12 Hours of Sebring and a Writing Day

One of the things about these endurance races is that they keep me in a seat… The desk, the dining room table, the couch, the chair on the porch… And the more I’m in a seat, the more writing I am likely to do. I don’t want to miss any part of the race, and I want to get words in because I want to finish at least one of these books. There are 4 that need to be finished and finished before May. There are personal and professional reasons for that.

So, some facts about the Sebring race…

-12 Hours… morning to night.

-The track itself is a former WWII training base/airfield. It is a combination concrete and asphalt surface. The facility covers 348 acres. It is located 79 miles south of Orlando.

-Speeds in some parts are around 200mph.

-The first race was run on the track in 1950 with the first 12hr race run in 1952.

I’ll be working on 1, maybe 2 of the books that I need to finish today during the race. The green flag has dropped and they’re 30min in.

I’m going to get some food, some coffee and get to work.

The starting word count of the book(s) I plan to work on today are…

CC – 60,151

ATG – 33,077

Let’s see what I can get done…



3 Days After Christmas…

The Billionaire of Gumdrop Valley is Available. Again.

I was cleaning up my month-at-a-glance dry erase calendar for January and working on Checkered Curves which will be turned in on January 1st to Amazon for release on the 5th (a week later than originally planned) and realizing that I’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year.

I had a few books re-covered and released them wide. (A Hunky Holiday, Slide Down on Me, Break Me)

I revised and re-released books one and two in two different series, also with new covers (Malachi’s Word, Eli’s Promise for The Bar Next Door) and (Curves to Distraction, Racing the Curves for Stick Shift Motorsports).

I wrote and released three new titles (Hands Down, The Billionaire of Gumdrop Valley, Abe’s Law (book three, The Bar Next Door)). Checkered Curves will be finished in December but released in January, so it’s technically part of each month/year.

That’s more than I’ve done in many years and even though I don’t have a marketing plan for any of it, I’m barely on social media, I don’t pay for ads, and I’m not making money, I am pretty fucking proud of the work I’ve done, the growth I’ve experienced, and the things I’ve learned.

I’ve also started working on six new releases under the Lissa Matthews name for 2024 and started playing with ideas for 3-4 new releases under my sweet romance name, Ella Claire. I’m also working on some things under my secret pen name, too.

I’m thinking about what titles I want to re-release in 2024, as well, and plan to ask those on my newsletter about them soon. I have quite a few that are just sitting around and they’re not doing anyone any good stuck in a file on my computer.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. I’m happy with my progress and I’m excited about all that’s coming soon.



4 Days Before Christmas…

It’s just been one of those Decembers.

I was supposed to have a book out already. And it was out. For about 3 minutes. I took it down and have been revising it. Again. I was unhappy with it. It was awful. No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, how to make it better, so rather than leave it up, I unpublished it and have been revising and rewriting it. It’ll be out before Christmas…

This is a part of writing that’s frustrating. Some stories flow with seemingly zero effort. Other stories are a struggle from the word Go. It’s not that the idea wasn’t there. It was that I couldn’t figure out the right execution. I couldn’t figure out how much or how little to add or leave out. And it’s not that it needed additional thinking time because I’ve been thinking about it for almost 2 years.

Was I overthinking it? Probably. I do that with every story, with every book. And honestly, I am so ready to get it out of my head and off my desk. Sometimes, I think I’m not meant to write holiday stories, that I’m not meant to write Christmas stories… That thought makes me sad. I want to write them. I want to have fun with them. I want to write the holiday stories I can’t seem to find anywhere. This one, though… This one isn’t it.

I’ve been struggling with focus. I’ve been struggling with depression, some sadness…

I’ve also been struggling with anticipation of books that are coming up, things I can’t wait to get back to writing, things I can’t wait to start writing, and things I can’t wait to also get off my desk and out of my head. So many books have been jamming up traffic in my brain for years and I want them out, I want to tell those stories for Lissa Matthews, for Ella Claire, and for a secret pen name I have only told a handful of people about. The anticipation of getting to some of these stories and series is kind of killing my ability to focus on what’s immediately in front of me.

So, that’s kind of where I am right now. I’ve spent the last 6 days since my last post publishing, unpublishing, revising, and rewriting the following book…

Hopefully, if you’re one of the few who purchased this title in the 3 minutes it was available before I unpublished it, you returned it… And if you didn’t, hopefully you’ve got the option on your Kindle turned on that will get you the updated version when I re-publish it.

Here’s wishing you a nice weekend before Christmas…


10K Writing Weekends

I have some big writing goals to accomplish this year and I think it’s time to revive my 10K Weekends writing challenges.

Starting on Thursday at 7am and ending on Sunday at 7pm. Times are Eastern time.

10,000 words.

If you break it down and want/need a word count goal each of the 4 days, it’s 2500 words a day.

Of course, you don’t have to do it like that. Do it anyway you want to do it so long as you reach 10,000 words by Sunday at 7pm. For me, I’ll be doing sprints to help me get there. I won’t achieve it every weekend, but if I can do it most of the time I offer up this challenge, I’ll make significant progress toward finishing new books on my never-ending list of ideas.

If anyone reads this and wants to join in, just reply to this post and keep me (us) posted on your progress. One day I’ll post about it on social media again, but not yet. I’m still struggling with sm at the moment. I’m not ready to go down that addiction/comparison/spiral-out-of-control rabbit hole again. If you want to post about it, great. If not, that’s cool, too.

At this time, there are no prizes other than a sense of accomplishment. Maybe if there’s any interest in it, prizes of some sort can be discussed.

For now, it’s time to get writing. Are you up to the challenge?


I Won Camp NaNoWriMo!

The image isn’t very good, but really, it’s only posted as verification.

And I did win on Saturday afternoon. (Cue the balloons and cake and cheers!)

My writing goal wasn’t very high, but I made some progress on some stories that I wanted to make some progress on. I wanted to get an handle on how a few of my ideas would work, what I would want to do with them, etc… I am pleased with what I learned about these projects.

Writing daily is a hard thing for me. I don’t do well with it. Mainly because it begins to feel like a chore and I hate when writing feels like a chore. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when writing daily isn’t a good thing. When there’s a deadline and I’m trying to get to the end… That’s a daily writing time. I get so deep into the story, into finishing, into getting it all done that my brain and my fingers and my whole self gets immersed in the process of writing. It’s late nights and blurry vision and coffee and junk food and it’s bliss. I love those times, those moments, those days.

It’s the daily writing to get there that is a bit of a slog sometimes. Not always, but I find that I burnout on a book quickly when I write daily. I burnout on writing when I write daily. That’s just me, though. Not everyone is like that. I’ve always been an odd one and I’m learning to be okay with that.

Anyway, I won and I’m looking forward to where these current projects and plans take me. I’ll keep you posted.

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