Music Monday – Halestorm: Here’s To Us

It’s the start of a New Year…

Here’s a toast to the old, with wishes for the new… And I will NOT apologize for the language the band uses…

Here’s to the clean slate and promise and possibility of 2017! And a big FUCK YOU to 2016!


Music Monday – George Michael

Yesterday… 2016 took another one.

George Michael was an incredible entertainer. A pioneer. And he’s gone from us too soon. He was part of my growing up, part of my formidable years.

Rest In Peace, George. You are already missed.


Music Monday – Band Aid: Do They Know It’s Christmas

This is the original. This is the one that’s best. This is the one that’s awesome.

And this song is a tradition. It still gives me goosebumps every year I listen to it. And the meaning behind it, is still valid to this day. Only not just in Africa, but in many places around the world and even in the U.S. As advanced as our world is, as incredible as some of us are, there is still so much work to be done.


Music Monday – Michael Buble: Santa Baby

This is one of those songs that’s cute and all about the material things one wants for him or herself for Christmas. The song itself is harmless, but it fits completely with the thoughts of one of my characters in my upcoming book Christmas Wishes. In the story, Santa’s son and lead reindeer (shifter) Rand, believes that humanity is nothing less than spoiled and greedy and he wonders what it’s all for…

The book will be out next week.

What’s on your Christmas list for Santa to bring?


Music Monday – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I love this version of the song. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And I have incredible respect for Lady Gaga and the voice she’s got, the talent she possesses.

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and here in Charlotte, it’s gloomy and chilly and it’s feeling a little different today. I haven’t been in the holiday spirit and I don’t know that I will at all this season, but it never hurts to try with a little music…


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