What?  Fun?

After a new acquaintance recently asked what I did for fun, my mind went blank.  Fun?  What’s that?

I gave him a ridiculous answer (that I drink).  When he stopped laughing I  asked him the same question.  He had a laundry list of fun things he enjoys.  Playing cards.  Movies.  Music.  The most recent fun thing I could think of that I’d done was drink wine while making dinner and watching the news.

Truth is I have no hobbies, unless you count reading.  If you’re asked what do you do for fun and your answer is “I read”  the other person is probably thinking B-o-r-i-n-g!  My brown thumb means I can’t garden.  I can no longer bake because I evidently passed whatever talent I ever had for that on to my daughter.  I don’t like to cook.  I enjoy bicycling but it’s hardly a hobby.  Is “fun” the same as what you like to do in your free time?  I play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  Alot.  I’m not proud of it.  I’m not even good at it.  I do it when I’m too tired to do anything else or when I just want to let my mind wander.  Which is the same reason I bicycle or walk.  But do those activities count as fun?

What I like to do is write.  I don’t think I ever enjoyed anything as much as when I first started writing novel-length romantic fiction.  I wrote and wrote and wrote and never cared about publishing.  I had so many ideas.  I was so excited about what I was creating.  It was fun!  I still enjoy the creative process of writing, but the real world too often intrudes on the fun.

What if I’m boring?  Maybe I forgot how to have fun. The things I enjoy might sound depressingly dull to someone else.  Reading and writing.  Should I add arithmetic to my list of fun activities?

My husband and I recently dug out our ancient tennis rackets and made fools of ourselves trying to play.  We discovered the tape on our racket handles was disintegrating.  My hand turned black and his turned red.  We chased more balls than we got across the net, but the truth is, it was fun!  We teased each other about our bad shots and told ourselves retrieving balls is good exercise.

A boyfriend once said to me, “Life just isn’t exciting.”  I’m glad I didn’t marry someone who thought that way, but I keep thinking about those words in the context of whether or not I still know how to have fun.  It depends on what you consider fun and/or exciting, doesn’t it?

Fun is defined in my dictionary as enjoyment or pleasure.  I no longer quilt.  I’m not a movie buff or a particularly good dancer.  I’ve decided the key to having fun is embracing your unique interests and finding all the enjoyment you can each and every day.

A Forever Kind of Guy

Is he the real deal, or just another regret waiting to happen?

The Braddock Brotherhood, Book 2

First on Hayley Christopher’s list to get her train-wreck life back on track: stay away from men. Especially the ones who cause a ripple effect of bad decisions.

Still reeling from a high-profile divorce, the college dropout and former pro cheerleader is stumbling through yet another challenge—temporary custody of her nephew, Fletcher. No one knows better than Hayley that she’s not mother material. When she opens the door to her new landlord and old flame, she wonders just how many more past mistakes she is destined to pay for.

After the death of his wife, Ray Braddock is still putting the pieces back together. Hayley—and the silent little boy at her side—both bristle with emotional barriers so high, it appears no one but him can see that together, three broken people just might make a whole family.

As she watches Fletcher respond to Ray’s patient care, Hayley’s determination to hold on to her heart begins to soften. But just when she begins to think that Ray is one opportunity she shouldn’t let slip by, Fletcher’s gang-connected father threatens to make her pay for the one good choice she ever made…

Product Warnings

Touches on issues of death, child abandonment, neglectful parenting. Sensuous love scenes.



About Barb – In Her Own Words…


When not writing fiction, Dr. Seuss-like poetry or song lyrics, I masquerade behind a green apron at the local Starbucks where I pick up story ideas in exchange for serving up lattes.


As a native of Southwest Missouri I grew up in the Midwest, but my transplant to Southwest Florida proved successful. My hobbies include tormenting my long-suffering husband and interfering in the lives of my grown children.  I also like to sneak into nearby gated communities to walk my almost perfect dog, Pepper.  For exercise and meditation, I plug in my MP3 earpods and take long bicycle rides and beach walks.


I wish I could recall which book it was (not that I’d tell you) I finished reading, threw across the room and declared, “I can write better than that.”  I know I’m not the only romance author who started her career this way.

My web site is http://www.barbmeyers.com/

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