Music Monday – ZZ Ward: Last Love Song

I’m going through a weird sad song phase right now, so… It’s possible that for the next few weeks you’ll see sad song videos… And it’s likely going to be reflected in some new writing…

Just warnin’ ya…

Now this girl’s voice… Oh my… It’s different, soulful. And the lyrics are heart breaking… The music builds on itself. And I’m so in love with it.


Music Monday – Miranda Lambert: Vice

I am in love with this song… I love her in general. But I am in love with this song, have listened to it dozens of times in several days, and it has sparked an idea…

I’ll let you know if it develops into something… But for now, have a listen and have a good Monday.


Music Monday – Duran Duran: Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

33 years and 2 days ago, I saw Duran Duran in concert for the first time and fell in love with them. I mean, I was already in love with them, but seeing them live and in person solidified the love affair for years to come…

That love is still very much alive and well. They’ve continued to record new music and innovate and be a force to reckon with. I will love them always. But, nostalgia has hit me rather hard lately and I’ve plunged headlong into my teenage years…

This is a cover they did and this show is from 1982 when they were still young and it just always makes me think I’m 14 again and I want to dance and sing the house down…

Do you have songs that bring that out in you?


Music Monday – Lindsey Stirling: Beauty and the Beast

With the live action adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast coming out this week and all the excitement (Luke Evens, I mean C’mon now… The man is… and yes, Emma Watson, she’s absolutely perfect as Belle), I thought Lindsey Stirling’s musical interpretation is a lovely addition… (And if you think she transforms into Belle at the end, think again…)


Music Monday – Bob Dylan: Things Have Changed

Yes. I know. Y’all are tired of hearing about my love and obsession with the Wonder Boys movie, but tough… I love it. It helps me. I can’t explain it. It just does.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and there’s a lot of Bob Dylan on it. Some Leonard Cohen and John Lennon too. But there’s quite a bit of Bob Dylan. I’ve never listened to him a whole lot, but lately it seems I am. I like the sound and all.

Anyway, this is one of the tracks. And in many things, from the publishing business to politics… Things have definitely changed.


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