Did y’all enjoy the excerpts? I hope so. I did. I read some from books I haven’t read yet, but that I will now. I read some that I have read the whole books for and, well, might go back and read!

The following is a list of the eBooks being given as presents from the authors and I to readers/commenters/followers. I will choose the winners using Random.org starting around 10pm March 1. I had said midnight, I know…but then I remembered I have to get up on the 2nd…LOL. So, IF you have not commented on all the excerpts and clicked Follow for this blog, you will not be entered. Incentive to comment and follow I would say.

Reader’s Choice of any of my (Lissa Matthews) available titles (up to 3 winners)
Reader’s Choice of any one of Ava March’s available titles
Sin on Skin by Mari Freeman
Love in Exile by Samantha Kane
Pearl Heartstone by Leila Brown
The Wine Tasting by Selena Blake, along with her free read Friday Night Delights, Part One.
Rodeo Heat by Desiree Holt
Reader’s Choice of any one of Eliza Gayle’s available titles
The Extremist by Juniper Bell
Reader’s Choice of Rain God, Love Thy Neighbor, Masque of Desire, Hard Candy or Fox’s Bride by Amy Ruttan
Hawkeye One: Danger Zone by Sierra Cartwright
Seducing St. Nic by Emma Petersen
And the Fantastic blackraven of The Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe will be gifting one reader with an eBook of their choice from all of the excerpts of books that have been posted here.

Some of our authors have free reads as well:

Lissa Matthews: Now Arriving: Commitment and Masked
Eliza Gayle: White Cougar Christmas and Bourbon Affair
Juniper Bell: Thanking the Receptionist
Leila Brown: Discovering Domino and Soundwave’s Submission

Author Selena Illyria is giving away a totebag with one of her book covers and chocolate! (Am trying to figure out how I can win that one. It’s my blog and…well, I’ve been commenting! grins… And it’s CHOCOLATE!) (j/k)

So, we have a lot of books being gifted. I’ll say again, if you haven’t commented and started following, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!


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