I’ve been working on edits this week. They haven’t been as hard and difficult and hair-pulling as other edits I’ve received from my editors, however, I want this book to be great, to be awesome, to be incredible. It’s important. I know most authors and hopefully all authors want their books to be great. It doesn’t always happen and readers don’t always see the end result as being the best thing EVER, but we authors, we strive for it.

Along with edits, there’s been a lot of healthy eating, the emphasis being on healthy and on eating. Whole grains. Little to no preservatives. Little to nothing processed. Gallons of water. Whole foods and nothing that says fat-free or sugar-free. It’s been interesting and I feel so much better. Migraines are less. PMS symptoms are less. I’m sleeping better. My moods are better. I’ve also been eating more and migrating more toward organic foods and local foods. It’s more expensive in some ways, but I’m looking for the payoff in better health.

I am writing. With edits it’s been slower than I had planned, but I am writing. I am also reading. On the sidebar of my website homepage here, is ‘What I’m Reading Today’. As you can see it’s a Dakota Cassidy book. It’s the second in her ex-trophy wives series. I love this book. I loved the first one, too. She’s got such a wonderful voice, so raw and real. If you haven’t read this series yet, think about giving it a try. The books are full of wit, sarcasm, getting even-ness, learning to stand on one’s own two feet, laughs, growing pains, etc… I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

I am headed for the dinner table.

Oh, and per the begging request of a friend, I’ll be taking my Keurig to Authors After Dark and setting it up in her room. At least I’ll have yummy coffee while there next week. If you’re going to be at AAD, please hunt me down and say hi…


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