I believe I have enough ideas to last me through 2012 and well into 2013… So, look out!

Inspiration #1:

Inspiration #2: (now I know he’s a little different, given the blindfold, but…)

Inspiration #3:

We’re gonna have some fun, huh?