I have a lot of favorites and they change daily. Sometimes, they change hourly depending on what I’m doing at any given moment.

This morning, as I was making my weekly batch of cold brewed coffee, I had my tablet out and was going through the RSS feeds for the food blogs I like and making a list of others to check out and drool over. This is a favorite thing of mine. I read more food blogs than I do writing blogs and author blogs.

I actually read very few author blogs. I tweet authors, share information on Facebook about author releases and other news they have, but I don’t read many author blogs, especially ones that go on and on about book pirating. (I’m tired of hearing about it honestly. I know it happens. You know it happens. We both know it’s wrong and there are even some pirates out there who know it’s wrong. But I am really sick and tired of hearing about it.)

I do read author blogs from favorite authors (Ava March, for instance) or new to me authors (Molly Harper, for another instance). I’ll look for Twitter names or Facebook profiles/pages of authors and try to get to know them that way. There are those I read though who write about their writing process, site designs, or other information that may not have anything to do with books or writing. But if it’s mostly promotion, pirates, what they don’t like, reviews, etc… I’ll pass.

I also read blogs on writing craft, social media, promotion, how-to, creativity… I love to learn things. I love to see what else I can be doing or maybe should be doing or likely shouldn’t be doing.

But honestly, y’alll… My favorite blogs are food blogs. I spend hours reading through them, searching out new ones, seeing awesome recipes or kitchens or appliances. There are times I don’t want to cook, but for the most part, cooking is my salvation. It keeps me sane to bake. I am as in love with cooking as I am with writing. They are my two biggest and most favorite passions. I am self taught in both. What I’ve learned, I’ve learned on my own. I didn’t finish college and I didn’t go to culinary school. Editors have helped a lot, showing me and guiding me… Books on the craft of writing have helped as well. Books on grammar, story, plot, voice, organization, etc… I love them.

In the kitchen? I’ve been cooking since I was a kid. My first job was in a pizza place and I fell in love with creating with food, making things, seeing people smile when that slice of pizza was exactly what they’d been wanting. There was something intoxicating about seeing people enjoying something I made and I was hooked. I’m still hooked. There’s a lot of negatives about food. In one camp, we should only eat it to fuel our bodies. In another camp, we should savor it and enjoy it. I think we should do both!

I’m as in love with cooking stores as I am with bookstores and well, yes, coffee shops. And I’m as in love with bookstores as I am with cooking stores and coffee shops. LOL!

These are passions. These are favorites and so, when time permits, I’m going to do a post about favorites. There will be music, crafts, recipes, blogs, movies, books, people, etc… And yes, I’ll be asking for your input, your favorite things, too. I always like your ideas, my dear readers…

Today, I’ll give you the first of the favorites… (this topic is on my mind because I’m watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent, right now)

Television Shows:

Law and Order (the original)

Law and Order Criminal Intent

Boston Legal/Harry’s Law (same creator)

the Big Bang Theory

Will and Grace

Burn Notice

In Plain Sight

Criminal Minds



I enjoy many shows, but the above are by far my top favorites. I could watch any of them, at any time, and get lost…

What are you watching? What are your favorite shows, either recent or past?





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