It’s a busy day. A very busy day and I haven’t even started writing yet, which is something I need to do before the day is over. In a little bit I’ll be headed out to the post office, the gas station, and the grocery store. Last minute errands before I leave tomorrow morning.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be headed to Cincinnati, Ohio for the annual Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together. I always look forward to this trip. It’s fun, relaxed, and Cincinnati is one of my favorite cities. If you’re going to be in attendance, please say hi! I’d love to see you, or meet you if I haven’t before.

I drive to the event because I love road trips. I love to drive, even though it’s mentally exhausting and I’m stiff and achy when I get out of the car after being in the seat for 3-4 hours, I love to drive and take road trips. I don’t do it as often as I’d like, what with gas prices and the up-keep repairs on vehicles and the idiots on the road, but, I do love them. And if I can take a road that is not a major highway or an Interstate, I’m even happier.

I haven’t been to many places in my life, not as many as I’d like to, and definitely not as many as I intend to, but of those that I have, I have loved them. Driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Driving through the low-country in Georgia and South Carolina. Driving through the farm lands of Kentucky and Ohio. Driving through the hills of West Virginia and Virginia. Driving through the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennesee and North Carolina. Yes, I am a Southern girl. This is very well established…lol.

But the other thing about road trips is snacks. I’ll be gathering those today on my outing to the store. Some of my favorite snacks are:

1. Coke and peanuts. Yes, I’m talking peanuts IN the coke. Yum.

2. Water. I always buy a flat of water to take with me.

3. Grapes, cheese sticks, beef jerky, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, baby carrots, dried fruit. Have to have the healthy snacks because…

4. Moonpies or Little Debbie Snack Cakes or Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, or even something homemade like Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow Treats. …There’s always the junk food!

5. Gum. Variety of flavors.

What about you? What are your favorite on the road snacks?


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